Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan activating do jism ek jaan mode, but Rajni activates her shut down mode. Shaan thinks today it will be my visarjan. Dev asks Shaan to start Rajni. Shaan says it is a bad idea, but thinks to work on it. He switches her on and activates do jism ek jaan mode. Dev says I am so proud of me. Bubbles asks Amartya, if he don’t want to go for Visarjan. Amartya says no, as Surili asked him not to come out. Bubbles asks him not to worry and says she is with him. Amartya says I am getting nervous and drinks tablets. Bubbles stares him. Amartya asks why you are staring at me. Bubbles asks I am seeing why your blue color is darker than me. Amartya asks if you are making fun of me. Bubbles says no, and says if you don’t go then I will also not go. She says I have an idea.

At the visarjan, Amrish thanks the guest for bringing kids there. Guest likes the idea of Chocolate Ganpati. Amrish says it was Rajni’s idea, but Surili takes credit. Rajni comes. Amrish asks Rajni to come and introduces her. Surili asks Media to write her idea as Surili’s idea. Amrish asks Rajni not to feel bad. Rajni says I don’t have a heart. Amrish asks where is Shaan….? Rajni says he is walking upside while I am walking downstairs, as our bodies are connected, if he don’t walk then I can also not walk. Shaan says I am here, and asks him to start aarti. Surili calls Bhai 2….Bubbles and Amartya come there in God’s get ups. Everyone is shocked. Rajni says wine and medicine have same blue color, very nice. Bubbles says Krishna ji and Radha ji come for Bappa’s visarjan. Maggie asks when did Radha ji was blue? Bubbles says she turned blue in his love. Surili asks her to shut up, and asks Amartya why did he come. Amartya tells that it was Bubbles idea and he couldn’t refuse. Surili and Amrish do the aarti, followed by Rajni, Bubbles etc. They say Ganpati Bappa Moriya. Amrish says Ganpati should be lifted by Rajni and gives her honor to lift it. Surili is shocked.

Amrish asks Rajni to hold Ganpati. Rajni says when Shaan holds Bappa, I can hold it. Shaan moves his hands, so that Rajni holds Bappa. Surili acts and asks what you are saying Rajni? She says Rajni wanted me to do visarjan with her, and announces that saas and bahu will do visarjan together. Rajni stops…They ask why you have stopped. Rajni says Shaan stopped so I have stopped. Shaan asks Dev to see where is Rajni as I can’t see? Surili asks Rajni not to act and move two steps ahead and do visarjan,as media is looking at them. Dev manages to see Rajni, and asks Shaan to turn, take a left turn and then walk straight. Everyone is shocked as Rajni takes right, left turn and walk backwards. Surili says Rajni is joking. She asks Rajni to take Ganeshji to milk pot. Rajni says if Shaan moves then I will move. Surili announces that they will do visarjan in milk. Dev asks Shaan to do visarjan.

Rajni puts chocolate Ganpati in milk while Surili is turned. Surili turns towards Rajni and sees Ganpati already drowned in water by Rajni alone. She says you have done it alone, we have to do together. She says it is one thing. Shaan thinks chocolate must have melt by now. Rajni distributes milk to kids. She continues to move her hand as if she is giving them milk even though glass is over. Everyone is surprised. Surili comes and asks Rajni, did you forget that we are going to do chocolate milkshake to kids. Rajni says I am doing nothing as Shaan is distributing milk shake. Dev asks Shaan to turn, as Amrish came. Amrish says it is time to dance. Dev asks Shaan to dance. Shaan thinks how I will dance without music, as I can’t dance with music on. Shaan dances so that Rajni can dance with kids.

Later in the evening, Shaan asks Dev not to eat much else he will burst. Dev says it is a prasad. Shaan says I have reinstalled all programs and says you will be back to super Rajni, and activates self mode. Rajni says hello…what I can do for you. Shaan asks her to start march parch…..Rajni says okay, and goes left, right, left. Shaan feels proud of himself and says kamaal karditta….He says welcome back. Dev says I am proud of you, that you are my friend…wow. Shaan says there are two reasons, my high fiber mind and Rajni and my team. He asks Rajni to give him a flying kiss. Rajni gives it. Shaan asks ain’t we are a dhamekedar Jodi. Rajni says yes, and keeps her hand on his head.

Rajni tells Amrish and Surili that 4 people are left who can marry Bubbles. Amrish asks Rajni to call them and tells that they will do Bubbles Swayamvar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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