Balika Vadhu 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 10th September 2013 Written Update

Chanda is crying. Anandi asks if her husband again.. Chanda says, no.. he’s changed now. Anandi asks, then? Chanda says, my son.. I think someone, maybe my bhabhi, has done black magic on him. He suddenly fell down. Once he fell down from the roof as well and had injury on his head. Anandi says, it must be effect of that injury as there is nothing like blackmagic. She calls her doctor and talks about it. She tells Chanda that she took 4pm appointment and asks her to reach there on time. She gives address and money as well, but Chanda refuses to take money.

Ghanshyam kaka comes with the ticket. Ganga tells him to return the ticket as they are not going to Jaitsar. Kaka says but your studies are done.. what’s the point of living here? Ganga says I have decided to stay here

only. I will do same work here that I planned to do in Jaitsar. This place is good. Mannu is also so happy here. Kaka takes Mannu and goes out to play. Ganga says in her mind, I told doctor sahab, but now I will need to find some work soon. She remembers Bal giving her his card. She calls on that number, but line is busy. She then decides to go to hospital and talk.

Nandu is watching cartoon with Bhairavi. Dadisa comes there. Dadisa says you’re playing with Bhairavi, watching cartoon.. you have forgot about studying. Nandu says he done all his homeworks already. Dadisa then asks him if he washed his hands. Nandu says he forgot. Dadisa reminds him what Jagya said and says to Nandu he will also give advices like that to others. Nandu says i don’t want to become doctor.. i will become a pilot. Dadisa doesn’t know what that means. Nandu explains it to her and makes her say pilot. Dadisa then asks who will become doctor then? Nandu says Jagya’s son. Dadisa smiles.

Ganga comes to the hospital to meet Bal. The receptionist asks her to wait in the waiting area. Ganga checks out the hospital and says, it’s good place.. if I get a job here, then it will be great. Bal comes out and smiles seeing her. He then tells receptionist whoever it is.. tell them to come later. I am busy. Ganga hears his voice and runs to him. Bal says, so it’s you. Come in. Ganga tells him that she has come for the job. Bal says but you said you don’t want to work here and wants to go to village. Ganga says there is no work. Bal says you’re little late..we just interviewed a nurse and I feel she will get the job. Ganga asks him try asking the head, there might be more jobs. Bal says, he will try only once. Ganga says she doesn’t want to take away anyone else’s work. Bal goes somewhere to talk with the head.

At Shiv’s house, everyone is doing Ganesha festival preparations. Meenu asks if they celebrate it in Badi Haveli. Anandi says, no.. but we do Ganesh puja there as well. Ira says they went to Mumbai and from that time they started celebrating this festival. Daddu shows laddu that he brought from Mumbai. Ira makes a face. Daddu says I am just showing, not eating. Everyone laughs. Ira then says, as we are doing all these preparations, don’t we think we should start Sanchi’s marriage preparations? I got call from Sumitraji.. Sanchi has finished her studies, Jagya also finished his masters degree.. Sanchi feels shy and happy. Alok says it will take few months in the preparations… and they should fix a date after talking with Sumitra. Ira says she will talk to Jagya’s family and if they don’t mind, then she will talk to their priest and take out a good date. She asks Anandi about this. Anandi says you’re elder so whatever you think must be right.. Shiv will also say the same. Daddu gives the phone to Ira and tells her to talk with Sumitraji. Daddu teases Sanchi and says to give more laddus to Ganesha God and that way her marriage will happen faster.

Ira calls and asks Sumitra if she can talk to their priest for the marriage date or they will find a date. Sumi says whether you find or we.. it’s same thing. But there’s a condition. Ira gets surprised for a moment. Sumi continues, once the date is fixed, you all will have to come here and tell us that date. Everyone’s happy.

Nandu gets excited when he finds out this news. Dadisa tells him not to tell anyone outside about this yet. Nandu says he won’t tell but at least he can start buying clothes and stuff. Dadisa says if you want we can get your marriage done with Jagya too. Nandu says, no.. I don’t want to marry and runs out.

Ganga is concerned as because of her other nurse might lose her job. Bal tells Ganga to think about herself and Mannu and give interview with confidence and the best match will get it. He further says if it was in his hand then he would select right now.

Anandi is watching news about abuse with some girl. Shiv comes there. He asks her what happened. Anandi and Shiv discuss this matter with each other and how girls are not safe these days. Shiv says we have put posters on many places so women know what to take with them when they go outside. Anandi says, but it shouldn’t be like that that women need to take weapons out with them to protect themselves. Shiv agrees. He again remembers how Jagya saved Sanchi. Anandi says they will have to raise voice and make women not dependable on anyone else i.e. brothers fathers etc. She says, This is enough.. we can’t take this anymore. Women will have to make themselves strong for their self respect. Screen freezes on Anandi’s face.

Voiceover: Until women don’t have self confidence and courage, and until they don’t prepare themselves, they won’t be able to save themselves from the abuse by men.

Precap: Anandi and Shiv give a lecture in a college or some place and teach the girls how to protect themselves if any man attacks on them.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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