Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Juhi giving something to Suhani and asks her to read it. She asks Pihu, why she is upset. Sammy comes and Juhi asks him what is the matter. Sammy says he was upset and says sorry to Pihu. Pihu doesn’t listen to her and goes inside. Pihu tells Juhi that she won’t talk to him. Sammy asks for Suhani’s advice. Suhani asks him to go to Pihu and say straightaway. She says you are a quarrelling person and asks him to do some work. Juhi asks Pihu to forgive Sammy but Juhi insists her to go. Pihu comes and sees Sammy and Suhani together and is about to leave. He says sorry to Pihu. Pihu says sorry to him. Sammy says he has decided to do a job for himself. He wants to make his own identity else he will grow older without marriage. Pihu pluck white

hair from Sammy’s hairs and says you are growing old. They laugh. Ram asks him, why he is always in his home and says he need a rent. Pihu tells Ram that Sammy wants to work with him. Ram says he can’t do this. Ram says he can’t take a big risk. Sammy asks for a chance. Ram sees Priya coming towards them and agrees to give a chance to Sammy. He says infact everyone should get a second chance too. He asks Sammy to make coffee for him. Sammy says he doesn’t know how to make coffee. Ram says you are temporary now and he will appoint him if he likes his coffee. Sammy goes to make coffee. Pihu thanks him.

Sid tells Ram that lawyers have come. Ram asks Sid to call juhi. He asks Priya to sit as well. Juhi comes with Sid. Ram tells Priya that he named her share on Juhi’s name because of Naina’s issue as Rajiv was harrassing her and he just want to make her secure. Sid says he is saying truth. Ram asks Lawyer to give the paper to Juhi. She signs on the papers. Lawyer says all formality have been done. Ram thanks him. Ram tells Priya that when she was in Coma, Pihu was to get married to mandeep but the marriage is called off as they were after money. Khush tells Ram that you are jogging to impress my Priya angel. Ram asks, where were you? Khush says he went to get a new number for Priya angel. Ram asks for her number but Khush says he won’t give. Ram tries to bribe him by offering portfolio or gym membership but Khush declines. Ram tries to know Priya number from her mobile phone. Priya comes and scolds him for trying to steal her number. Ram asks,what to do? Priya says you have irritated me with your messages.

Priya tells khush that she wants to merge Pihu’s photo and make a big collage. She asks him for help. Khush says he will show her softwares. Priya asks, whether he knows how to make collage. Khush says he knows everything. But the laptop crashes. Priya asks him to take it for repairing. Ram asks Khush to give the laptop to him. Mayra asks Khush to come and they have to plan Pihu’s birthday.

Khush tells his sisters to tell one by one. Sammy wonders where is Suhani? Sammy opens the door and Pihu falls down on the floor. While Sammy takes her in his arms, Pihu smiles and the song zara zara phoolon pe jhadne laga dil mera plays in the BG. Juhi thinks to give them space. Khush asks Rahul to help him in repairing the laptop. He talks to his friend. Ram says he has to fix his laptop today. Cady tells him that Priya’s laptop will get repair. Suhani comes and checks on Pihu. Sammy says I love you to Suhani but Pihu thinks he is saying to her. Sammy says he said that to make her feel better. Pihu says you are my angel. Sammy says to Suhani that Pihu doesn’t need her service. Ram asks Rahul’s friend to fix the laptop fast. Cady asks Ram to have coffee. Priya wonders how to make collage. Priya asks Khush to get her laptop. Khush is about to tell, just then Ram comes and says it got repaired. He gives the laptop to Priya. Khush thanks him. Priya opens the laptop and says it have nothing. Ram says he has stored the data safely on the main hard drive. Priya looks at him. Ram gets a call and he excuses himself while the BALH music plays in the BG.

Priya tells Ram that Pihu’s birthday is important to both of them and they will work as a team and as a couple. Ram asks, will you come to the party? Priya says she will come for Pihu.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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