Badi Devrani 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor sees Reeti….Indira and Sitram is worried..Indira asks If reeti is alright,,Reeti comes and sits in Mandap..Pandit tells Vibhor and Reeti have to exchange the wedding garland,,,Everyone claps…All Ritual are done..Bialshi sees Reeti..Reeti feels sleeps…Pandit tells to call Reeti’s father…Sitaram comes…Panditji tells to put Reeti’s left hand on Vibhor,,Sitaram puts the hand..Pandit recite Mantra’s..Sitaram moves…Panditiji tells to call Reeti’s sister to do “GATBANDHAN”…Indira tells where is Divya..Daadiji tells that Vibhor’s sister alsoo can do “GATBANDHAN”…Aanchal comes…Pandiji tells to tie the Knot like it cannot be breaked till seven lives..Panditji tells to take round of the fire..FIrst four Vibhor will take and then Reeti…Bilashi tells that Kanyadan and Gatbandhan is also over but Reeti is still good…Vibhor holds Reeti’s hand and takes the first hand..Pandithi tells to promise that to take care of Reeti his family..Vibhor tells his promise to take care of Reeti…Vibhor tells himself that he will take care such that Reeti will beg to free but cannot..Panditji tells to take promise that Vibhor will take care of Family…Reeti tells that in sorrow and happiness always Reeti will be with Vibhor.. In third round Vibhor promise to always with Reeti,,Reeti tells she also promises..Oandit tells Fourth round..Bilashi tells he will catch the waitor and beat..Bilashi goes..Suddenly a pot falls from stair’s..Divya comes…Bilashi stops and sees…divya is drunk…Divya tells “Hi whats up”….Divya falls Indira and Sitaram holds..Bilashi tells that alchohol is exchanged….Divya tells she have to do Ghatbandhan..Bilashi tells to Sitaram to be quiet..Bilashi why he hold spoiled Drunk Divya…Bilashi tells Everyone to see Drunk Divya,,who cannot even walk properly…Bilashi tells If elder sister is like what about younger??
Divya calls Bilashi “OLD MAN”..and everytime misbehaves with his father..Divya tells Reeti is very good..Divya tells Bilashi is a very bad person..Sitaram tells enough..Divya tells why should she stop???Sitaram tells Aantra to take Divya…Bilashi tells Sitaram said to forget all..Bialshi tells how to forget as its matter of “PUDDAR” family…Vibhor tells Taayaji…Bilashi tells to be quiet…Bialshi tells Daadaji and Daadiji that this family is not good as their daughter is drunk..And tells that only four rounds ha taken still three are left The wedding can be stopped..Sitaram tells that his daughter dont have any bad habit and he request not to stop wedding..As he will touch the feet…Reeti stops..Reeti tells no…Reeti tells Vibhor she want to talk to her father..Reeti tells his father no need to touch anyone feet..Reeti sees Daadaji and Daadaji…

Precap::Reeti tells Daadaji and Daadiji that she trust her sister and someone trapped her..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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