Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pihu tells Cady about Suhani killing Sammy. Cady says Priya used to trust her so much and now she must be so hurt. She then calls Neha and tells her they found out about Sammy’s murderer.

Priya gets a call from her lawyer. She tells him she will be there with Suhani tomorrow morning and Suhani will confess everything tomorrow. Natasha comes and tells Priya everything will be fine. Priya says yes finally. Priya then gets a call from Vikram who says he’s in Dubai and he will try to be in India tomorrow. Priya tells Natasha she is finally relieved, friendship that almost between Ram and Vikram seems to be coming back on the right track. Natasha tells Priya to rest now, everything has solved anyway. Natasha leaves. Priya looks at Ram’s photo.

In night, Priya thinks about Suhani. Other hand, Khush also thinks about her. Pihu hugs Sammy’s photo.

Next morning, Priya leaves with Suhani. Mamaji asks Khush whether Suhani’s child will born in hospital or jail. Sid asks him to shut.

In car, Priya thinks about Ram. She hopes everything will be fine now. And after this case gets solved, Sammy will also get rest in peace. Suhani remembers Pihu giving choice to Ram to choose either Priya or her as Priya doesn’t seem to care about her own daughter and cares more about Suhani. They reach the police station.

Khush comes to Pihu and apologizes to her for his behavior with her. Pihu tells him she also misbehaved with him and it’s not their mistake. They both did it for their love, but it’s sad none of them got love back that they deserved.

Priya is now at her home. She gets a call from lawyer who tells her she can meet Ram today if she wants. Priya gets happy. Natasha hears it. They leave to go to meet Ram.

Priya comes to Ram. Ram asks how is her. She says how she can be without him. Ram thinks all negative, but she says everything will be fine. He’s her mr. perfect. Ram says, he’s for her, but not for the court. They won’t release him. She tells him he has a night to think all negative that he wants because he will be with her in their house tomorrow. After that they will live happily together. She wants him to be with her to fight, to share her feelings, etc etc. She asks him to promise her that after tonight, no negative thoughts. After tonight, he will think how he will keep her and himself happy. She forwards her hand. Sad BALH song plays, Ram puts his hand on her and promises her.

Priya comes out and seems tensed. Natasha asks her what happened now. Priya says she suddenly starting to feel nervous. What if things go wrong in court tomorrow. Natasha says Suhani has confessed her crime and she will confess it in court tomorrow, and they will release Ram. She asks her not to think anything negative and rather think how to welcome Ram tomorrow.

Precap: Kids hug Priya and says she’s the best mum. Kids decide to arrange a party for Ram. Sid approves the idea, but Khush gets mad and asks how they can think about party after what happened last time. He gets up and leaves.

Update Credit to: JD

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