Bahu Begum 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Noor decides to heal Azaan’s wounds with music

Bahu Begum 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Noor telling Razia that there is a big change in their lives, in 5 years. She says I love him, but not…She says I can stay in his life as his friend and not as his wife. Razia says but…They hear Azaan singing. Noor tells Razia that Azaan’s wounds can be healed by music and not by her love. She says I can make this possible. Khalid packs Rubina’s stuff and says you are going from here. he tells that he wouldn’t have hidden her sin if she was not pregnant. Rubina asks him to accept that he wants to romance with Noor. Khalid says you have done a mistake and now accusing me. Rubina asks if this is not truth that you loved her. Khalid says it is past now, I had done many mistakes and Azaan and badi ammi forgave me. He says I realized my mistake and wants you to do the same. He says I am thinking about our baby. Rubina says it is good and tells that badi ammi doesn’t remember what I have done with her. dilruba comes there and asks what you have done?

Razia asks Azaan to take popcorn and says you like it naa. Azaan thanks her and says I will eat popcorn made by my Ammi after 5 years. Noor comes and takes the bowl, says she will eat this popcorn. She asks him to wipe his tears first. Razia says she made it for Azaan. Noor tastes it and tells that it is not tasty, asks Mashuqa to throw it. Razia asks why did you take it, when you don’t want to eat. Noor asks what is the age of your son, 5 years. Azaan asks Mashuqa to bring popcorn. Mashuqa says she don’t have money. Azaan asks Noor to have the popcorn. Razia feels drowsy and tells him. Azaan asks Mashuqa to bring her medicines. Noor asks Mashuqa to do as she said. Azaan comes back after dropping Razia to room. Mashuqa tells Azaan that Razia is drowsy as she didn’t have anything. She tells that she made soup for her. Noor asks her to tell with whose money, she made soup. Mashuqa says she took money from Noor. Noor asks Azaan to do something to get the soup. Azaan is about to slap her.

Rubina slaps Dilruba and asks what you will say to them? Dilruba says you are hiding big from them. Rubina scolds him. Khalid tells that she had taken some money from his wallet. Dilruba says she does wrong and I get slap. Khalid asks him to go and not to tell anyone. Rubina misbehaves with Dilruba. Dilruba goes and is doubtful.

Noor asks Azaan not to dare slap her. She asks him what he can do to take soup. They have an argument. Azaan says you used to call her badi ammi and now you are misbehaving with her. Noor asks him to do something. Mashuqa asks him to do something for his Ammi. Azaan agrees to do whatever she says to get the soup.

Khalid tells Rubina that he will not bear her anymore and asks her to go. Rubina says if I go from here then you will not get to see my baby’s face. He says Rubina. Dilruba tries to hear them, but can’t hear anything. Rubina says you have 10 seconds to think.

Noor announces that Azaan Akhtar Mirza is going to sing for her, to save his Ammi. Everyone hears her.

Precap: Azaan sings the song. Noor asks Razia to upload it to make Azaan sensational. Azaan comes home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ridiculous .. From the start they got us drunk with noor and Azaan .. And now that sharya is no more .. We don’t give us the jodi aznoor .. Anyway .. Besides, I find it ridiculous that the prince of Bhopal must become singer .. He does not have a people to govern .. Anyway .. I thought it would have been different for Azaan to regain confidence in him .. But beyond making him sing to receive money .. No very little .. Anyway .. We wanted Azaan and Noor so much .. But that seems difficult .. Noor who realized it are love for him and now say that she has changed and I may be her friend .. Very little

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