Badho Bahu 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pragya hugs Raghubir ji as soon as he comes and cries. Raghubir ji tells her to say whatever she has to without any hesitation. Don’t be afraid of anyone. I will teach such lesson to Zalim Singh that he will be afraid of Ahlawat family his entire life! Kamla ji is thankful to Komal for saving Pragya. Raghubir ji agrees. Me and Bhai Sa were discussing the same. The Pag-Phera is over. We should bring her home. Kamla ji happily agrees. We will all go to bring her. Raghubir ji denies. I don’t think that’s possible now. Malti ji asks him why they cannot go. Raghubir ji takes Malti ji and Rana in a corner and tells them something in mute (about calling Lucky back for a day). Everyone looks on in confusion. Malti ji nods at her husband but is tensed.

Next morning, Komal is hugging her mother. Payal asks Komal to get ready. They must be coming. Komal says I am anyways not going with them. How does it matter what I wear? Payal nods. But atleast get ready. So many people will come. Komal asks her about it. Payal says we don’t know. What if some guests come alone? Komal is not interested. You anyways said you will stand between us as my shield. Jamuna ji seconds Komal and sends her inside to get ready. Jamuna ji asks Payal what’s cooking in her head now. Raghubir ji comes just then with someone (maybe Sarpanch). We are really proud of Komal and thought to come with Raghubir ji and Ahlawat ji. Payal thinks now Komal wont be able to say no. So many people have come to take her home. Raghubir ji and Komal look at each other. Komal tells him she wants to talk to him on an important matter in private. It will be good if it is only two of us. Raghubir ji follows her.

Rana and Malti ji pick up Lucky. Malti ji cries seeing him. He jokes as to why she cries every time. Do you enjoy crying? She wipes her tears. You wont be able to understand what a mother feels. Lucky asks them where they are off to. Rana tells him to sit in the car. It is a surprise for you. He complies.

Komal fumbles. Raghubir ji tells her to say what she wants. You look troubled. Komal honestly tells him she cannot go back to his house. I cannot fulfil this ritual. He asks her what happened. Komal says I have taken my time to come to this decision. I don’t want to go ahead on this path. Raghubir ji says I cannot understand what you are saying. Did someone say something to you? She denies. After thinking a lot I have come to understand I don’t deserve your family. I have failed in every relation. He calls it a lie but she cuts him mid-sentence (for which she apologizes). I gathered a lot of courage to say this before you. Give me a chance. He tells her to go ahead. She says I came in your house as a wife and DIL. As a DIL, I couldn’t keep the family. As a wife, I couldn’t win Lucky’s heart. I request you not to ask me to come back with you. I know people will gossip. I will bear it all. I only want your family to be happy. He refuses to go back without her. She says I cannot go back. Your family has been insulted because of me so many times already. I have made many mistakes intentionally or unintentionally. Your family bears the brunt of it every time. I cannot bear it.

Lucky asks Rana and Malti ji what surprise they are talking about. Rana tells him about yesterday’s incident but does not tell the name of the person who saved Pragya. Lucky vows not to spare Zalim Singh. Rana says police is chasing him. Lucky again asks about the surprise. Malti ji tells him to have patience. You will find out everything in a while.

Payal was about to drop the teacups on Ahlawat ji but Jamuna ji tells her to be careful. Payal apologizes to them. She takes her MIL aside. Don’t know what your daughter is up to this time. You will see my avatar if she does anything wrong now. Jamuna ji reminds her of what she said last night. Payal says I had to make sure your daughter wont leave in the middle of the night. Payal tells her not to worry about it. Let Komal handle.

Raghubir ji tells Komal all that she did. Yiou helped Lovely. That’s a very good deed. Komal says I did that as a person but I couldn’t do anything as a wife. Lucky ji hates my face. Raghubir ji tries to explain but Komal says he has a life which he wants to live on his terms. You got me married to him as you knew my father. Lucky ji was never happy. I thought he will like me after marriage but that was not in my fate. I have seen him feeling suffocated in this relations and getting stuck in other relations. He is very sad. He did all this for you and Ma ji. He does not love or trust me. He has no hopes from me. He has said this on my face. Raghubir ji is stunned.

Rana thinks Chacha ji has told me not to say anything to Lucky. How can I tell him then? I will have to tell him something. Rana shares that they are going to the house of the person who saved Pragya yesterday. Lucky excitedly says I will also get to meet that noble person this way then. Let’s go. What’s the name of that person? He asks his mother to tell her as Bhaiya isn’t telling anything. Malti ji is too not allowed to say anything. She tells him to go and meet in person. Lucky wonders what they are hiding from him.

Rana stops the car. Lucky asks Rana if he forgot the way. This isn’t Sirsa but Bakriawal. Malti ji asks him to come. Lucky asks her why they came here instead. Malti ji asks him to come. Stop asking so many questions.

Komal shows her photo to Raghubir ji. Look at the couple. Do they look a match to you? Forgive me if possible but I cannot come. He tells her not to embarrass her by folding hands. We should be doing this. We wnt be able to repay this favour ever. I heard everything very carefully. There are 2 things in this. One, you have done your duty as a DIL very nicely. No one in the family has any complaints with you. No one can find a DIL like you even if they try. As a father I can only guide or say something up to a limit between a husband and a wife. I can bring a small ray of hope when it gets too dark in the relation as I know that it can light up everything. But it cannot happen without your courage or willpower. Komal says she has nothing left now. I did everything. I don’t see any hope anymore.

Rana points at Komal’s home. This is the house of the person who saved Pragya. Lucky panics. This is Komal’s house. Did Vardaan? Rana tells him to stop. Come inside. I will tell you everything. Ahlawat ji is happy to see Lucky and so is Payal. Lucky meets everyone. Rana finally tells him that the one who saved Pragya is none other than his wife Komal. Lucky is taken aback. Malti ji nods.

Precap: Payal tells Lucky there is no point feeling shy now. Tell your wife what you had come to say. Lucky steps forward and asks Komal to come home with him. Komal looks at his extended hand towards her and then at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Candiva007

    I love the relationship that Komal has with her Father-in-law. He’s a nice guy. He listens and never judges Komal.

  2. Hi, Thanks for update Pooja. I shall look forward to watching this episode tonight.
    Hi Shraddha, I agree with you regarding Teji and Zalim singh. I think Teji had in mind to take advantage of Pragya, get indecent photos of her using his phone and then blackmail her into his bidding. Luckily nothing happened and Komal beat the pulp out of Zalim. Really hope the family learns what a scum bag Teji is.
    Pragya is very innocent and naive . I hope she can now treat Komal kindly.
    I’m not sure what to make of Payal?! Apart from being self serving, I find her character grey, neither good or bad.


      Right summer…
      Totally agree…

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