Badi Devrani 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts Reeti performing some tricks in front of family and saying she did not perform black magic, but it is just a trick. She then asks Kajal to come and cut lemon. Bhairavi signals Kajal not to go. Reeti insists. Kajal cuts lemon and sees it red. She gets nervous and stands next to Bhairavi. Bilasi shouts why is she insulting his bahu in front of whole family. Reeti says she is not insulting her and is just demonstrating science and explains how she did it. Kaushalya asks what about fire on daadi’s hand. She says she smeared potassium chloride kerchief on Daadi’s palm and palm catched fire with her blow’s moisture. She continues telling how tricksters use chemicals and create fire from hydrogen peroxide. She says magicians try to frighten people with tricks

and say it is siddhi.

Bilasi asks what she wants to prove with these tricks. Vibhor says she wants to prove that siddhi was done by rishi munis for benefit of humanity and not trick people. Daadi asks what about sadhus walking on fire. Reeti says they immerse their feet in ethyl alcohol which creates a layer between feet and burning coal and protects feet.

Reeti then tells how maginicians create fumes and tricks people of dissapper people and demonstrates it. Bhairavi thinks she will do her black magic and vanish her forever. Reeti disappers. Family gets worried for her and ask Vibhor where is she. He says he knows where she is. Prabha asks to tell soon where she is. He says she is where she should be and takes them all to his room. Everyone get happy seeing her in a changed sari with bags. Reeti says she wanted to show them there is no magic in world and it is just trick. She came to this room as this is her world now. Prabha says she is happy that Vibhor and Reeti forgot their differences and will stay together. Vibhor says he likes Reeti as their thoughts match. Bhairavi fumes seeing her plans failing.

Vibhor tells Reeti that he is happy that she will stay in his room. She takes out her suitcase to arrange her clothes in cupboard. Vibhor says he arranged them already and hopes she likes it. She says she trusts him and says she cannot believe he is same Vibhor. He says life does not give second chance to everyone and when he has got second chance, he does not want to lose it. He wants their relationship to work and asks if she will help him. She nods yes. They laugh together and then look into each other’s eyes hold hands.

Precap: Bhairavi tells Bilasi if he does not find a way, he should break wall in between. Vibhor tells Reeti that they will do everything together from today and not hide anything. She gets nervous thinking she has to reveal secret of his bank guarantor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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