Balika Vadhu 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 12th August 2013 Written Update

Pandit (whom saanchi bribed) came to KB. Ira asked abt “subh muhrat”. saanchi was bit panicked that may be padit will blurt out that she bribed him. But pandit said that this month 16th is the most n only favorable day. Next 4 months wont have any dates. Ira asked meenu n anandi abt it. All agreed happily. saanchi relived. Pandit left.

Ira asked saanchi not to share abt it to jagdeesh, let her talk to the elders 1st. At that time chanda called anandi. Anandi left after informing all. Ira was happy for anandi’s work.
At chanda’s basti, Anandi explained abt “bhaili” that how it will help them n they can become self independent too. The basti ladies were not convinced n said it felt good while hearing but how can its possible. Anandi explained they can sell their handmade

things to the weekly market and can earn 1500 rs per day too. All are surprised n started to explain on whih they are capable of like making diya. Besan ke ladoo etc. Anandi too encouraged them. At that time chanda came n was upset. when anandi asked she replied abt the same bad habit of her husband. All ladies told the same. Anandi said now its time to take action n called someone.

At hospital, jagiya was playing with mannu. At that time saanchi called n got irritated knowing he was playing with mannu. She wanted to share abt saagai date but stopped due to ira’s words. Jagiya said that he is going to Mangalore for ganga’s admission. Saanchi was bit rude hearing it. Jagiya replied back strictly to her n said he won’t listen anything in this matter. He knows whats right n whats wrong n cut the call. Saanchi got angry n thought she will never forget it that he talked so rudely with her due to ganga.

At the bar, All the ladies including anandi entered. All present there are shocked. The husbands of the ladies were stunned. Chanda harshly called the waiter n ordered him for “daru” n snacks. When chanda was abt to drink, her hubby started badmouthing her. chanda they shud drink together. One person tried to take his wife forcefully, his wife pushed him away. He said ladies are the “maryada” of the house, they shud do that. Anandi replied he remembers the maryada of his wife but as a hubby n father, the responsibility he has, he forgot it. At that time the owner of the bar came n asked rudely to the ladies to get out. Anandi replied they are his customer n they have money too. He can’t say that. The owner said to show the social service anywhere else otherwise he will throw them out. Anandi asked how he can throw them out like that. While the heated argument, he pushed anandi n she got hurt. Rest of ladies got angry n started beating them. At that time police came n arrested the owner n closed down the bar till the investigation. The ladies were happy.

At haveli, DS informed all that the saagai date is on 16th. Bhairon said jagiya will go to Mangalore with ganga that day. Ds said she cudnt say that so she said that he has some imp work on that day n he will go out but ira said abt no date for next 4 months. Basant worried coz of “suryapujan” n “naamkaran sanskar”. Ds said that will happen anyhow, that doesn’t matter. Sumi said they cant wait for 4 months. Bhairon said but jagiya won’t agree at all. Sumi said he has to n she will talk to him.

Precap – jagiya refuses to stay. Ds is abt to call ira to say saagai cant happen but sumi emotionally stops her n asks her to do something. Ds comes to ganga’s room. Ganga surprised to see ds.

Update Credit to: khushi

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