Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 8th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bakula travels on bike with Shyam and meets with an accident by a speeding truck. Yamraj gets happy that Bakula is dead, but gets sad when Bakula gets saved by helmet. Bakula scolds truck driver. Shyam comments. Bakula angrily asks truck driver to crush Shyam’s scooter. Yamraj says even this time Niyati Devi changed Bakula’s fate.

Bakula reaches Mohit’s diary farm and tries to convince him to forget Kaira as she is modern, self thinking and unfit for their family. Mohit dismisses her every allegation and says she is fit for their family. His boss asks him to get back to work and asks Bakula to go. Shyam comments everything is illusion. Bakula slaps him and orders to start scooter, she will question Krishnaji today and not spare him.

Bindu scolds her stepmother that she could not handle situation at Mohit’s house. Rekha calls her father, but Bindu picks it and yells even at her. Phone gets disconnected. Bindu continues scolding her stepmother.

Yamraj seeks Krishnaji’s help. Krishnaji orders Niyati Devi to come. She comes and says she was about to inform Yamraj. He says she is lying in a tapori language. Shivji comes and asks him to mind his language. Krishnaji reads Bakula’s death plan that she will die during Mohit and Kiara’s marriage and orders Niyathi devi not to change plan again.

Bakula confronts Krishnaji to stop playing flute. Krishnaji stops playing flute in heaven. Bakula says he plays flute nicely, but why he sends all problems to her house. She asks how will she convince Mohit to forget Kiraya, krur, karaya…Kiara. She continues complaining and Krishnaji hears tensely. She says she gave promise to Mohit for his and Kiara’s marriage, how to unfollow her promise.

Chandu’s wife scolds him to get job this time and be humble to his boss. Chandu bends and asks if he should be this humble. She asks him to be practical. He says last time, his boss was selling fake silk sari and he corrected boss, so boss dismissed him. Wife says it is called business. Munna’s jokes start. Shyam’s drama starts with Madhuri on the other side. He tries to convince her that his guru is pure saint. She shows news that his guru was alleging by a girl for s*xually harassing her. Shyam says he was pampering he as daughter on his lap. She says 28-year-old woman, even after certain age father maintains a distance from his daughter. Aditya comments like pappa keeps distance from him. They both continue arguing. He says his brother died long ago, but even now they remember him and continue fighting to hide their sorrows. Drama continues. Munna’s mother then takes Munna out scolding him. Bakula asks not to take him out in sun. She says her pampering is spoiling him. Drama continues. Bakula scolds Krishnaji again why he sends all problems to her house.

Bindu dance pracites on mehandi lagake…Mother holds mobile and by mistake presses button and switches off song. Bindu scolds her. Mother switches on song again and thinks it looks like Bindu is her stepmother instead. Phone rings. Bindu picks it and leaves.

Munna returns home. Bakula asks where was he. He says he went to temple and killed Kiara. She asks what, really. Munna says her dead body is lying there. Kiara enters and says Bakula that she knows she does not like her, but why she wants to see her dead. Bakula says Munni said that. Munna says he killed madhuri fly, kareena fly, Kaira fly and lot more flies. Kiara laughs. Mohit comes. Bakula asks Kiara to cut cucumber the way she likes as Rekha is behind her to disapprove her. Kiara shows Gujrati food and says she prepared it. Bakula gets happy that Rekha will not ask her to disapprove Mohti and Kiara’s wedding. Kiara says whatever it is, she will not stay in this house. Bakula says she is too open minded. Mohit says she is liberal. Kiara asks him to drop her to her house. Mohit asks Bakhula to bless them. Bakula angrily blesses them.

Mohit takes Kiara to his diary farm. His boss taunts him that he is proxy owner. Mohit says he knows and requests to lend tempo to drop Kiara. Boss agrees. Mohit drives tempo and it stops midway in village. A man searching his niece identifies Mohit as Bakula bua’s nephew and says he will call mechanic and get tempo repaired, till then he can have buttermilk in his house. He his wife comes and says their niece is missing. Mohit and Kiara say they will also search niece. They all search her all around. Niece speaks from nearby. They ask who is it. She says pot, then doll, then water well. They finally find her in dry water well. Drama continues. She says she saw water well dry and requesting her to fill water, so she came down with water. Aunt says she is insane. Uncle says she is different. Niece does mimicry of water well and put with her puppet. Mohit gets down and helps her out of well.

Rekha with her bahus searches Bakula to make her like her own spit as she failed to convince Mohit to forget Kiara. Bakula hears her voice and asks Munna to lie when they ask where is she. Madhuri gets Bakula’s slippers and says she has not gone out and is at home. Rekha asks Munna where is Bakula. He says Bahamas, Hawaii, etc. and says they don’t have to search her there and continues. His mother says whom shall they give Bahubali brand choc then. Mohit says Bakula is hiding in bathroom. Bakula hiding in bathroom gets happy thinking they will not find her. They come and asks what is she doing here. Bakula says she is cleaning floor as there is a lot of dirt. Rekha points at Bakula as dirt and says there is a lot and asks why did she permit a problem Kiara in Mohit’s life and asks to get her out with her plan. Bakula starts thinking.

Precap: Bakula calls Kiara. Kaira calls what she needs. Bakula says her family’s brighter future which only she can give by sacrificing. Kiara says she will go. Bakula asks where is she going. Kiara says to find answers. Bindu’s father Jam bhai comes to Raja Sadan searching Bindu. Bakula scolds him. Bindu acting as Kiara lures inebriated Mohit and in air hostess style asks hi to remove his shirt. Her father and others find her and Mohit sleeping in truck. Yamraj happily tells Krishnaji that as per earth’s rule, Mohit and Bindu will marry and his Yamdooth will take Bakula’s soul.

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