Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Mohit Goes Missing Before Wedding

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 5th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhuri asks children to wake up and get ready soon as today is Mohit’s wedding and water will stop. Vinay wearing banyan and towel asks if water came and says everyone wait for water to drink, but they wait for water to prepare tea. He yells that he told Munna to open water tap so that water can fall into tank, but he forgot. Chandu says he walked all the way to municipal office and scolded them to open tap, but they told their tap is open always, he should open his house tap instead. His jokergiri continues. Vinay yells at him. Madhuri asks why did he gave work to one who cannot work at all. Comedy continues. Madhuri does Vinay’s aarti for bearing a child like Chandu. Bakula sees tap closed and asks Yamraj to do magic and get water or at least get rain so that her family can have open air bath. Their comedy starts. She lifts buckets via her superpowers.

Mahduri asks Chandu get a bucket of water from neighbor for Mohit’s bath. His jokergiri starts. Aditya shows Jam’s confession video about Rekha to Vinay. Vinay asks if showed this video to Mohit. Aditya says yes twice. Vinay says that is why Mohit is missing since morning and asks him not to show his video to Rekha, else she will feel bad. Their drama continue. Munna hens shows video to Rekha after sometime. Rekha asks if he showed this video to Mohit. He says yes. She asks who recorded it. He says him. She asks him to give mobile. He says no. She says she has choc in her bag for him. He says he will not as Bakula daadi bua asked not to take choc from strangers. She says she is his daadi. He says bua to take choc from stranger sometimes, but not with Rekha daadi. Comedy continues.

Kaushik enters Bakula’s hotel room and sees her dead body. He call Madhuri and tries to inform that Bakula bua is dead, but instead Madhuri asks when is Bakula leaving Dwarka. Bakula enters Rupal’s body and after a bit of comedy tells Bakula bua has reached home. Madhuri says Bakula reached home and disconnects call. At Jaam’s house, Bindu’s drama continues. Bindu hires teachers to teach her crying during bidayi and how to serve milk during suhagraat. Kaushik thinks of informing Jaam and over phone informs that Bakula is dead. Bakula enters Malati’s body and scolds Jaam in Bakula’s style. She warns him not to inform Vinay’s family about Bakula’s death. Jaam agrees. Bakula leaves Malati’s body. Malati then asks him to inform Vinay’s family as marriage cannot happen with death in the family. Jaam shouts in confusion.

Mohit reaches Dabbu’s house and asks maami to call maama. Maama does jokergiri. Mohit asks him to come out without doing jokergiri. Dabbu also comes and does puppet mimicry and asks why did he come here on his marriage day.

Mohit’s wedding celebrations start. Family searches him. Chandu brings someone with Mohit’s name and says he is looking same to same. Family scolds him. He then brings another person. Drama continues. Police inspector comes and says Munna complained that Mohit is missing. Rekha says family that inspector is Jaam’s favorite and they should hide Mohit’s missing news. Comedy starts. Family handles situation, but Chandu spoils situation. Inspector says something is wrong and goes inside house to search Mohit.

Precap: Jaam calls Rekha and asks her to let him speak to Mohit. Rekha loudly calls Mohit. Someone mimics are Mohit. They Jaam reaches home and insists to meet Mohit. Bakula is about to say that Mohit is missing when Mohit comes and stands behind her. Jaam asks who is in sehra then.

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