Badi Devrani 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabha calling Bilasi and asking where is he. He being at architect’s office lies that he is at his shop and acts as instructing servant. Prabha disconnects call and tells Manbhari if she does not trust, she will take her to shop and check if Bilasi is there or not and asks her not to spread rumors without asking her.

Vibhor calls Ganshyam and asks if they are planning to convert Manbhari’s house into shops. Ghanshyam says yes and it is his, Bilasi, and Dada/dadi’s decision. Vibhor says it is unfair, where will Manbhari stay. Ghanshyam says it will take at least 6-12 months and they will not do injustice to Manbhari, so he should relax and get him tea now. Vibhor smiles and orders tea.

Manbhari takes sooji to Poddar family kitchen and

asks Daadi if she can roast sooji in their kitchen as her kitchen’s gas finished. Dadi agrees. Kajal takes sooji kadai to roast. Dadi asks Kajal what was she telling. She says she wants to fix Aanchal’s alliance with her relative’s son, but before Megha gets married, she cannot. She purposefully burns sooji. Daadi starts coughing and leaves asking her to roast fresh sooji. Manbhari asks to take her along, but Daadi leaves. Kajal brainwashes her that everyone wants to degrade her and kick her out of house soon. Manbhari says it is not like that. Kajal says Prabha is her sister, but instead of getting Megha married first, she married Vibhor first and now even settling his life with new shop, etc. She provokes her to take her decisions herself and not inform Prabha, get Megha married to shivam without Prabha’s consent.

Manbhari goes and asks Reeti to do as she says. Reeti asks what happened. Manbhari asks not to argue and asks her to call Shivam and inform him to bring his parents with alliance, she wants Shivam and Megha’s marriage as soon as possible.

Reeti goes to Vibhor’s office and informs that Manbhari is very tensed and wants Megha’s marriage with Shivan ASAP. He says Megha’s course is not yet finished, how can she think of her marriage. Reeti goes back and lies Manbhari that Shivan is in Guwahati and cannot come to Kolkota right now due to his new job commitment. Once Reeti leaves, Kajal enters and provokes her to call Shivam directly and ask him to bring his parents with alliance. Manbhari calls Shivam who says he is in Kolkota. She asks him to bring his parents with Megha’s alliance. He gets happy and asks if other family members are okay with this alliance. She says she does not need anyone’s permission now and h can come tomorrow. She then thinks Reeti lied to her.

Shivam calls Megha and informs that Manbhari called him and agreed for their alliance. She is shocked to hear that and says she does not know about and will ask mom. She then goes home and asks Reeti where is mom and is about tell that Shivam called her, Manbhari drags her from there. Reeti thinks what is happening.

Precap: Manbhari in front of whole family asks Prabha to return her son.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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