Badho Bahu 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Rana gets angry on Badho!

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Badho Bahu 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal-Lucky and Rana-Pinki dance on medley of songs. Pinki pushes Badho during the dance. Lucky holds her. Kamla ji covers up saying that such things happen when you are enjoying dance too much. Everyone claps as the dance comes to an end. Bua compliments them. I must declare a winner as it is a competition. I feel they both danced well. I think they both are winners. Komal is unhappy. She thinks of Pinki’s rude words and how she broke the diya’s. She points out that winner can be only one in a competition. I challenge Pinki to dance with me. It will be between her and me this time. Entire family is taken aback. Malti ji tells her against it. Everyone knows Lucky and Rana dance really well. You both won because of them only. You dint even practise much. Why are you stretching the matter? Kamla ji says you should support her instead. Raghubir ji nods silently. Pinki accepts the challenge. Ran and Lucky get down from the stage leaving Komal and Pinki on stage.

Komal tells Som to play any girlie song. Bua points out that the one who will stick till the end will win. The girls dance on Dola Re. Komal’s hand hits Pinki during the rounds and she falls in Rana’s arms. Lucky runs up stage and holds Komal. You won! She cries getting emotional. Pinki gets up complaining that she broke a bone. Malti ji is thrilled. Kamla ji’s phone rings. Komal thanks Lucky. This wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

Shankar hives his salary to his mother. Jamuna ji asks Pragya to come to her and gives the money to her. You will manage the house and expenses after today. Payal gets upset. She asks Jamuna ji why this is needed when she is still here. How will she run the house? Jamuna ji reasons that she will learn it one day. She needs a chance for that. I gave her that chance. I am sure she wont disappoint me like you. I have seen it well. It is my decision who I give the responsibility to when Shankar gave me his entire salary. Don’t try to teach me. Will you be able to handle it Pragya? Pragya is hesitant but Jamuna ji offers to support her. Pragya assures her (while looking at Payal) that she will manage things better than before. Payal leaves from there upset.

Kamla ji calls Sangram Singh. He tells Kamla ji that like she said, Badho will be insulted in such a way tomorrow that her poster wont be put anywhere. Your opposition party only will do so. They wont print the poster of such a defamed DIL. She asks him what he did. Will anything go wrong? He tells her to wait till tomorrow. She hopes it will go as planned. He again assures her about it. They end the call.

Everyone congratulate Lucky and Komal. Malti ji stops Kamla ji. It was a surprise today. Badho danced well. Don’t feel bad. Your Pinki tried well but Badho did fab. Pinki complains that Komal did cheating. I could have lost my life. She is in tears. Rana gets upset with Komal noticing Pinki writhing in pain. He scolds her for pushing Pinki in her thirst to win. Ahlawat Family is surprised.

Rana questions Badho. Who would have been answerable if she was hurt? You fell in my eyes today! Raghubir ji asks Rana what he is saying. It was by mistake. Kailash ji seconds him. Komal is not to be blamed. Such things happen during dance. Rana keeps on blaming for stooping low just to win. Raghubir ji tells him to calm down. This isn’t the right time to say all this. Rana apologizes to him if he said something wrong. See what she has done though! Komal reasons that she dint do anything intentionally. I too was about to fall but Lucky ji held me at the right time. It would have happened by mistake. I dint do anything knowingly. Rana continues speaking badly to her. He takes a step towards her but Lucky steps in the way. Enough Bhai. What are you doing?

Payal tells Pragya not to take it to her head even if Ma ji gave her the responsibility of house. You cannot dance on my head. I will always keep an eye on you. Pragya advises her to calm herself. Ma ji gave me a responsibility. I am sure you must be hurt. Pour cool oil and massage your head. You will feel relaxed. Payal says I came in this house when I was 16 years old. I am running this house since last 8 years. Be very careful! Pragya smirks seeing her leave. You made me your enemy. See how I will make your life difficult now!

Rana tells Lucky to step aside. I want to ask your wife why she cheated. Lucky reasons that she dint do any such thing. You are misunderstanding her. Rana blames her for trapping him. I have been noticing that you don’t see anyone apart from her these days. Komal pushed Pinki ji. I saw it with my own eyes. I know you (Lucky) did not notice any such thing. Being a wrestler, it is my duty to punish anyone who cheats. You too are a wrestler. What happened to you? Did you forget everything when it came to your wife? Lucky denies. I dint do anything. Badho dint break any rules or cheat. She won it honestly. I am sure she can never go wrong. Not I but you have gone blind. You cannot see who is right and who is wrong. Rana tells him to be precise. Lucky folds his hand and gives up. He remembers it well how Pinki had trapped him earlier but does not share anything with Rana. Just understand that my love and respect towards you isn’t allowing me to say anything. Rana tells him not to beat around the bush. I know you are jealous of her. Badho wasn’t ready to accept it was me who beat Zalim Singh black and blue. Komal tries to explain but he does not let her. He blames her for pushing Pinki intentionally. You were afraid you would lose!

Precap: I will show you what real victory is. There is only one way to prove it – Dangal! He challenges Rana for Iron Man competition.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Competition was good…
    But pinki and kamla plan went according to them, as they wanted Rana and Lucky to fight..
    But i feel bad as bua should have spoken truth about pinki breaking diyas infront of family to..

    1. Candiva007

      I agree with you! Bua should have shown the video of Pinki breaking the diyas. How was it okay for Pinki to push Komal and it wasn’t right for Komal to do the same. Rana is definitely under Pinki’s spell.

  2. no one said anything when pinki pushed komal.
    and rana is making such huge fuss out of it.

    thank god . At least Lucky is supporting her this time.

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