Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Nutz requesting the nurse to let Jhanvi see the doctor earlier. Her phone rings and it’s Karthik. Jhanvi sees Nutz and Karthik’s picture on the phone. Karthik asks about the money in his account and where the money is from. Nutz says that he doesn’t have to worry about that and just solve his financial problem. Karthik is relieved. Karthik promises to repay the money as soon as possible but Nutz tells him that’s not necessary…..after all, she’s his wife. Jhanvi hears this and is shocked. Karthik tells Nutz that he loves her.

Jhanvi goes and sits beside Kush and asks him if Nutz was his mother. Kush tells her that Nutz was his bua and mami. Jhanvi asks the name of his mama and Kush says, Karthik Sharma. No cat and mouse game, no dragging….the truth has come before Jhanvi She is stunned.

Isha is on her laptop when she gets a message on her phone. It’s a friends request. Isha is irritated and she ignores the message. The phone rings and she picks it up. It’s mamaji on the other end…..Isha doesn’t know this. Mamaji tells Isha to accept his friends request and flirts with her without revealing his name. Isha is angry. She scolds mamaji. The phone rings again and again and Isha ignores the calls.

Isha calls Ram and says that she has a problem. Someone has been sending her friends request from morning. She ignored the requests but the person called her. Ram wonders where the person got Isha’s number. Isha tells Ram that the person was talking strangely and so she got scared……so she called Ram. Ram asks for the number and tells her to stay in Kapoor Mansion till that person is caught. It may not be safe in the hotel. Ram writes down the number and is shocked…’s his house number.

Ram and Isha are at Kapoor Mansion and Ram scolds mamaji for doing what he did. Mamaji tries to make some excuse for calling Isha. Priya is shocked at what Mamaji has done. Ram tells his uncle….first you do this nonsense and now you’re lying. Mamaji says that he made a mistake, says he is lonely. Ram tells him that everyone is lonely but there’s a line you do not cross but Mamaji has crossed that line. Ram says that he ignored all of his antics till today but today, Mamaji crossed the line. Isha tries to say it’s okay to Ram but he doesn’t listen. Ram tells Mamaji that Isha is his friend, how could he do something like this?

Mamaji escapes, Ram and Isha sit at the table. Priya goes to Mamaji and asks him if he was not ashamed? He was troubling Isha who was Ram’s friend. Why was he troubling any girl? Mamaji says that Isha is single, he is single… long can he be alone. Priya tells him that Isha is happily married. Mamaji says that no, she doesn’t have a husband, Isha is divorced recently. Priya looks surprised and puzzled.

Back to Ram and Isha. She tells Ram that what Mamaji did was not new to her. It happens all the time. Men think that she is alone, takes care of her work… she’s available. Ram says that he understands, she is a good-looking girl but how is she available? Her husband is with her, right? Isha says her husband doesn’t know where his wife is. Ram asks if everything was alright between her and her husband. Isha shakes her head.

She says that her husband takes “work is workship” seriously. He has only time for work, not for his wife. Priya stands at a distance and hears this. Isha tells Ram that sometimes she feels that if they did not go abroad and lived in India with family, this wouldn’t have happened. Isha wants to shift back and live in India. She says that she wants to give her marriage one more shot. Ram says that she really should.

Ram says that marriage is something one should never give up, no matter what the problems are. Isha says that there are 2 people in a relationship. One person cannot save a relationship. Priya hears Ram telling Isha that until she chased her husband, he will not value her. Her husband will get used to the fact that Isha was chasing him. Once Isha stopped chasing, her husband will miss that. He will see that she isn’t behind him. Then everything will be okay. Priya hears this, a thoughtful expression on her face and she walks away.

Isha smiles and tells Ram that he can talk. His wife keeps chasing him all the time, sometimes for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. Ram very cutely blushes. Isha tells Ram that he is lucky, Priya loves him very much. Ram smiles. Isha says that Ram doesn’t say it but he also loves Priya very much.

Ram tells Isha that he loves every little thing about Priya. Isha teases him that he is blushing. Ram says that he is serious, he loves Priya when she scolds him, when she loves him, he loves her middle class values, he loves everything about Priya…..she is special and he is lucky. Ram then says that he has thought of something special for Priya and he needs Isha’s help. Isha is ready to help.

Ram says that he has taken an appointment for liposuction but she knows how scared he is of these things. Ram says that he wants to be healthy for Priya, for Pihu and his new baby. Isha is happy for Ram. She laughs and tells Ram that when she sees him, her problems appear small. Ram says…..don’t tell anyone. Isha shows a Ram and Isha’s banter is sweet and friendly……as it is between two old friends.

Jhanvi is walking on the road, pushing the pram, feeling sad. She’s married to a two-timing idiot! She has a flashback to her and Karthik getting married. She is emotional and Karthik asks if she isn’t happy. Jhanvi says that if their family was with them on this day, it would have been good. Karthik says that he doesn’t have anyone, he’s alone and maybe that’s why God sent her to him…….he was alone for so long so that she would come into his life and complete it. Karthik says that they had each other and didn’t need anyone else to be happy.

