Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Surya Namaskara followed by Gayatri Mantra. Vikram tells Ram that Singhania has won from them. Ram shows him some papers. Vikram smiles. Ram says, everything is fine as I came back. Watchman stops Ram from entering into Shetty cabin. Ram tells him that he is going to buy the company. Watchman moves from his way. Ram comes inside. Singhania asks, are you celebrating for your loss. Ram says, I feel sorry for you. Shetty says don’t be as your tactics will not have any effect on me. You have lost the fight with Mr.Singhania. You company is 2000 crores and Mr. Singhania’s company is 5000 crores. Ram says, you needs to be informed and says all the banks have filed cases against Singhania and he is indebted of Rs 9000 crores. Shetty is shocked. Vikram tells him about Ram’s company involvement. Singhania says, I will destroy you. Shetty offers to sell his company if Ram increases the amount. Ram says, I am ready to buy it at my price. When the banks seizes Singhania’s company then they will seize yours. Vikram appreciates Ram’s moves. Vikram says, this company is your birthday gift. Ram says, I need to go for to the shipping deal.

One lady asks someone to keep the sweets somewhere. Priya says, I will keep it. Priya talks with Ram’s photo and says you don’t deserve me. You didn’t stop me even once. Suhani asks for Khush. Khush comes and tells Priya about the inaugration today. Suhani says, Mr Sahay agreed for our clinic inaugration. Khush asks her not to jump as she is 5 months pregnant. Suhani says, we have to do so many things. Priya says, today is very auspicious. Suhani wonders what is today? Priya says, I read about it in the newspaper.

Ram comes home and recalls the moments spent with Priya. Flashback is shown where Priya asked him to search for a birthday gift. Priya asks Khush to revise the list. Priya says, everything is sorted. Khush says, I forgot to bring the ribbon. Suhani asks, how can you forget. Khush says, I will take tension and asks her to relax. Khush asks Priya to get it as he has to go for the generator. Suhani tells Priya that you are truly an angel. Priya says, I am more excited than you. Vikram tells Ram that there is no one in the house. You are all alone again. Ram says, I am fine. Vikram says, don’t lie with me. Vikram says Pihu and Sammy are happily married but you are alone. You needs a life partner. Please talk to Priya. Did anyone wish you on your birthday. Ram says no but I have a reason.

Pihu is organising birthday party for Ram. She is talking on the phone and giving instructions. Ram tells Vikram that Pihu is giving surprise party to me. Priya left me and never looked at me once. My life is complete without her. Ram gets Pihu’s call and he promises to reach on time. Ram says I have to rush. Vikram says, why you are happy? Ram says, it is first without her. Ram and Priya passes each other but doesn’t see each other. Ram comes home. Pihu says, I surprised you naa and gives him knife. Pihu asks Sammy to come forward to cut the cake. Soumya tells everyone that Pihu and Sammy’s marriage have completed 3 months. Ram is taken aback as it is not his birthday party. Vikram looks sadly at Ram. Sammy and Pihu cut the cake. Suhani’s clinic is inaugrated before Priya comes. Both Ram and Priya look sad. BALH music plays…

Vikram asks Ram to understand what he is trying to explain. He says, you are all alone and they are happy in their lives. Khush says sorry to Priya and says Suhani was in a hurry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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