Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ram coming to Sharma house and says he came here for important reason. He says in this file house papers are there which I bought for Natasha and Karthik in singapore. Shipra says in Singapore. He says I thought Natasha can go there if Karthik cant come here, husband and wife should be together. Shipra says they can stay together here naa. My kids will live here. Sudhir says I am here naa, Shipra says I want my kids, my son and daughter in law. Priya smiles. Ram laughs and says why only Nats, you all are going with her. I book tickets for you all. He further says that house is very big. Priya says you didn’t tell me that you booked tickets for all. What about if Pihu miss nani and nani. Ram says he will send Pihu also. Priya says then what about dadi, maa,

soumya who will miss Pihu. Ram says if she wants, he will send all. Priya says then who will pamper me if all goes to Singapore. Ram says I will pamper naa.

Natasha says it is good that I got my old brother back. Natasha says karthik said he will be back here in 4-5 months and why everybody will go there.

Shipra says she didn’t enjoyed the joy of becoming nani previously for both khush and Pihu as they were away. She says atleast she wants to enjoy now with Priya’s child as she cant enjoy becoming dadi. Everybody tensed. Natasha feels bad.
Priya tries to divert the topic and tells Priya to prepare something spicy for her. Shipra leaves.

Priya tells Nats that she wants to talk to her. She says shipra didn’t mean it. She told that without realising what she was telling. Natasha replies that she didn’t felt bad, it is a reality. Priya says we are worried about you. You also wants kids naa. Nats says my kids are Pihu and Khush. Priya says both are lucky that they got a loving bua. She says I am tired to upbring Pihu and now you have to give the upbringing to the coming new born. Natasha hugs Priya.

Sudhir says Ram is right and I agree. You shall go to Karthik. Shipra comes with the snacks and finds Natasha sad and says she realised what she said and she didn’t said it intentionally. she says sorry to Nats. Nats says I felt bad, bhai was right. I should go to karthik. They hug while the music of kya kehna plays.

Jhanvi’s Home:

Ayesha comes to Jhanvi house and says she was shocked to see her recorded testimony in court, after taking the cheque. Jhanvi says she return that cheque to Priya and Priya might have tear it. Ayesha says because of her, her life, home and child are ruined. Jhanvi says no need to do any tamasha here. She says enough and says she stand with the truth.

Ayesha is angry and says who is Priya di to decide what to right or wrong. Jhanvi ask her to get out. Ayesha is shocked and leaves.
Jhanvi gets a call from her husband and he ask her to come on skype. She opens her laptop and Ayesha comes back to take her purse and sees her husband shockingly. She smiles thinking he is Jhanvi’s husband.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ram and Vikram watching something and Priya and Neha was on the bed. Priya says is it needed to watch. She says she have practical knowledge and she gives birth to Pihu. Ram says it is 5 years old ago and it is refresher course. Neha says they have theoritical, Practical and every knowledge. Vikram ask her to keep queit. Ram is watching the delivery tape. Vikram and Neha excuse themselves. Ram is feeling scared to watch. Priya scare him and ask him to see the video of C- section. Ram says he will see it afterwards.

Ayesha home:

Ayesha thinks how can he be Jhanvi’s husband. I know what I have do now. She calls someone and says she wants to meet her. She says she wants to see her reaction. She says next time when you come to meet Jhanvi then come and meet me also. She says you are shocked naa. She says hopefully I will see you on thursday and disconnects the call.

Kapoor Mansion:

Soumya feeding food to Pihu. Ram comes and he is on phone call with vikram. Pihu says papa today you are taking me to the park naa. Ram says he is busy today, next thursday done. Priya says today they have to attend the class. Ram says he will cancel his meeting as he dont want to meet prenatal class. Pihu feels sad.


Sales man tells Ayesha that her card is declined. Ayesha shocked. Nats comes with Neha and Soumya and says it must be declined because she is not Mrs. Kapoor but Miss Sharma. Ayesha tells salesman that she will get the things some other day. Ayesha taunts Nats that she is also not Kapoor and is Mrs Sharma. Saudamini smiles. Natasha replies that she is having her maternal name Kapoor with her and also her husband’s surname sharma. It is not like you, who dont have any name. I am proud to me Mrs Sharma.
They taunts each other. They leaves while Ayesha is irked.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ram comes and Priya says lets go. Pihu stops her holding her dupatta and says dont go. Pihu says my tummy is paining. Priya says she will bring the medicine and call the doctor also.

Vikram home:

Vikram is getting ready for office party. Neha says it is boring, ditch it and we will go for dinner. Vikram says he cant ditch as Armaan Kapoor is also coming. Neha says she will accompany him but he says she will get bored. She says she will ready in few mins.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ram says if papa fail in Prenatal class then mummy and Neha- Vikram laugh on him. Pihu says she will help him. Ram says he brought chocolates for her. Ram asks did you fears that after the arrival of the small baby, you will be ignored. She says yes. Ram says do you know why mamma is bringing the small baby. He explains that she is getting the baby for her, she can play with him and do whatever she wants, small baby will listen to her. Pihu asks whether he will be brother or sister. Ram says doesn’t matter but he will be younger than you. Pihu smiles.

Priya comes there and says what you were teaching to Pihu. I heard what you were saying. Ram says I said many things and Pihu will love the small baby after he comes. Priya says you have become smart. Ram says he is smart always. Priya says there is a difference in him before marriage and after marriage and the effect in him was her effect. Ram says really happily.

Pihu comes and shows her family picture drawing. Priya says she called the doctor. Ram says he solved her tummy pain. and Pihu ask them to go to prenatal class. Pihu asks Ram can she hug mamma. Ram says she is your mamma, you can do but lightly. Ram demonstrates the hug and Pihu hug her lightly while BALH music plays. Episode ends.

Ram wakes up from the sleep and thinks oh my God, am I snoring aloud that I myself wake me up. Then he hears the snoring sound coming from Priya and shocked to see her snoring aloud.

Update Credit to: Amena

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