Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Mohit fulfills Bakula’s last wish of deh dan

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 12th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaushik bhai consoles Mohit. Mohit says I am fine and asks the reason about Bakula Bua’s death. Kaushik Bhai says it is written as heart failure in the certificate, hospital was insisted to do postmortem, but Jaam Saab stopped it. Bakula Bua thinks I am saved from post mortem. Mohit asks if he knows from before. Kaushik Bhai says he didn’t say thinking marriage will stop. Chandu says marriage haven’t happened and asks him to have breakfast. Bakula bua says you shall not ask. Kaushik leaves. Mohit is sad. Yamraj asks Bakula not to touch him. Shyam tells Madhuri that some guru bandu coming from Ashram to sing bhajan. Madhuri says they sing mushaiyra in the name of bhajan. She says you know that Pappa is almost gone hearing bua’s death. Chandu is shocked.

Rekha asks Rupal to come with her as they have to give her last bath to Bakula behen. Rupal insists to get the bamboos exchanged first. Rekha asks her to come. Nana bhai comes there and tells that people gives him job to manage aarthi. He tells that he has sent his name for the record. Rupal says andhon me kanha raja. Nana Bhai says he has tied 99 arthis. Rupal says she has tied just 1 of her son. She gets sad. Bakula asks Yamraj who took Rupal’s son Ashmit. Yamraj says may be some dood came. She says once my vidhis get finished, I will question God.. Kanha ji tells Shiv ji and Narad that Bakula has many questions regarding her family. He says I have answers to her questions, but this is not the right time to open it.

Jaisukh Bhai comes home and tells that Bakula didn’t invite me for the wedding anniversary, but then also I came here. Chandu says we will make you have food. Rupal says this is not the right time. Jaisukh Bhai says Vinay has also died with his sister. Everyone is shocked. Rupal asks who told you. Jaisukh Bhai says Chandu told me. Rupal scolds Chandu.

Jaam Saab tells Bindu that Mohit doesn’t want to marry her, but preferred to marry Dabbu. He tells his wife that don’t know she went on whom. His wife says I am her step mom, don’t look at me. Jaam Saab says who will tell that Bindu’s marriage is cancelled. Bindu asks Servants to make the doli ready and says she will go to Mohit’s house now. Jaam Saab says he will see Mohit and his family and will reach there with Panch.

Everyone is mourning for Bakula Bua death. Bhajan singer starts doing mushaira mixed with music. Shyam likes it and says wah wah. Mohit comes and asks what is all this? He asks the singer to go back to Ashram else he will make dogs run behind him.

Nana Bhai tells that Bakula bua’s aarthi is ready. Mohit says who asked you to arranged it and tells that she was not ordinary to go on an ordinary arthi and reminisces old incident, when Chandu gets Bakula Bua’s pic posted in the newspaper for her dead mum’s anniversary. Bakula Bua scolds him politely and asks if I die then post Vinay’s pic. Chandu says we will take your pic before your last rites. Bakula Bua gets upset and asks Mohit not to let Chandu come near her when she dies. She tells Mohit that Rekha will die before her while praying for her death. Mohit says Bua, and says you will live for 100 years. Bakula Bua says she don’t want to live for 100 years and want anyone service. She tells that she wanted to become doctor and says she will die in the hospital. She tells Mohit that she wants to give her body in charity to hospital. Fb ends. Mohit tells that Bua wants him to deh daan of her body. Everyone cries. Mohit cries badly.

Dabbu greets Kanha ji as phupha ji. Rupal asks her not to lift the curtain or light the diya. She says we shall not show our pain to God. Dabbu says he is everywhere, Munna told that Thakur ji is our phupha ji. Puppet says your husband will mourn too. Rupal says he is in Guruji’s shran since our son died. Rupal asks her not to come infront of anyone. Dabbu asks if this is my mistake that Bua died. Bakula Bua thinks she is good and honest girl.

Mangla comes and cries asking where is my Bakula. Bakula bua says she will start her drama now. Mangla asks God why did you take Bakula, you would have taken me. Bakula tells Yamraj that Mangla cried in someone’s funeral too, and everyone thought she is deceased man’s wife. Madhuri asks her to stop crying. Chandu tells Madhuri that he got her printed to be kept here. Madhuri sees the family pic with Bakula Bua’s pic circled and says we all are alive, and she is dead. Chandu says I have used arrow mark and we can use same frame on everyone’s death. Everyone is surprised and upset. Madhuri says what we can do with you and asks him to go and sit on side. He goes to side holding family pic with Bakula.

Bakula thinks he is exhibiting his stupidity infront of everyone. She thinks Vinay must be crying badly, who will make him quiet. She thinks Rekha might be happy to take my keys. She goes to Rekha’s room with yamraj. She thinks Rekha must be taken her stuff and hiding in her almari. She sees Rekha crying hugging saree which she wanted to gift Bakula on Mohit’s wedding.

A fb is shown, Rekha tells Bakula that she will make her wear special saree on his birthday. Fb ends. She says although we have hurt each other, but I will miss you. She says I will make you go in this saree and cries. Bakula gets touched.

Just then Vinay comes talking to lawyer and asks him to bring Bakula Bua’s will today. Lawyer says today? Vinay says we have waited for many years. Bakula hears and is shocked.

Vinay asks Rekha why she is acting and crying inside, and asks her to go out and act like him. Rekha is shocked. He handovers Bakula’s keys to her hand. Rekha says she would be happy if keys was given by Bakula. Vinay asks her to be happy and says that inauspicious woman went from our life. Rekha asks him not to tell this, and tells that Bakula behen hurt her, but she never thought bad about them. Vinay says he acted to be good to her so that she fulfill his wish and calls her dayan. Rekha asks him not to tell that and says soul is near after death. Vinay asks Rekha not to ruin saree. Rekha asks him to stop it and goes.

Bakula thinks she thought Vinay would be crying a lot, but her Bhabhi Rekha shedding real tears and her own brother is happy for her death. Rekha makes her dead body wear the saree and cries singing farewell song. Bakula gets touched and tells Yamraj that she don’t want to be here, and asks him to take her from there. Yamraj takes her to sky. Bakula says she wants to meet Kanhaiya and asks questions. She says everything was illusion and insists not to go to Krishna. She says she didn’t want to go to heaven. Yamraj says you got a place there because of deh daan/body donation.

People think soul roams here and there if they donate body, but the entry of dead is confirmed if they do deh dan. Bakula Bua says she will sit there itself until she meets Kanhaiyya. Rekha and others make Bakula ready for deh dan. Mohit cries and breaks down seeing her dead body. Madhuri and Rekhna reminisces the moments with her. Vinay acts to cry and gives garland to Mohit. Mohit puts the garland on her neck. They take her aarthi outside the house, while Bindu comes in doli and says how can Bua go, I am Mohit’s first wife and wants to give shraddhanjali to her. Mohit gets angry. Madhuri asks him not to react, let her do whatever she wants and let Bua go peacefully. Rekha cries badly as Bakula Bua body is taken out for deh daan.

Lawyer reads Bakula Bua’s will. Bakula Bua gives 2 necklaces each to Madhuri, Rupal and Rekha. She wishes Rekha shall give those necklace to Mohit’s wife. Apsara tells Bakula Bua that she can enter anyone body and can talk to some humans too. Bakula says yamraj didn’t tell me. She says my bhoot is coming on earth.

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