Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Priya telling Karthik that you cheated one girl who waited for you here day and night and you cheated other girl too. Did we give you such upbringing.I am ashamed of you. You really let me down Karthik. Natasha is shocked and spell bound. Priya cries. Ram comes forward and slaps him hard. How dare you do such a thing with Ram Kapoor’s sister. Natasha unable to bear anymore leaves. Ram follows her. Priya faints, Neha holds her. Dadi and Maa are shocked. Shipra, Soumya looks shocked too. Natasha gets in her car and drives crazily on the road. Ram follows her in his car. Natasha remembers Karthik saying this kid is mine. Ram gets tensed looking at the way.

Scene shifts to Ayesha:

Mamaji wishes Ayesha and says you did a wonder and a war will start between Kapoor’s and Sharma’s. Ayesha says they were happy with my defeat and thought I forgot everything. I didn’t forget anything. Karthik supported them. I never forget to take revenge. She tells Mamaji whether he saw Natasha face and she will remember the slap always. Mamaji laughs and says you are different. Ayesha asks her to praise her correctly. She says she says she ruined every relation of Karthik- Natasha and Ram-Priya and smiles saying Kapoor’s and Sharma’s cant be one.

Scene shifts to Natasha:

After driving madly for a while, she stops the car and enters her house and closes the door. Ram urges her to open the door and talk to him. Dont do anything stupid. Natasha cries silently and tears roll down her cheeks.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Everyone is attending Priya. Neha calls the doctor. Maa asks her if she is feeling unconscious. Shipra calls Ram but he doesn’t pick the call. Karthik says he cheated Natasha and all and please dont punish yourself for my deeds. Maa tells Karthik that they will talk later and asks him to leave. Priya is sitting and is really hurted. Karthik leaves with the baby.

Scene shifts to Natasha:

Natasha sees her marriage photo and remembers the flashback of their marriage and throws the photo. She remembers the happy moments spent with him. She remembers Karthik saying this kid is mine and Jhanvi’s. She wipes her tears.
She takes the knife in her hands and looks at it. She comes out of her room all dressed up. Ram sees her and asks why you dressed up like this. are you going somewhere. Natasha says she will not leave living life because of the betrayal. Life has to go on and because of one disaster, Natasha kapoor’s life cant stop. Ram looks confused. She leaves. Ram gets tensed.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Sudhir comes and sees them sad. Shipra informs him everything. He comes and shouts at Karthik. Just then Ram enters and asks what this man is doing at my home? Priya looks at him. Ram says get of my house. Sudhir asks about Natasha. Ram says her brother is still alive, dont worry. Sudhir says he dont know anything. Ram says it is a tragedy that you dont know. When choti married, I saw only Karthik and when she came to your house, she became the perfect bahu. Did you ever tried to know what you son is doing in Singapore. Did you ever at once tried to get them together. I took the initiative and bought the house in Singapore so that they will be together. did your son called my sister to Singapore? No. Because his other wife was with him there. Shipra says Mr. Ram How you are talking? I accept whatever happened is wrong. everybody knows but this is not the way to talk. Ram says Why should I stop. I will not stop. I had enough. I gone mad. you people are forgetting that I married your daughter because of this sister. Priya is shocked.

Sudhir, Shipra, Karthik, Neha, and Kapoor’s are shocked to hear what Ram said. Ram realises what he said. Baby starts crying and Shipra takes the baby in her arms. When Sudhir about to tell something. she cuts his words saying this is my grand son. Shipra, Sudhir leaves with the baby followed by Karthik. Priya looks sadly.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Sudhir says Karthik will not stay at this home anymore. Shipra asks how can you say like this. Shipra says she knows that he did a mistake and they will not forgive him but where he will go. Sudhir says he is ashamed of him. Shipra says she wants to help the child. Sudhir says did you gone mad? baby starts crying and Shipra gives the baby to Karthik and asks him to take inside the room. Sudhir says you are doing wrong. Did you think about Natasha. Shipra says he is Karthik son, our grand son. Natasha didn’t able to give us heir. Sudhir says do you want to punish her for that. Do you want to torture her. she is our daughter. Shipra says what she have to do. She says this is our heir and you want me to throw him. Sudhir is surprised. Shipra says this is truth and can you keep it out the house. Sudhir says you broke three relations by getting the baby here from Kapoor Mansion. Ram-Priya, Natasha-Karthik and our’s. Shipra is shocked.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Priya is in thoughts and remembers whatever happened and Ram words that he married Priya because of his sister. Priya is restless and BALH sad song plays. She remembers the party scene where she was happily enjoying with Ram and celebrating their anniversary. The Episode ends on Priya’s tensed face.

Precap: Neighbour comes and asks Shipra and Sudhir about the baby and says they heard baby cries in the night. Shipra is at loss of words.

Update Credit to: Amena

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