Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 29th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 29th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Munna gets ready to dance. Rekha asks Vinay to hold pillars as Raja Sadan will shake now. Munna dances on nagare sang dhol Everyone enjoy it except Mohit. After dance, everyone clap for Munna. Rekha says she taught dance to Munna. Vinay praises her and asks everyone to clap. Bakula fumes that she danced in Munna’s body. Madhuri asks Rekha when did she teach Munna. Rekha says he learnt seeing her dance. She sys let us go in. Jaam bhau’s wife’s drama starts. Bakula relaxes and thinks soul cannot be burnt or drowned, but can get tired dancing in Munna’s body. She thinks to check what Yamraj has one with her body and rushes to guest house and sees her duplicate with Yamdooth. She asks where is Yamraj. Yamdooth says Yamraj has entered her body. Bakula scolds Yamraj and he comes out of her body. Her body falls, and she asks him to get back into body.

In heaven, Narad speaks in English. Krishna ji complains Shivji that Narad is speaking in English. Shivji says language is just a means of communication. Drama starts there. Niyathi devi comes and complains that Yamraj has entered Bakula’s body and is keeping her alive. Shivji says she cannot predict fate after person’s death. Krishnaji says yes. Shivji orders Yamraj to come immediately. He leaves Bakula’s body and rushes to heaven. He sees Narad and Niyati devi and says he is sure they have complained against him. Krishnaji says Yamraj is experiencing human body. Shivji sends Niyathi devi back to her place. Their discussion continue. Bakula gets worried and asks where did his boss go leaving her body, go and call her. He leaves. Munna comes there boasting he danced really well. Bakula sees him and tries to enter her body, but cannot. Munna sees her body and thinks who is she, realizes she is Bakula and calls her in their usual code word. Bakula thinks she has already gone. Drama continues.

Sangeet ceremony continues. Bindu tells Mohit that after Munna’s dance, it is their turn. Dabbu via her puppet comments dance should be garba with rasleela. Bindu comments she is insulting her in puppet’s voice. Dabbu’s aunt says Dabbu is mad and speaks herself as puppet. Malti suggests to show rasleela garbha then. Dabbu dances. Mohit dances with her and enjoys dance. Madhuri signals Bindu it is awesome. Bindu fumes in anger. Jaam gives 15 lakhs rs bag to Rekha. Rekha asks what about other expenses. He gives her 5 lakhs more. Malti gives her jewelry for her and her family and says it is original. Rekha rubs jewelry on wall and checks its purity. Their jokergiri starts and they reveal how Rekha planned Bindu trapping Mohit an ddall the incidents thereafter. Munna records their video.

Chandu shows video recording to Vinay. Vinay sees only people’s back and asks what is it. Chandu says he told to record guests and they should not know about it, so he recorded their backs. Vinay scolds him that they record in marriages to know about guests’ gifts, he ruined his name. Their drama continues. Aditya shows his recording and shows Rekha and Vinay’s romance. Vinay scolds him to stop video. Their jokergiri continues.

Bakula sees Jaam, Malti and Bindu coming towards her body and asks yamdooth to freeze them. He freezes them for 10 minutes. Munna comes and starts his jokergiri. Bakula prays Shrihari to come on earth and help her. In heaven, Shivji sees lightning and asks what is happening. Narad says Bakula is praying and she wants Kanhaji to come down. Kanhaji asks Shivji to help. Shivji himself goes down with Yamraj. Bakula asks him where is Kanhaji, she prays even Shivji and his son Ganeshji and serves them belpatra on shivratri and modak/laddu during ganesh chaturti. Shivji asks her not to call Kanhaji down, he wil reward her 2 boon in return. She asks him to give her power that with her signal she can push anything. Shivji says she cannot use to frighten anyone. Bakula agrees and asks to say tathasthu. He repeats and then leaves. Yamraj asks Yamdooth to leave now. Bakula sees Vinay and others coming towards her body and pushes her body to ceiling. Vinay says he saw someone in video and where is she now. Munna says it was Bakula bua. Their jokergiri continues.

Precap: Kaushik calls Bakula and informs her that Bakula is missing. Vinay asks family where she must have gone. Chandu says she must have escaped from window and then locked door from outside. Rekha says she must be in room itself. Munna says she must be on ceiling and turns up, sees Bakula’s body and says he is right. Everyone look up. Bakula gets worried.

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