Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish, Dhyan and Gyan seeing broken wine bottles instead of Rajni. Amrish says I didn’t get sad when I came to know that crow is my sasur. Gyan says I didn’t get sad when I came to know that Maggie is my wife. Dhyan says even I didn’t get sad when I come to know that Maggie is your wife. Gyan asks him to talk about his wife. Shaan comes and asks why they are mourning? Amrish says all our bottles are broken, and says we shall bid it adieu. Shaan sees Rajni’s metallic hand and asks her to reboot. Rajni says my hand joints are stuck, maintenance overdue. Shaan does something, Rajni’s hand is back to normal. Shaan asks them not to cry. Amrish says who have done this? Rajni says I did. Gyan asks why did you do this? Surili comes and tells Shaan that Rajni made Shaguta run on treadmill. Shaan asks why you are doing this? Rajni says I was attacking two things, wine and mosquito. Surili says now it is too much, your wife is calling me mosquito.

She asks what? Rajni tries to catch the mosquito. Gyan says may be she wants to touch your feet and apologize. Rajni hits on her hand. Surili asks what she is doing and sits down shockingly. Amrish records everything. Rajni says she is saving them from dengue mosquito, and says she will present dead body to them. Amrish takes Surili to room. Shaan thinks to do something and thinks Rajni is becoming mad. Surili tells her that her legs are jammed. She asks Sharmila to make her legs straight. Sharmila straights her hairs. Surili asks her to come closer and slaps her, asks her not to make her remember Maggie. Shaguta says mom asked you to straight her legs. They straight her hairs. Surili asks them to keep eye on Rajni.

Amrish and Gyan are drinking fallen wine with straw and do poetry. Shaan comes and says you people are sucking thrown wine. He says I will clean this mess. Gyan says no. Shaan says we will buy from market. Amrish says they have just 100 Rs. note and says nobody is taking 500 and 1000 Rs. notes. Shaan also joins them. Shaguta and Surili wear clothes like a spy. Rajni comes to room and thinks she shall wait for the mosquito to fly, and says it is looking like senior mummy ji. She says I have to killed mummy ji. Sharmila and Shaguta hear her and inform Surili.

Surili stands up shockingly. Shaguta says she said that she will not show her baby’s face to you. Sharmila says when did she say this? Shaguta says she said and that’s why I am investigating officer and you are assistant. Surili shouts Amrish. Gyan asks Shaan, if Rajni is pregnant? Shaan says it is a lie…as we have never planned babies. Surili comes and asks what is going on guys. They say hi. Surili tells them that Rajni is planning to kill her, and asks them to continue their party. Sharmila is taking kalash. Surili shouts Sharmila….Sharmila throws kalash shocking. Shaguta catches it. Surili scolds Sharmila for touching baba’s asthi. Sharmila says she wanted to keep it safely from Rajni. Surili asks Shaguta to keep it safely and threatens her. Rajni comes following the mosquito and thinks she has to find Shaan, as her body parts jams. She thinks her legs joints are not working.

Amrish asks Surili to confirm with Doctor if she is pregnant. Gyan says she is doing this strange things because of her pregnancy. Shaan says she is not pregnant. Rajni comes there dragging her leg. Shaan asks what happened? Rajni says my legs are heavy. Gyan gets happy. Shaan goes to her and ask. Rajni says maintenance is over due. Surili thinks if she shall be happy or sad. She says we shall keep Rajni in hospital. Amrish says it is confirmed. Rajni sees mosquito and throws stone, but it hits kalash. Asthi ashes falls on Surili. Surili shouts. Rajni apologizes to her. Surili is in extreme pain after her baba’s asthi ashes falls down. She cries and tries to take out her anger on Rajni. Shaan tells that she will handle Rajni.

Surili asks Rajni, why she is staring her and asks if she will take away her life. Rajni says yes, and gives her electric shock. Shaan is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    Getting bore with little comedy only….

  2. Plz put put up yesterday ‘s written update of ganga.

  3. Kindly put put up yesterday ‘s written update of ganga.

  4. Worst storyline ever…why spoil such an amazing stress buster show…..the plot has gone haywire since samaira’s track…u guys culd do wonders with the original storyline and the complete bunch of brilliant actors….end it before it becomes a torcher…pls???

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