Badi Devrani 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal talks on phone and tells that telling lies is a art,,Vimla comes..Vimla tells that she have to mop..Kajal tells Vimla have to stand half an hour..Kajal tells Vimla to go in Reeti’s room..Nikonj comess..Nikonj Tells Kajal to do her work..Aanchal tells that Vibhor have changed,,Aanchal tells that she think Vibhor is doing MBA forcibly..Vibhor tells its nothing like that he promised his father..And his wedding happened in very bad condition..
Vibhor tells tha whenever he sees Reeti it looks like his freedom finished..Vibhor tells he said Reeti to go shopping,,See TV or anything…Aanchal tells that Vibhor is married now He have to Adjust now..And Focus on MBA..Aanchal tells to think what she said..Vibhor tells he will try..At kitchen Kaushalaya tells Reeti to take care of Rice as it should not boil more..Its 12’0 clock Reeti tells its time for teaching Vibhor..Rice boils..Reeti tries to Hold it but shouts as her hand burns…Prabha shouts at Reeti and tells if Whole dish would have fall..Reeti would have burn..Prabha tells Reeti to put sme ointment..Reeti tells she is okay..Vibhor waits for her online teacher..Kajal comes..Kajal tells Vibhor that they selected wrong maid As sometimes Vimla comes when she is on phone or when she is not in the room..Vibhor tells its nothing like that and Vimla is good..Vibhor gets a call He goes…Kajal sees Reeti’s phone..Kajal comes taking Reeti’s phone..Nikonj tells kajal to talk to sheena…Kajal sees password on Reeti’s phone..Kajal tries to open but could not..Reeti asks whole work is over,,Vimla tells yes..Reeti asks If she ad any problem..
Vibhor Tells that if Reeti had nay problem with Maid then she can come to Vibhor..Reeti tells if Vibhor to go and again stand in shower his brain will be cool…Vibhor tells that he id duffer again and again talk with Reeti…Reeti tells she is the person no one can stay away with her..Vibhor gets angry and goes away..Reeti search her phone but she wont get..Reeto tells VIbhor to give her phone…Vibhor tells he didnt hide the phone..Vibhor tells From where Reeti find new-new tricks to tease him..Reeti to tells to keep quiet and give her phone..Vibhor tells thankgod the phone was gone whenever used to sit Reeti used to sit back of him and chat… Reeti takes Vibhor phone and tell she will not give..Vibhor calls Reeti’s phone but it shows switch off…Vibhor shouts and tells to give his phone..Reeti tells no..Vibhor tells please…Reeti runs..Vibhor goes and tries to catch But Reeti escapes….Vibhor tells to stop..Reeti stops..Vibhor tells Reeti to come here.,,Reeti tells she will not…Vibhor pulls Reeti..Reeti and Vibhor gets close..Both looks at each other…

Precap::Manisha tells that she got the phone..Prabha scolds Reeti..

Update Credit to: Ansari

  1. Dilliwali thakur girls written updaye plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz????????????????????

  2. Funny ep…..

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