Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Part 1

Priya fumes on Suhani and says coz of u.. Ram and Vikrams friendship ended.. both families have become enemies .. Kush loves u so much ..he loves u so much..and u cheated him? Priya fumes on Suhani for not caring for her unborn baby which is Sammys baby! Priya says u claim u love Sammy? Suhani says i din do all this deliberately . i love Sammy ..! Priya says enough of the lies.. tell the truth! Suhani says i did it all coz of Sammy! Priya says stop lying about the one who is no longer in this world.. tell the truth! Suhani says i did it all coz of Sammy ..! She says Sammy was forcing me to marry him .. he was drunk and created drama ..! Suhani says he even claimed he wanted to divorce Pihu! She says u all tried to stop Sammy but after that.. he tried to kill my baby! Flashback of Sammy trying to feed poison to Suhani get rid of the baby and they will be together..! Suhani says ur not in ur senses.. stop it! Sammy say i love u .. i want u ..! He forces Suhani ..! Suhani says coz of poison even i will die! Sammy says i wont let anything happen to u ..! I cant live without u ..just trust me. .drink it! Suhani begs Sammy! Sammy says i wont spare u .. u have to drink ..! Suhani breaks the bottle..! Suhani says at that time i decided i will kill Sammy! Priya asks Suhani why din u tell me? We could have punished Sammy .. ! Suhani says i was scared.. for my baby ..i din wanna lose it..! Sh says i did it all coz of fear.. din think what i will do ..! When i realized what i did.. i dinno what to do ..! She says i culdnt tell the truth! Nutz asks how can u justify urself? Coz of u Ram is in jail ..and he is punished for death .. ur confession wont save u.. ur guilty .. u will have to face the law..! Kush tells Suhani that i told u .. i love the girl .. who loves someone else.. but i cant love nor trust anyone.. u din believe me even this much? Priya asks Suhani when will she confess to the cops? Suhani says when u ask..! Kush rues why life is so complicated? Why does it not feel to be simple for people like us? Why doesnt life give us chance to be happy .. tried to be actor.. wanted to do business.. thought of settling down and again failed! Sid says what ur asking for.. is not in ur destiny so we dont get it..! Sid says ur just like me tho! I failed too! Guess its my legacy to u..! Kush says not blaming anyone else..! He rues that i cant move on in life! Sid says ur a fighter.. u should learn from all this and move on! Sid says u always followed Priya.. she never quits .. u should do same.. dont give up with u!

Part 2

Sid asks Mamaji who is he messaging? He says just timepassing! He asks Sid what is the matter? Why so sad? Sid says not in the mood to joke! Mamaji asks what happened? Sid says in tension for Kush ..dunno what to do to make things ok for Kush ..! Mamaji says dun repeat the mistake.. let him be better..! Leave him to strengthen up! Priya recollects fighting with Pihu for Suhani ..! Fighting with Ram for Sammy-Suhani! Nutz comes to Priya and says still stressed? Relax! She tells Priya we found the real criminal! Priya says yes we did but i cant relax.. am shaken up.. i cant believe Suhani? She says Suhani used to call me mom..! Feel like i made a mistake in judging! Nutz says this is ur worst habit.. why blame urself? Suhani did what she did. u had no role to play in it.. why blame urself? Priya says .. i know but i culdnt see ..! Priya rues that i feel bad that she thought like a mom and to save her baby .. any woman wuld to same! Nutz says how do we know what Suhani said was true or not? I dont believe her..! Just glad that this is all just over! Nutz says u all have always thought about the family but there are obstacles.. Juhi .. Suhani .. thankfully this chapter is over! Nutz says we need to talk to Lawyer to figure out our next step..! Priya sulks!

Part 3

Pihu is crying looking at Sammys pic..! Priya reassures her..! Pihu says everyone felt that Suhani loves Sammy more than me.. even i felt same..i felt guilty! She rues that Suhani separated Sammy from me..! Priya tells Pihu that she understands her pain! She says i cant accept Suhani can do this. .coz i too believed that Suhani loves Sammy more than u ..! Priya says i feel angry thinking how Suhani did all this! She says i think she tried to save her kid..! She rues that had Suhani told her in advance.. all this could have been avoided! Priya tells Pihu that if she keeps crying like this all wuld be pained! She says wish i culd wish ur pains away! Pihu says i know u always wanted best for me..! She promises that i will be better..! She says just want Ram back and all will be well! She asks if Suhani will change her statement! Priya says no she wont ..! I cant trust her but i can trust this much! She says think of Vikram ..and all ..they lost a lot too ..! Priya tells Pihu that if she wants to make up her loss .. she has to make up things with Vikram-Neha and all ..! Priya says they shouldnt think we moved on and they lost their son forever! Priya tells Pihu they need to be strong to welcome Ram back home together! Pihu says he will be happy to see us back together! Priya says yes.. he will ..! Finally we all will be together! Pihu says .. u and me are a team! Priya says original team is me and Ram ..and now Pihu Kush Pari Myra are added to it..! We are a much stronger team now! Pihu hugs Priya!

Precap — Priya tells Ram in jail, that truth is ur innocent and i will prove it..! Ram says u think i dun understand? I am stuck here.. ! I may be Mr Perfect for you but i am not for the law.. nothing can be done now! Just leave.. i cant see you like this!

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