Balika Vadhu 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 11th April 2013 Written Update

Kesar Bagh:-
Sanchi picks up some packets of colors and says to herself This is your first holi in Kesar Bagh Bhabhi so something special should happen to make you remember this holi forever . She wickedly smiles to herself about her special plan

Anandi is setting bed in her room .Someone knocks at door .She opens the door and finds Sanchi there .Anandi gets happy seeing Sanchi and hugs her wishing her happy holi. Sanchi too wishes happy holi to Anandi . Sanchi asks Anandi she didn’t disturb her doing something important .Anandi says of course not .Sanchi asks Anandi if she doesn’t have any important work to do then will she do something for her. Anandi says why not . Sanchi says to Anandi she is feeling very hungry Mom and choti mom are busy in holi preparations so will she make something for her please .Anandi says of course . She will make parathas for her ,eat them with pickle . Sanchi says no parathas as they have a lot many calories make something light. Anandi thinks for a moment then says how about milk shake .Sanchi agrees for chocolate milk shake. Anandi goes to make milk shake for her . Sanchi pulls out red color packet and rushes to washroom and sprinkle all colors on one napkin out of two placed there . Then she smiles and thinks to herself when Bhabhi will come to wash her face she will pick this napkin and then her plan will succeed. .Sanchi then rushes out of washroom and tries to leave from room but her eyes fall on some grease on door knob . She gets another idea .. She put some grease on her finger and goes outside . She meets Anandi on way who was bringing milk shake for her . Anandi asks her where she is going .She brought shake for her . Sanchi says she forgot her mobile in hall and is going to take it she will be right back .Anandi says ok .Sanchi then do some drama of whats on your face Bhabh deliberately touching her finger having grease on Anandi’s cheek thus putting grease there .Anandi when checks is surprised from where she got it on her face , she will wash it . Anandi goes to wash her face .Sanchi very excited on her plan going to succeed .

Sanchi then comes downstairs and calls to Mahi and tells him about her brilliant plan . Anandi washes her face and is surprised from where she got grease on her face .She then picks a napkin . Sanchi again comes to Anandi’s room and waiting for her to come out of washroom . Anandi comes out neat and clean no color on her face .Seeing which Sanchi is shocked and asks Anandi how your face is so clean, nothing happened .Anandi says what should have happened all is fine now right? Sanchi is confused . Anandi asks her is everything alright. Sanchi says yes actually I am so hungry therefore my brain is not working in right direction( when it works in right direction before ) Where is the milk shake you have made for me . Anandi says on that table Sanchi tries to pick up the glass but cannot and she is confused why she cannot pick the glass it seems stuck there She in forcing to pick it up , end up splitting all milk shake on her face .Anandi tries to control her laughter and comes to Sanchi acting what you did you have poured all shake on your face go wash your face .Sanchi goes to washroom while Anandi gives a naughty smile behind her .

Sanchi washes her face .When picking up napkin she doesn’t pick the one she placed where with color but other one .She comes outside all face colored up but she didn’t know about itAnandi bursts out laughing at her . Sanchi is confused and asks her what happened .Anandi tells her look at yourself . Sanchi sees herself in mirror and finds herself colored up .Sanchi asks from Anandi you did that . Shiv comes there and sees Sanchi colored . Anandi tells Sanchi she placed some glue under glass on table and changed the napkin’s place in washroom and played her trick on her how did she find her trick . Good one .Sanchi is in bad mood .Anandi tells Sanchi don’t mind its holi .Sanchi leaves from there in bad mood while Anandi and Shiv laugh .Shiv is pleasantly surprised at Anandi playing this trick He says to her he never saw her this side of naughty person before .Anandi says did he like her this side ? Shiv is happy Anandi asks to come they have to play some tricks on others as well after all its holi

Dadu is watering plants and talking on phone .Suddenly water stops coming from pipe He calls to Nathu to check what happened but suddenly colored water starts coming out and drench Dadu .Anandi and Shiv come there saying don’t mind Dadu its holi .Dadu laughs and says who will mind he knows its holi .Dadu blesses AnSh and ask them to complete all preparations then holi celebrations they will begin .AnSh happy

Badi Haveli:-
Holi celebrations are going on in full mode .Jagaya is happily playing with Mannu ( doctor saa looks so good with Mannu)Shyam and his father come and take blessings from Dadisaa .Shyam’s father is looking here and there for his wife .Dadisaa guesses it and asks him is looking for his wife , he won’t find her so easily here after all its holi .Ganga is distributing drinks among people Dadisaa signals her for something .Ganga goes and brings some ladies under veil and ask Shyam and his father to recognize their respective wives among them and put color on them .Shyam says its not difficult for him he can recognize his Sugna easily .Dadisaa says to him if they failed to recognize their wives they will pay one thousand in charity in Jaitsar temple .They agree Shyam goes ahead and put color on a lady’s face under veil Dadisaa calls to Sugna see your husband is putting color on some other lady .Sugna ( rubbing my eyes its Sugna welcome back after months missed you so much cvs i guess read our comments here therefore brought Sugna back )who was standing with some ladies sees it and laughs .Shyam gets nervous and moves backwards .All laugh . Shyam’s father says he is disappointed him now its his turn he will recognize his wife .He goes to other lady and put color on her face under veil .Just then comes voice of his wife Shame on you you are putting colors on other’s wives .He gets nervous seeing his wife angry .All laugh . He says to Shyam no problem we both failed but in this way we will do a good work give charity in Jaitsar’s temple its noble work so they got to do something noble even if they lost ( This scene was really a great comic relief )

Kesar Bagh :-
Holi celebrations going on .Some ladies appreciating Anandi .Ira proud of her Celebrations in full swing .Choti maa sitting inside .She receives Anandi’s call who tells her to come outside some emergency happened .Choti maa rushes outside When she comes at a particular spot a bucket full of color is tilted over her head all color falls on her .She is shocked .All are shocked while Anandi laughs saying happy hoil to choti maa.All shocked Anandi played this trick with her .Sanchi says to Anandi how can she do that . Anandi is shocked . Sanchi tells her choti maa is a widow she hasn’t played holi from that time she lost her husband how can you hurt her like this .Anandi is sad Choti maa is emotional .Anandi comes to choti maa and tells her she lied to her and called her outside because in all this function they all were missing her , she is sorry if she hurt her . An emotional choti maa tries to leave from there but Anandi stops her and asks to her if she won’t mind she wants to say something .Anandi then starts saying why you cannot be part of holi why so much hesitation to make these colors part of your life ?You accept all colors of nature don’t you You think it right or wrong but with her presence sun don’t change its color . grass don’t change its colors so why you considers yourself bad omen for these colors ? Anandi tells her she too faced loneliness in her life but never let these colors fade away from her life She says her husband is martyred in war but in real way she honored him by not losing herself and do her best for his family She didn’t left herself to be in white clothes only but stepped forward to put colors there so why she hesitates to put these colors in her life .Please don’t think so and grace these colors by putting it in her life .Choti maa is emotional All are impressed with Anandi. Episode ends on Anandi ‘s face ( wow after a long time Anandi delivered some sensible lecture Good job)

Voice over :- Widows put some fears in their hearts therefore they hesitate towards many colors of life considering themselves bad omen for them Its job of every person to help them come out of it

Precap:- Celebrations at Badi Haveli. Jagaya seems to be under bhaang effect He throws bucket full of color on Ganga Ganga throws color back at him .All laugh Jagaya doesn’t like it much .Then everyone dancing Ganga too dancing Jagaya comes to her she stops and is confused Jagaya hugs her All stop dancing and look at it shocked.

Update Credit to: mahi12

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