Badho Bahu 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jamuna ji looks at her handprints on the wall and at her husband’s photo. Komal grew up and got married. Time passed so quickly. It seems as if it was yesterday when I came in this house as a new bride. Shankar, Komal, Vardaan used to play here and make mischief. They used to jump happily seeing you return home after work. I used to feel as if I got every happiness of the world. Komal used to sit in your lap and hear stories for hours. Your same daughter left this house today and became a part of some other house. She always used to tell me she will put same handprints the same way one day. Payal asks her MIL why she is crying now. Jamuna ji points at the handprints on the wall. Payal smiles shyly. They are of my wedding. Jamuna ji says my tears haven’t stopped since that happened. Payal says you have started taunting better since Komal left. Jamuna ji says I have no other option as I have a DIL like you to handle. You dint even add sugar in tea. How do you expect it to be sweet then? Don’t stare at me with big eyes now. Make food. Everyone must be hungry. Payal shouts you are saying as if I don’t make food.

Muh Dikhayi ritual starts. Ladies compliments the brides for being lucky to get such a good house. Kamla ji tells them to first see her DIL and then comment. Ladies compliment Pinki on her beauty which makes Kamla ji happy. Komal isn’t less too. She has everything extra. Malti ji says she is from a healthy family. Ohter ladies also give shagun to Pinki and Komal. Komal folds hand before a lady thanking her when a lady sees the metal ring around Komal’s finger. She asks Malti ji about it. Malti ji thinks of Kamla ji’s taunts. She says it doesn’t matter what material ring is of. It doesn’t matter. A lady asks that lady why she gave more shagun to Komal. She replies that she gave extra shagun so she does not lack anything (clothes). Kamla ji gets happy hearing her answer. Other ladies continue with the ritual. Kamla ji asks Komal to thank ladies. They thought so much about you. Komal folds hands before everyone in gratitude but does not look so happy.

Payal readies dinner. She is applying ghee on rotis when she thinks to give her MIL plain chapattis. She has taunted me enough today. Jamuna ji joins her. Did Shankar and Lattu eat? Payal nods. Only you, me and Badho. She corrects herself. Only you and I are left. I will cut down on her food so she cuts down on her taunts. Jamuna ji checks food. Is your mother going to come? Who will eat this? Payal advises her to eat this tomorrow too. You look upset as Komal left and your feet are paining too. I thought to cook less food but it ended up more in quantity. I understand your pain but we cannot offend Lord. Eat something. Jamuna ji understands she is doing drama.

Malti ji is checking gifts. Kamla ji tells Malti ji boys will eat in room. Brides will eat here. I will ask Halwayi (cook) to get food and that too. Malti ji is confused. I don’t understand. What are you saying? Kamla ji ends up shouting Suhaagraat. Kamla ji says we have to decorate the room. I came in this house before you. You also ate that palang-tod paan. Malti ji gets shy. Let’s make preps. Komal gets tensed hearing it.

Lucky and Rana are in their room with their friends. Rana is all panicked. What to do? You know how special tonight is? What do we do? He asks Lucky about it. You have experience. You know a lot about it. Tell me what to do. His friend says you aren’t going for any interview. Rana asks him if he is married. His friend smiles. Go in full confidence. You dint think this much before going down in the ring. Rana says this is different. Lucky tells him to have a drink. Your fears will go away. Rana declines. tell me what to do. He sees Hanuman ji and folds hands in greetings. His friend says it is similar like wrestling but a few different moves. Rana advises him to be quiet. His other friend says Rana is already sweating thinking about going in the room whereas Lucky has no worries. Their first friend misguides Rana as to what is to be done. Rana begins doing it. His friends enjoy. Lucky looks at them.

Komal asks Pinki what will happen. I am already scared. Tell me what is going to happen. Pinki says I knew it. Do as I say. Komal nods. Pinki says give a big glass of milk to Lucky ji asking him to finish it. Act a little shy. You know what will happen next, right? Komal shakes her head. Pinki says he will next make you sit near him and will look at you lovingly. He will then hold your hands and caress them and will remove your ghunghat. Don’t do anything all this while. Sit there like a shy doll. Komal thinks of Lucky’s request before their engagement. She tells Pinki this isn’t going to happen. Pinki says why wont he. A girl gives them food. I have heard that palang-tod paan does magic. Ladies are quizzed.

Rana’s friend shows Rana palang-tod paan. This is very famous paan. The other paan is plain one. It is for Lucky. He does not need it. He is by default very colourful.

Komal says what this paan is all about. The name is weird too. Have you eaten it Pinki? Pinki says no. the girl says it is magical. Someone comes from Kanpur specially to make it. The name is completely justified. Pinki tells Komal not to be scared. Do as I told you. I mean, do as Lucky ji tells you. it is good to hear your husbands. The girl says grooms would have eaten paan by now. It’s effect will be seen soon. Komal thinks God took so many tests before marriage. Now there is another one after marriage!

Precap: Lucky eats palang-tod paan by mistake while Rana eats the plain one and goes in his room. Lucky comes to his room. He holds Komal’s hand surprising her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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