Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Suhani and Khush at the pub. Suhani asks Khush to dance with her…..batameez dil plays…….Sammy is waiting for Suhani in the restaurant. Cady calls Sammy and asks him to meet her at the club. Sammy says, I can’t come as I am waiting for someone. Cady says, Suhani….she says, Suhani is dancing here with Khush. So you might want to come here and see it. Sammy says, I know you are doing this to mislead me. Cady says, I am not lying and asks him to come and check. Sammy says, I trust Suhani completely and disconnects the call. Sammy recalls to read Suhani sms. Suhani is dancing with Khush. Sammy says, I trust Suhani, she will surely come here.

Ram comes to Priya and says, you gave me old specs and my head is paining. Priya says, I didn’t

give you any specs. I was working here. Ram wonders who gave me the specs then. Ram asks her to give the new specs. Khush’s friends pulls his leg saying you will be getting married soon. Khush says we are just friends. Khush says she is traditional and simple girl. They asks him to confess his love. His friends leave in car. Suhani sees Sammy coming on his bike and falls purposely on Khush. Khush holds her and they have an eye lock. Sammy is jealous and raises the bike accelerator. Suhani leaves with Khush.

Khush and Suhani come back to Kapoor Mansion. Suhani tells him to go and says I will come in 2 mins. Sammy comes, Suhani pretends to talk with Khush on the call. She says I enjoyed a lot. Sammy is more jealous now. Suhani says sorry to Sammy and says I went with my friend so I couldn’t make it. Sammy says, I trust you because I love you and hugs her. Pihu watches this and is heartbroken. Suhani breaks the hug and leaves.

Suhani comes to her room and cries. Sammy asks, what was that, you should be happy that I trust you. He says you avoided me and went with Khush. I was excited with our first date. Suhani asks, what is your problem and says it is my life? I will decide what to do? You didn’t buy me. Sammy says, I am possessive about you. What is wrong if I want to spend time with you. Suhani says you are two timer and says you loves me but you thinks of Pihu. You misses Pihu when you are with me. Sammy says, we haven’t confess our love then. Suhani says I can’t change my life for you. Sammy asks her to maintain a thin line between love and friendship. Suhani says, Am I mad not to see that you want to be with Pihu. Sammy raises his hand on her. Suhani asks him to slap her. Sammy asks, how can you think like that about us? Suhani says, Khush loves me and won’t you feel jealous if he touches me. Sammy says, when there is true love then one doesn’t cross the limits.

Sammy says, I am ready to marry you whenever you want. Suhani says, I don’t want to marry you. Sammy says,you said marriage completes love and relation. Suhani says, I am not ready and don’t want to marry you. Sammy asks, what is the reason? Suhani says I said that but I thought it was love. Sammy asks, what does it mean? Suhani says when I think about our relation, you didn’t stand anywhere. You have to make your career. Sammy says, you said that it doesn’t matter to you. Suhani says, I will marry but only if I get a right guy like Khush. She says, Don’t you think I shall think about me. Sammy asks, what about my feelings? Suhani asks him to forget everything and move on. Sammy is heart broken. Suhani cries.

Pihu cries recalling Suhani with Sammy and thinks their moments together. She thinks her conversation with Suhani. She gets angry and tears Suhani’s photos and lit it on fire. She madly says, Sammy is only mine and I can’t share him with anyone.

Ram asks, did you forgot that technically we are divorced. Priya asks, are you talking about the divorce which was on paper when I was in coma. Those papers which you have not submitted in court as you didn’t have the courage. She says, we are not young to marry again. Ram says, there is no age for marriage and what is the problem if we marry for the second time.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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