Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan asking Pappu, he is talking about whom? Rajni calls him hero. Pappu says when there is a will, there is a way, and says you are my hero. Shaan thinks he is dead. Pappu asks Surili to convince her son and says your career will reach heights and you will become a star. Surili says I will try to convince Shaan. Maggie and Sharmila ask Shaan to give autograph. Shaan asks what is happening? Shaguta says you are great to refuse stardom and asks him to give autograph. Shaan asks them to stop it. Surili asks Shaan to agree. Shaan says I have no interest in money. Surili asks him to give money to her. Shaan refuses. Surili emotionally blackmails him keeping hand on her chest…Shaan says this is not right, you are doing emotional blackmail. Surili says you are not blackmailed by me and asks him to agree. Shaan says no means no and asks them not to argue. Sharmila says what to do now. Shaguta says only one person can convince him. Surili says Shaan himself.

Shaguta says no…Rajni can convince him. Surili says I will not ask Rajni for help. Shaguta asks her to casually seek her help. Surili says okay and says I will not request her, but give her order. Shaguta says okay. Surili goes to Rajni and says Rajni….hi. She asks did you recognize me? Rajni says why I will not recognize you …..mummy ji. Surili says you have become heroine now. She says lets sit and talk. She says I love you more than anyone else in the house. Rajni says even Amrish said this. Surili says he used to tell that she can do any work and asks her to prove it. She asks her to convince Shaan to act in the film, and asks her to do whatever she can to convince him. Rajni accepts her command and goes. Surili says she is a fool and tells Pappu that Shaan will act in his film. Pappu smiles.

Rajni comes to Shaan and asks him to agree to become hero. Shaan says I will not listen to you. Rajni scans ways to convince husband, with love or beating. She goes. Shaan asks where are you going? Rajni brings bouquet and a gift and asks him to agree…says my love…say yes please. Shaan asks what is all this and asks her to go. Rajni tries to convince him with her charm and romance. Shaan refuses and asks why you are doing this? He says I will not do acting. Rajni says now second way to convince him. She goes and brings a bat. Shaan asks what is this? Rajni hits him with bat. Shaan is shocked.

Pappu tells Surili that he can’t wait anymore and will leave. Surili asks him to wait for sometime. Pappu says this film is not in my destiny. Surili says even in my destiny. Pappu is about to go. Rajni stops Pappu and says hero is ready. Surili asks Rajni what she has done? Shaan says I am ready to act. Rajni says you told me mummy ji that I have to convince him anyhow. Amrish asks how he will shoot in this condition. Pappu says I will change script and says he will make hero’s accident in film and make him handicap. Assistant says he will make the script ready. Sharmila, Shaguta and Maggie talk about Rajni. Maggie says we have to make Rajni exit from this film. Assistant asks make up man to do Rajni’s make up.

Shaguta says I have an idea and thinks to add something in the make up kit. RAM hears them. Shaguta asks Sharmila and Maggie to make make up woman to move from there. They take her forcibly. Shaguta mixes some powder in the make up kit. RAM sees all. Shaguta says it will be fun now. Assistant asks make up man to do Surili and Shaan’s make up. Rajni and Surili sit for having make up done. Shaguta, Sharmila and Maggie peep there and try to see the chemical reaction on Rajni’s face. Surili feels itching. Everyone laughs seeing her face. Surili checks her face in the mirror and see rashes. She says what happened to me. RAM says chemical reaction and recalls changing the make up kits. Pappu explains the scene. Shaan asks what I am doing in the film. Pappu says you will be shouting lying on the bed. He asks Surili to shout at Rajni.

Amrish says these dialogues will be from her heart. Surili asks him to let her concentrate. Surili tells the dialogues and asks Rajni, how did you beat my son….Rajni picks something and beats Shaan. Shaan writhes in pain. Pappu says cut…and thinks how my film will be completed. Shaan asks Rajni to leave him and says I will not leave you. Rajni says you never hold me, so when you will drop me. Pappu is upset and thinks he will never become good director. Rajni comes and asks why he is upset? She says you are teary eyes and this means you are sad. Pappu says nobody could know until you, and says I thought to become a good director, but destiny is not with me and all my films are flopped. Rajni says I will see all your films and will analyze why all your films are flop. I will help you make superhit film. Pappu gets happy and asks Rajni to help him, says he will do whatever she says. Rajni asks him to get ready to make superhit film.

Rajni gives script to Pappu. Pappu gets happy and asks what is film’s name. Rajni says film name is bahu hamari rajnikant. Pappu asks who are working in the film. Rajni says she has finalized casting also and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Its better to end show rather than dragging

  2. This show will end on 13th February
    Each episode of this show made me laugh even at the time of sorrow
    Will watch this show again in hostar

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