Badi Devrani 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Reeti informing her psychiatrist friend all the incidents happened and says she cannot take her papa’s help as he is trying hard to reestablish his business. Sidhi comes and says she tried to convince mom to let her stay back at home, but mom did not agree. Reeti asks how did her father die. Sidhi says papa had gone on a business trip and never returned, so they considered him as dead. Reeti asks where was her mom when this happened. Sidhi says mom was also outside. Reeti says they way Moksh reacts seeing mud and Kadambari punishing Moksh, it looks like Kadambari is involved in her papa’s death. Sidhi is shocked to hear that. Reeti asks her to be with Moksh and Sidhi leaves. Psychiatrist tells Reeti that she should take Moksh to the spot where his papa’s accident happened so that he can remember what happened that day.

Kadambari gets a call that her factory caught fire. She informs Rohan, asks Sidhi to be with Moksh and rushes towards hospital. Reeti then enters and tells Sidhi that she wants to be with Moksh as she is feeling nervous. Sidhi asks her to inform her before going and goes to her room. Reeti thinks she had to lie so that Sidhi does not inform Kadambari that she is taking Moksh out. Reeti goes to Moksh’s room. He gets happy seeing his gudiya. Reeti says she will take him out to play with him. Moksh happily agrees. Reeti takes him to a spot where Moksh tried to dig ground first. Moksh reminisces his father being dragged by a woman and buried. Reeti gives him digger and he digs ground to find his father’s skeleton.

Kadambari slaps Sidhi for not taking care of Moksh and says Reeti is planning big and she gave fake news about factory fire so that she could take Moksh out. She asks Rohan to give police complaint against Reeti for kidnapping Moksh. Reeti enters with police and says she herself called police and says Moksh identified her father’s murderer and dug out father’s skeleton. Inspector says evidences are against Kadambari for killing her husband and arrests her.

Reeti goes and consoles Sidhi not to be sad that her mom killed her dad and asks her to take care Moksh and leaves. Sidhi then laughs that Reeti did what she was trying all this years. She killed her father and made her brother mad, but Reeti got mom arrested instead.

Precap: Reeti records Sidhi’s video and asks her not to fool her now. Sidhi agrees that she killed her father and made Moksh mad and shoots Reeti.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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