Badho Bahu 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Engagement is postponed

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Badho Bahu 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ram ji says what you are saying. I am the father of a girl. How can I do this to another girl? Komal calls him a liar. Sushma says enough. My niece’s life is on risk and now this drama! I agree that my brother kidnapped you. If he did that then why did he let her run away today only? Did he send her to create a drama in his own daughter’s engagement? Komal says no one freed me. I managed to escape from there and came here. Sushma asks about the number of goons. Komal tells her. Sushma says you tackled 3 goons then. Do you have proof against Ram Bhaiya? Raghubir ji says Komal never lies. If we think with a cool head then we would know that only you and Ram ji could gain benefit from Komal’s absence. Sushma says you are right but Panch and law need proof along with statements. Do you have proof? I have proof! It is a proof of Badho and Lucky’s divorce! This girl (Badho) wants to create a drama. Shall we proceed with the engagement if she is done now? She asks Lucky to come. Panch and uninvited guests are waiting.

One of the Panch’s say we want the engagement to happen quickly. No one could show any proof against Ram ji. Sangram Singh adds that Sushma proved her innocence by showing the divorce papers. This engagement is legal! Komal agrees. I accept this decision. Ahlawat Family and Titli look at her in shock. Komal keeps a condition. It will happen only if Titli will agree to do this engagement willingly. Lucky agrees. I am sure Titli will say no to this engagement. He asks her to speak up. Everyone looks at Titli with high hopes. Sushma asks Titli to tell everyone what she wants. Malti ji says speak up Titli. I know your answer already. Lucky also encourages her to speak. Badho and I are with you. Komal nods. Only you can save our relation now. Sushma again asks Titli to tell everyone. She whispers in Titli’s ears next. Don’t forget about the number of lives which are on stake here! Malti ji again asks Titli to tell everyone that she does not have any interest in this engagement. Titli sadly says yes for the engagement shocking Ahlawat family. Sushma and Ram ji heave a sigh of relief. Sushma calls it a wise decision. It will help everyone. Ram ji is happy to follow Sushma’s every suggestion.

Flashback shows his goons kidnapping Jamuna ji on gun point. Titli confronts her Bua. I never thought you will fall so low. Sushma says you shouldn’t even think of that. You should think of poor Jamuna. Your friend Lucky will be so upset with you after knowing that you killed Badho’s mother just because you dint want to marry him! She asks Titli to agree now. Flashback ends. Malti ji questions Titli on her decision. Kamla ji also asks Titli if she is in her senses. Did someone make you smell anything blue Titli? (She does not realise that she spilled the beans of her own lie here!) Malti ji says Badho did so much for you and is this how you repay her. Raghubir ji tells her not to fall in someone’s words and say yes to the engagement. Sushma shouts that they don’t need any other proof now when Titli has agreed. Panch also ask them to let the engagement happen. Sushma makes Lucky and Titli stand in front of each other. Badho is in tears. Titli extends the ring but Lucky snatches it out of her hand and wears it himself. Sushma gives him a ring next. Titli extends her hand and Lucky just keeps the ring in her ring finger. She takes her hand down and the ring falls out of her finger. It lands right in front of Komal.

Kamla ji asks Malti ji what’s happening. Malti ji says what is right is happening. Lucky made Titli wear the ring but it was lose. It slipped from her finger and landed straight in Komal’s feet. Kamla ji smiles. This was bound to happen. Lucky might give thousands of rings to girls but it will always be of Komal’s size and will look good in her finger only. Flashback shows Kamla ji replacing Titli’s ring with Komal’s. I wont let Titli wear the ring from Lucky’s name. I have promised my son after all. This way our secret will also not come out before everyone! Flashback ends.

Sushma asks Komal to give the ring to her. Lucky will put it again. we will adjust the size later. Komal decides to stop the drama for once and all now. What should I say to make them agree and finally put an end to all this? She thinks for a moment. We are past the mahurat time. Things can turn inauspicious. Sushma advises her not to make such excuses. Give me the ring. Kamla ji tells Badho to keep quiet. Let the engagement happen in wrong mahurat. They will then realise their mistake. Ram ji falls for it. Engagement should happen in the right mahurat only. I cannot take any risk. Wedding will happen in 2 days anyways. He invites the Panch’s in the functions. They agree and take everyone’s leave.

Sushma asks Komal to leave too. You have no relation with Lucky now so you must leave. Raghubir ji reasons that Komal’s first relation in this house is with him. She is my daughter before Lucky’s wife. Malti ji adds that she is her favourite DIL. Raghubir ji nods. Lucky asks Titli to come with him. I have to talk to you. Sushma does not allow them to talk in private before the wedding. She takes Titli with her. Ram ji goes after them.

Komal meets her in-laws. Malti ji is impressed that she fixed things again like every other time. You stopped the engagement smartly. Raghubir ji tells Komal that he trusts her completely. Now you have to clean the mess created by your husband. Komal says I can do anything till the time you are with me. I will manage this mess too. Lucky smiles. Komal says no one else can become your DIL other than me. Raghubir ji says you are daughter first and then DIL. Komal smiles through her tears and hugs him.

Komal comes to her room. She looks at her clothes emotionally. Lucky asks her what she is looking at. Are you checking that you came after so many days and the clothes are still freshly washed? It is because I used to wait for you every day. I prayed every day that you come back and you are finally here. I am upset with you. Things got so out of hand in your absence. She says I should be the one who should be upset with you. I disappeared for a few days and you decided to marry again? He shakes his head. I will die but I will never do so. So much happened in your absence! He tells her everything in detail (in mute). I know that it was entirely wrong but we can fix it together. She nods. This is why I am back. I knew that Ram Singh ji was doing something wrong. He kept me as his captive and was planning all this but now we will finish this together. He nods. I can do anything till the time you are with me. She smiles emotionally. They share a hug. Sushma enters and is shocked to see them thus. What’s happening? Badho is not staying in the house as your wife but as Raghubir ji’s daughter. It will be right if you two can maintain some distance. Lucky will stay in Bhaiya’s room (Ram ji) from today onwards. She asks Lucky to come. Lucky is about to retort but Komal stops her. Sushma calls her smart. She asks Lucky to come to see his wedding dress. Lucky walks out of the room.

Precap: Titli overhears her Bua and father talking. Ram ji asks his sister why she made them bring the trunk along with other things for the engagement. We have kept Jamuna ji inside it. Titli tries to tell Lucky but he talks rudely to her. Badho tells a plan to Payal on phone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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