Badho Bahu 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ram ji becomes Badho’s new kidnapper

Badho Bahu 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rana scolds Pinki for making him drive around town just to find the place. She tells him to have patience. This is the path. She calls Chunnu / Munnu but they are fast asleep. She wonders when she gave them this big responsibility. I am badly stuck now. What should I do? Pinki notices a guy on the road and gets down on the pretext of asking him about the camp. She asks him a few questions and looks disappointed.

Pragya asks Teji to help her in making cake. Ma isn’t letting anyone else in the kitchen. I told Ma I want to make cake for Badho Bhabhi but she dint let me in. He replies that she might not trust her. Pragya says you too are teasing me only. I will make cake for Badho Bhabhi and Lucky Bhai very soon. They will be really happy. Premika hugs Pragya. Vardaan ji loved the kurta and even

accepted my gift. This wouldn’t have happened if you had not helped me. Thank you very much. I request you to help me in future as well if needed. I like Vardaan ji very much. My life will become better if he becomes a part of my life. I will keep him very happy. Pragya nods sadly. Premika asks her if she will help her. Teji says yes on Pragya’s behalf. Premika hugs her once again to thank her. I wont be able to repay this favour ever in life. She goes. Teji looks at Pragya who stands there with a sad look on her face.

Malti ji asks Kamla ji if she spoke to Pinki and Rana. Did they reach the location? Kamla ji shares that they were about to reach when she last spoke to them. There is nothing to worry. Have faith in Rana. They will come back with Badho. Kamla ji is worried that Lucky is already angry. Malti and Raghubir ji will also get upset if Badho wont come. What should I do! Lucky says neither Pinki Bhai nor Rana Bhai’s phone is reachable. They should have returned by now. Kamla ji points out that the network is weak in the village. Payal comes with an aarti thaal. Titli comes running hearing a car’s honk. Everyone is taken aback to see Zalim Singh at the door instead. He walks in in an inebriated state. Kamla ji thinks it is Badho but Payal tells her it is Zalim Singh. Zalim Singh asks Titli how she is. Lucky asks him to leave. Zalim Singh says I am going to become the Brother-in-law of this house. Is this how you talk? He tells Titli that he has heard that she will be married off to a guy with 4 kids. I will ignore all your mistakes and still marry you. Lucky tells him to leave. Titli said no to you already. Zalim Singh tells him that he wont let Titli marry anyone else if she can be his. Lucky replies that he is not at all interested to mess with him today. It would be better for you if you would simply leave the house. Zalim Singh demands to have Titli. Titli says till now you were behaving so nicely but today the Zalim Singh is out in open. He asks her if she trusted / respected him when she was with him. You were always thinking about Lucky only. Lucky hits him telling him to stop. Malti ji and Kamla ji stop him. Zalim Singh challenges Lucky for a wrestling match. If you defeat me then I wont show you my face ever again! Titli will be mine if I win the match! Titli asks him if he thinks her to be some household animal which he can have. Mind your words. He agrees to leave. Be careful when you step out of the house. You wont realise when and where I will take you. She clearly tells him she isn’t afraid of any of his warnings. Leave the house asap! He shares that this is what he loves about her. I will make you mine at any cost. Lucky asks him if he is done talking. Leave now. He accepts the challenge. Remember your promise though! Titli tells him it isn’t needed but Zalim Singh is positive he wont lose. Lucky is also positive he will win. Zalim Singh tells Titli to write his name on her hand tomorrow. I will take you with me. He leaves.

Malti ji asks Lucky why he had to accept Zalim Singh’s condition. He isn’t Avinash anymore but old Zalim Singh. Titli seconds her. He says I am wrestler. I accept challenges. I had to accept it as it was the right thing to do. Let Badho come. She will support me. Kamla ji agrees but also points out that Zalim Singh does not seem to have changed at all. Lucky isn’t bothered. Let me focus on welcoming Badho. Rana and Pinki enter just then. Lucky asks about Badho. She is outside right? He calls out loudly for Badho. I have caught your joke. She wont come inside till I will go myself. Pinki tells him that she isn’t outside. She did not come with us. We did not find her there.

The goons tell Komal to stay put and not try to struggle. You wont be able to escape from here. Just stay put. You will very soon find out why we brought you here. A guy walks in.

Pinki tells everyone that they went till the camp area to bring Badho with them but we got to know that Maharaj ji left for Himalaya with his disciples. Rana agrees. A guy told us so we got to know this. Lucky asks Kamla ji to find out about Badho. You and Bhabhi sent her there and now you guys only will bring her back from whichever corner of the world she is in! Kamla ji acts to cry. I take someone’s help to even walk. How will I go to Himalaya? Lucky apologizes to her. Did you send her a message that I am waiting for her. Kamla ji and Pinki lie to him. Lucky says it means she knew I was calling her yet she ignored it. It is alright. He gets angry.

Ram ji stands in front of Komal. I had no other option but to kidnap you.

Malti ji tells Lucky not to get so angry. He says she does not care about us at all. Don’t know which tapasya she is doing. Payal Bhabhi is standing here with aarti thaal to welcome her but she does not care at all. We love her and not vice versa. He drops the thaal angrily. I don’t want to talk to anyone anymore. He tells Kamla ji to send another message to Badho. She can do as she pleases. I don’t need her anymore. You will call her back and she will have to come back from any corner of the world! He heads inside. Kamla ji and Pinki get tensed.

Ram ji apologizes to Komal for being forced to take this step. I have no intention to hurt you. It is just about a month. Stay here as my guest please. This is my request.

Lucky comes to his room and looks upset.

Precap: Lucky takes out the liquor bottle. He does not open the door even when his mother knocks at it repeatedly. He breaks the stuff in his room angrily. Komal looks for a way out of the place. Lucky wakes up and imagines Badho standing outside the door.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. What utter tripe is this!!! Realistically Badho could’ve got injured, lost memory etc but to kidnapped not once but twice and still in clean clothes! She’s supposed to be super strong …does she not need the toilet or shower in the hot weather?
    I hope Lucky in haste doesn’t marry Titli.
    Starting to like where Pragya is feeling torn..

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