Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 30th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 30th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rekha scolds Dabbu why did she dance to degrade Bindu. Mohit interferes and says Dabbu did not do anything. Rekha continues yelling at Dabbu. Alka yells Dabbu is very intelligent and cunning. Mohit says she told earlier Dabbu is dumb and mad. Alka nervously says she mean.. Mohit says everyone saw how Bindu acted as good and then showed her true colors. Rekha yells she does not want to hear anything against her would be bahu and asks Dabbu to get out. Dabbu pleads to forgive her. Rekha asks to slap her aunt Alka. Dabbu slaps Alka. Alka yells she is mad, once she asked her to kill her, so she ran behind her with knife. Dabbu says aunt insisted, so she did. Mohit looks at videos and thinks good Bindu’s reality is out.

Guest house’s manager Kaushik sees Bakula’s room locked even after a long time and enters via window. He does not see Bakula, calls Rekha and informs that Bakula is missing from her guest house room. Rekha informs Vinay, Munna, Chandu and Aditya about it. Chandu says she must have locked door from inside, walked out via window and then locked door from outside. Jokergiri starts. Munna says she must have gone out, turns up and says she is hanging to ceiling. Vinay asks to stop joking. Munna says she really is. Bakula gets tensed and hides her body. Vinay turns up and says there is nothing up, that is why he should not watch video games much. They all walk away. Bakula relaxes and asks Yamraj to hide her body somewhere, reminisces Jaam sending cold storage fridge for keep cold drinks, etc., during wedding and asks Yamraj to hide her body in it. Yamraj say even she has powers and can hide her body. She carries cold storage to her room and hides her body in it. She relaxes and goes out.

Rekha informs Mohit that Bakula is missing from her guest house room. Mohit says he will go to Dwarka and find out then. Bakula gets tensed how to stop him. She drops ceiling fan and it hit Rekha. Rekha shouts in pain. Vinay as usual shows his over affection and panics seeing her forehead swollen. He says he will get ice. Rekha holds his hand. He stops. She leaves hand he falls down, then gets up and runs towards kitchen. Mohit takes Rekha to her room saying her romance with papa is unique. She shies. Bakula gets happy that her desire of hitting Rekha fulfilled. Yamraj says she cannot harm others. Vinay and Chandu’s jokergiri continues. Vinay goes to kitchen and asks Rupal and Madhuri to get ice for Rekha’s forehead. Their jokergiri starts. Madhuri says she will get ice from cold storage and walks away. Vinay returns to Rekha’s room and his affection starts, he should if he does not get ice, he will go to Kailash, Switzerland, etc. Chandu comments ice will melt. Vinay scolds what needs to keep his mouth shut. Chandu says he can give anything. Drama continues.

Madhuri says cold store is not in its place. Munna, Mohit, and others search it in whole house. Bakula gets tensed that they will find it Munna says they searched whole house except Bakula daadi bua’s room and like in films, sometimes things are hidden where they are least expected. He walks in to Bakula’s room with Megha and Malhar and removes items from cold storage. Bakula hopes he does not pick them. He clears them and finds cold storage. Mohit gets ready to leave for Dwarka and messages Vinay that he is going to Dwarka to find Bakula and will return with her. He sees Shyam walking on terrace and shouts to stop. Family hears him and runs out. Shyam falls from terrace. Bakula uses her power and saves him. He walks back in. Mohit and others run out and does not find his body. He falls and regains senses. Munna sits on chair shouting where is Shyam kaka. Shyam comes out and asks why is he calling him. Jokergiri continues. Rupal sees him and says he is stil alive. Mohit says her heart has turned stone after her son’s death. She warns not to speak about it.

Mohit watches videos and sees Chandu’s recorded guests’ backs. Munna says who are they. He then sees Jaam giving 15 lakhs to Rekha and praising her how she faked her suicide and convinced Mohit for marriage with Bindu and rest of incidents. He gets very angry. He then leaves for Dwarka. Kaushik brings inspector to Bakula’s room and says he is missing. Inspector sees her snoring on bed and says she is here. Kaushik walks away confused. Bakula emerges with Yamraj and thanks him for helping her. He says he thought her dead body wanted to see Mohit’s wedding. Bakula says even her soul can watch it. She says how she recorded Rekha’s snoring and asked Yamraj to keep her mobile under her pillow to confuse Kaushik and police. Mohit calls Kaushik and asks if Bakula is found. Kaushik says she is snoring on bed. Comedy continues

Precap: Kaushik calls Madhuri and tries to inform that Bakula is dead. Madhuri says Bakula has reached here. Wedding celebrations start. Kaushik then calls Jaam bhai and informs that Bakula has passed. Jaam asks from which bus. Kaushik says she is dead and her dead body is in front of him.

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