Badho Bahu 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Komal comes up with a plan

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Vardaan comes to meet his sister and hugs her. How are you? Please forgive me. I couldn’t help you in any way. She calms him down. You, Ma, Lucky ji and this family is my strength. Your love brought me back home safely. She wipes his tears. How’s mother? I heard that she isn’t well. I was thinking to call her in the morning. He tells her against it. She is better now. Her health might worsen if she finds out about Lucky ji and Titli’s engagement. She replies that this is why she dint call her till now. He asks her to not call Ma for 2-3 days. You and Jija ji might find a solution by then. She nods. How are you? He says I am perfectly fine. She asks about Premika. I have heard a lot about you. He asks her how she knows about Premika. Komal shares that Pragya told her. Vardaan says she is just a good friend. Komal asks him when it happened.

Malti ji and Kamla ji are taking food for Titli and Sushma. Malti ji stops in her tracks. Kamla ji asks her about it. Malti ji fails to understand why they have to give food to them before everyone else. Kamla ji says you don’t understand. We took the first step towards our aim by changing the ring. This is the next step. Malti ji is surprised to know that she changed the rings. Kamla ji smiles. Jamalghota has been mixed in this food. They will be in deep trouble after eating this. They wont be able to get up by tomorrow evening. Haldi wont happen tomorrow also then. Malti ji is doubtful of Sushma. She is too clever. Kamla ji says I am no less. Kamla ji knocks at Titli’s door. She ends up knocking at Sushma’s face who gets irked yet again. What happened? Kamla ji says we brought food for you and our would-be DIL. Sushma replies that we ate already. We ordered from outside. Bhaiya has also eaten. We will meet tomorrow for the haldi ritual on time. She closes the door on their faces. Malti ji tells her Bhabhi to let it be. I told you she thinks way ahead than us.

Titli starts a voice recording in her phone just when Sushma enters. She thinks to make her say the truth so she has a proof. She tells her Bua that she isn’t doing the right thing. Sushma says I do everything for your good only. It is good that you agreed for the engagement. Titli insists that she chose the wrong way to make things happen. I dint do anything willingly. You were pressurizing me. You first kidnapped Bado and then her mother. How is it good? Sushma says I work for Mahila Aayog. Can I do this to any woman? You wanted to marry Lucky on your own. Why are you cooking a story now? Titli denies. Sushma asks her to hand over the phone now. Do you think I wont understand your tricks and I will spill the beans easily? She takes the phone from Titli’s hand. Titli hopes Badho calls her MIL once. Only you can do something now.

Komal is praying. I have surely tears in my eyes but I dint give up yet. I got what I asked for. I am back home. I will clear away all the obstacles. No person or these divorce papers can stop me now. She turns and meets Jitesh. He tells her that he is really happy to see her. When you were not here, it felt like I lost someone. It is good that you are back now. Can you call Lucky Bhai please? She asks him if something happened. You look tensed. He tells her that Producer Kapoor is out of jail. I got his call. He tells her everything in mute. Komal says if this is true then we must also fix things. Just do as I say. Take Teji out of the house. He agrees. Komal realizes that she has to start her plan from tomorrow so everything turns now. This time we will start with Pragya and Vardaan.

Pinki practices as to how to pacify Rana but knows that he wont spare her once he finds out that Badho is home. She finally decides to put the entire blame on Kamla ji. How could I not help Ma ji? I do her puja. Kamla ji has seen her drama. Don’t act innocent. You wont spare anyone. Dint you think this when you were actually doing all that? You only involved Chunnu and Munnu. Pinki says I was taking your name as Rana ji wont go against you. She tells him to stop her acting. This black shades have turned my day and night black. We will be punished together. You will be doubly punished for kidnapping Badho and all the other ideas. Pinki nods. It was entirely your game plan though. You are pretending to be blind even when your vision is fine! Rana is standing by the door and has heard everything. Pinki also notices him and offers to put eye drops in Kamla ji’s eyes but Kamla ji refuses (she has her back to Rana). Pinki ends up taking Rana’s name. kamla ji wears her shades. Rana says I came and got to know everything. Things will become normal at home now that Badho is here. Once Ram ji and Sushma Bua are out of the house, I will tell your truth to everyone. Till then please put eye drops in Ma’s eyes many times. She shouldn’t be in any problem when you guys are thrown out of the house. Kamla ji and Pinki get worried. Kamla ji suggests the only solution left for them. We have to help Badho and not let her get out of the house. She will forgive us then. Pinki makes faces.

Komal is on call with Payal. Payal tells her not to worry. I wont let Ma ji find out anything. Komal asks her to tell Shankar Bhaiya too. Payal says he has gone out of town with Lattu. Have you thought of something? I feel like throwing Titli, her Bua and her father out of the house! Komal tells her to calm down. You only say that we must not make any decision in haste. We have to move ahead very carefully. We will stop this wedding. She tells her her plan (in mute). Payal is impressed with her plan. You have finally learnt something from me. Komal says we have to also implement it. I can lose Lucky ji for forever if we make any mistake. Payal tells her not to even think like that. I promise you that no one can separate you and Lucky ji. They end the call. Komal looks at her wedding photo. No one can snatch you from me. I will tell this to everyone tomorrow.

Next morning, the house is all decorated. Lucky says I never thought that I will have to do haldi ritual with someone else before Komal’s eyes. Titli comes there trying to tell him something but he is least bothered. We aren’t friends anymore. You have cheated our friendship. You messed up everything. You broke our friendship. Titli tries to talk to him again but in vain. He advises her to play this game of breaking the house with her Bua only. Titli begins to tell him about Jamuna ji when Sushma and Ram ji come there. Sushma tells Lucky not to get so anxious. You will marry Titli tomorrow. Lucky clears that it isn’t restlessness but anger. It will explode on someone. She tells him to express whatever he is feeling later only. Go now. He advises her to leave instead. You are at someone else’s house and living on someone else’s money. You should be the one going. He leaves. Sushma again reminds Titli to keep quiet till her wedding. Don’t you understand? Ram ji’s guys bring in some stuff. Sushma asks them to bring the remaining stuff first. Keep it in the storeroom. She next sends Titli to her room. Go directly to your room. Titli thinks how to tell Lucky everything.

Precap: Pinki and Kamla ji confess everything to Badho. Titli overhears her Bua and father talking. Ram ji asks his sister why she made them bring the trunk along with other things for the engagement. We have kept Jamuna ji inside it. Titli finds an earring on the floor. It surely belongs to Jamuna Ma ji.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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