Karthik and Jhanvi are shown getting married in a temple. Jhanvi comes back to the present and she remembers Karthik saying he was alone. She keeps walking, remembering Nutz at the hospital, Kush saying Nutz is his bua and mami and his mama’s name is Karthik Sharma. Jhanvi is distraught.

We have a scene with Rahul and his friends, seeing some CD the kind which he shouldn’t be seeing! Neha walks in early and he shuts the laptop. Neha wants to give the boys something to drink/eat but they are in a hurry to get out! They literally run out, including Rahul.

Priya is walking in a park, thinking……Mr Kapoor knew about Isha’s divorce, why didn’t he tell me? He always shares everything with me, why didn’t he share this with me? Priya remembers about Ram telling her to start working again like Isha, that Priya used to love her job. She also remembers about the handbag that Isha had. Priya thinks that Neha is right, Isha is manipulating Ram, she must have kept her head on Ram’s shoulder and cried. Ram doesn’t understand what Isha is doing. Priya remembers Ram talking about the baby and if it’s a mistake. Priya thinks that it’s not possible, Ram only loves her, he cannot love anyone else…..Isha, how is it possible? Priya, you are sensible……hope they keep you sensible. Trust Ram, never lose that trust.

Priya sees Jahnvi in the park on a bench. Priya asks her what is wrong and Jahnvi starts crying. She tells Priya everything is finished, she and her baby are alone in this world. Priya says that she is with her, she will look after Jhanvi. Jhanvi tells Priya about Karthik. Priya listens.

Neha uses the laptop at home and sees the CD….she is annoyed because she thinks Vikram is seeing it. She is annoyed.

Back to Priya who is giving Jhanvi some water. She asks if Jhanvi and her husband’s family didn’t meet before marriage. Jhanvi tells her that she only had a brother who died in an accident. She was living in Pune. We get a flashback. Karthik was Jhanvi’s brother’s friend. Karthik was responsible for the accident. Karthik apologises to Jhanvi. She tells Priya that she was angry with Karthik at first (Jhanvi doesn’t mention the name) but later realised it was just an accident. He supported her, helped her and she didn’t realise when love happened. Jhanvi says that they were both alone. Flashback Jhanvi gets a report and calls Karthik. She’s pregnant and she and Karthik get married.

Priya says that the young generation never involved family in anything. Jhanvi should have asked him about his family. Jhanvi says that he told her he lost his parents at a young age and did not have siblings. Jhanvi says that they created their own world, their own family. Jhanvi tells Priya that she’s alone again and doesn’t know what to do. She did not have to work when her brother was alive and then her husband took care of her. How was she going to look after her baby. The law of the land also supports the first wife.

Priya tells her to stop crying and see her baby. Jhanvi needs to be strong for her baby. It’s not her fault, she was cheated……her husband has to support her. Priya says she is with Jhanvi… fight for her rights. She tells Jhanvi to be strong.

Shipra comes there and sees Priya. She asks Priya why she didn’t come home. Priya says that she was coming home, but decided to enjoy the breeze first. Priya introduces Jhanvi as the person who helped them in court. Shipra invites her home for tea. Jhanvi hesitates but Priya tells her that she will not tell anyone about her situation. Jhanvi goes with Priya to her house.

Vikram is on the phone talking to someone about a business proposal. Vikram is seeing something on his laptop and enjoying it (not the CD but something else). Neha thinks it’s the CD and she is annoyed. We have the usual…..Vikram talking about something else and Neha about something else! He is talking about buying a horse farm and Neha thinks he is talking about the CD and cowgirls!

Shipra is serving Jhanvi juice when it drops on Jhanvi. She goes to wash up. Shipra sees Jhanvi’s baby and plays with it. She tells Priya that she is waiting for Priya’s baby to be born but Priya will take the baby home and she (Shipra) will be alone again. Shipra says that grandchildren are not in her destiny ……Priya says that she has more than most people.

Priya tells Shipra that Nutz felt bad about what Shipra said. Shipra says that she also feels bad that there is no one to call them Daada Daadi at home. Shipra says that she prays to God to give Nutz a baby. Karthik and Nutz come home at that time and hear this. Nutz feels bad and walks away. Priya and Karthik scold Shipra for saying what she said but Shipra says that it was not her intention to hurt. She didn’t realise they would be back.

Jhanvi comes out of the washroom and sees Karthik’s picture with Nutz. She is shocked and is crying. She hears Karthik scolding Shipra and saying that they had been to the doctor…..the doctor said that Nutz may never become a mom. Jhanvi walks to the hall………

Precap: Jhanvi and Karthi face to face in Sharma House.

Update Credit to: suganthi

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