Badho Bahu 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Lucky gets divorce papers

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Badho Bahu 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky tells someone that he has sent him Badho’s photo. Print it and put the posters everywhere. He ends the call. Titli asks him if he has any news about Titli. He denies. Police is looking into it. I don’t understand why we dint receive any ransom call till now. Don’t know what condition she would be in. She asks him if Babu ji found something. Lucky says he checked in neighbouring villages but no one knows about the Shivir. He looked away when I asked him about it. He is upset with me as I did some very great things recently. Why should he tell! She assures him that he wont stay upset for too long. We will find Badho soon as well. Everything will be fine then. He prays that her words come true. You should leave now. If your Bua sees us together at this hour then she will aggravate the matter. Titli apologizes to him on behalf of her Bua and father. They are not at all trying to understand the situation. I am sorry about that. He tells her not to apologize. I am at fault. This wouldn’t have happened if I had chosen some other way to help you. I mess up things when Badho isn’t with me. I do everything right when she is around. She agrees with him. You aren’t at fault. My Bua thinks herself to be Superwoman. Lucky denies. There is only one Superwoman in this world – Badho. Your Bua appears to be some Chudail to me. Titli smiles and leaves.

Doc checks Kamla ji’s eyes. Is this medicine really not benefitting you? She declines. He gives a new eye drops. Pinki asks him if Ma ji lost her vision completely. Kamla ji taunts her. This is what you want right? Doc says sometimes some patients get benefitted quickly while some take time. I am sure that the new drops will benefit her. Kamla ji is smiling all along. Kailash ji goes to see him off. Pinki asks her MIL why she scolded her in front of doctor. Kamla ji asks her to go to her room and bring the letter that she had written. Pinki is irked with her throwing instructions all the time. She sits on the chain in Kamla ji’s room and starts putting nail paint. Kamla ji asks her if she found the letter. Pinki finally finds it and gives a letter to Kamla ji. Read it like you read it. Kamla ji reads what’s written on the paper. Pinki realises that her MIL can see everything clearly.

Ram ji comes to the hideout. I know it is wrong to keep you here like this. I promised I wont force you for anything but I am helpless. Put your thumb impression on these divorce papers and set Lucky free. Komal struggles with the chair.

Pinki asks her MIL why and since when she can see everything. Kamla ji says how I would have found out how much advantage you are taking of me. Pinki asks her why she lied to doc. Kamla ji wants to know everyone’s truths stealthily. I will fulfil my promise to my son now. We cannot let Lucky and Titli marry. We have to also find Badho. Don’t tell this to anyone. Pinki agrees (sarcastically).

Lucky is looking at Komal’s photo. He thinks of their past moments. He calls Ajay but Ajay has no update for him. Lucky requests him to hurry up. I am so worried for her. Don’t know what she must be going through. He ends the call. A tear streams down his cheek. Forgive me for misunderstanding you. I thought you left me and do not miss me and that you have changed but the truth is something else altogether. Don’t know where you are and in what condition. Your Lucky is getting stuck in big problems in your absence. Babu ji is upset with me for what I did. Come and save your Lucky! Your family is waiting for you. Don’t be afraid of anything. Your Lucky will surely come to get you. I will find you!

Ram ji takes out a stamp pad and tries to take Badho’s thumb impression on divorce papers forcibly. Badho struggles again. Ram ji warns her not to force him. I am telling you for the last time or my men will use some other way to make you do this! He tries again but she hits him on his head with her head. She manages to free herself. She hits Ram ji and the goons with her hands (which still has the ropes and some part of chair attached). She reaches till the door when a guy hits her on her head from behind. Ram ji reprimands him but the guy does not want to be a mere spectator to such things. She is unconscious now. She would not say no. Ram ji takes her thumb impression on the divorce papers.

Pragya and Premika ask the villagers about Vardaan. Pragya notices him just then and they rush to him. Vardaan asks them what they are doing here at this hour. Pragya replies that they looked everywhere but could not find him. What are you doing here? Vardaan shares that he went to meet his friends from the city. They have a big network. I thought to seek their help to find Didi. I got late on my way. I prayed for Didi. Premika assures him that everything will be fine. Pragya keeps her hand on his shoulder but then takes it off. Premika watches it too. Pragya suggests Vardaan to tell Ma ji everything. She will be pained to find out from somewhere else. Vardaan agrees. You and I will go to Bakriawal tomorrow to tell Ma everything. It isn’t right to roam around at this hour. She nods. Premika requests Pragya to take her to Bakriawal as well. I want to meet Ma ji too. I also want to be with Vardaan ji in this difficult time. Pragya nods.

Next morning, Raghubir ji tells someone to call him the moment he finds out something. Malti ji pours tea absentmindedly and the cup overflows. Raghubir ji stops her. What happened? She cries. I am really worried for Badho. Bring her home somehow. Lucky tells her not to worry. Badho will be sitting with you on this sofa in a few days. He shows the ad to Raghubir ji. I got many calls already since I published this ad. Someone might have seen her. She will come soon. Sushma says why not. She is with you only as you got her kidnapped after all. She taunts Malti ji. Raghubir ji asks her to come to the point. Sushma says you should give Titli the right of DIL as she is going to become your DIL now.

Kamla ji hits Sushma with her stick. Sushma instinctively asks aloud about the blind person and goes quiet upon noticing her. Lucky hides his smile. Kamla ji says I am blind. Sorry. I thought it was a pole. Sushma says I know you cannot see but what’s the point of having a DIL with you who lets you collide. She is useless and cannot even guide you correctly. Pinki whispers in her MIL’s ears that she did the right thing by hitting Sushma. Hit her harder next time. Kamla ji says I enjoy playing the role of a blind woman. She tells her family members not to worry. We will look for Badho. Sushma asks her how she knows who all is sitting here. Pinki very smartly says I whispered it in Ma ji’s ears. Sushma says everyone except the DIL’s in the house is good. One is useless while the other is absconding! Kamla ji praises Pinki and Badho. Malti ji seconds her. DIL’s have a different place in the house and are very happy. Lucky is very happy in his marriage. He cannot even think of separating from her. Forget about his second wedding. Lucky and Badho love each other so much that they cannot even think of separating. Forget it! Postman gives a letter to Lucky. Lucky is stunned to see a note and divorce papers. His eyes well up.

Precap: Raghubir ji is shocked to see divorce papers. A lady inspector comes to arrest Malti ji. We received a complaint that you tried to burn Titli. We got this video (in which Titli is cooking). We were told that Malti ji is trying to burn his would-be DIL.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Summer

    What a farce the story has become! As for Titli trying to reason that Lucky loves Badho only; not convincing! Still a selfish character like her Father and Aunt!

  2. Hi Summer,
    Story is a joke with no basis. I can feel the writers aren’t bothered because the series is coming to an end but surely a legit stirulbwouls be nice for the viewers.

    1. Summer

      Hi Sara,
      Exactly… I am wondering when actress Rytasha Rathore took leave from the show, did writers lose direction and creativity? I hope Komal does not die from head injury after being hit on the head. It would be a real slapstick to the values of the seven vows in matrimony by the holy fire! If Titli gets married to Lucky, it just goes to say, evil wins all time! Titili Father and Aunt should be exposed to be corrupt and misuse of power and authority! As for Titili character, she has added nothing special to the show, in fact her entry has made it dull, monotonous and unbearable to watch. Her acting isn’t that particularly convincing and her sulky facial expression somewhat like a spoilt child which i find tiresome!

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