Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Priya asks Pihu to get down from the parapit wall..! Juhi .. too requests her.! Priya asks Ram to convince Pihu..! Ram asks Pihu to listen to him! Pihu asks why? No one loves me. .u only love Priya..! Priya says we all love u..just come down..! Pihu asks why cant i see that love? Ram says.. dun do anything stupid..! Pihu says.. cant live without Sammy n mom thinks Sammy should marry Suhani ..! Ram says.. will do what u want.. just dun do this..! He asks her.. do u trust me? Pihu says yes n asks him to promise.. he will get her married to Sammy n he agrees..! Kush extends his hand for Pihu to take..n she does..! Pihu passes out..! Priya feels sorry.. ! Nutz asks to take Pihu downstairs..! Nutz asks Priya if Ram will talk to Pihu? Priya says.. yes.. coz..even

if Ram loves Pihu lots.. he wont do anything wrong with someone else..! Suhani comes to Priya and asks her not to do all this for her. .n not go against Pihu! Priya says.. not doing it for u.. doing it for Pihu too ..coz care for both of u equally …a bit more for Pihu..! She says dun want Pihu to make any more mistakes.. one that she regrets..! Priya reassures Suhani n asks her to rest… n goes to talk to Ram..!

Nutz asks Priya if she is sure about Rams decision ? Priya says.. understand.. what u trying to say … am sure.. Ram will think clearly .. n decide..! Nutz says hoping so..! Priya says.. Ram will do the right thing and whatever he said on terrace was to appease Pihu …!

Neha comes to Sammy n asks what is going on? About Pihu and Suhanis kid..! Sammy says.. its not mine..we had something but now its over.. i love Pihu ..! Neha says.. if u r sure.. am with u.. n will get u married to Pihu ..! Sammy says.. wanna do this.. ! Neha says.. good n leaves! Caddy asks Sammy what he is doing? He is getting another chance with Suhani .. so why ruining it..? Sammy says.. over Suhani .. love Pihu .. n as such my life! Caddy says..yes.. ur life. .ur decision .. am gone! Kush comes n says.. Pihu is fine..! RaYa offer to go meet Pihu n Juhi says.. let Pihu rest..! Ram agrees! Priya relents..! Priya says.. we will talk to her after she calms down. .Ram says . .nothing to talk about..promised her to get her married to Sammy! Priya says.. u were only stopping Pihu from jumping! Ram says.. Pihu loves Sammy n she will get Sammy at all costs! Priya says..Sammy loves Suhani n still ur getting her married to Sammy ..?? She is doing all this to blackmail us to get what she wants..! Ram says… she will fulfill the relation .. properly..! Priya says..since childhood she is doing all this … getting her way.. she wont be happy … her life will be a joke..! Ram says.. thinking of her happiness.. n Priya says.. for now.. what about future? We cannot fulfill all our kids whims and fancies..! Ram says.. ur detaching from ur daughter emotionally ..! Priya is stunned..! Ram says if i dun fulfill my promise and Pihu hurts herself.. how to handle her? Priya says we will talk to her.. as a team. .n Ram says . .we have not done anything as a team… i only care for Pihus happiness! Priya says me too ..but for a lifetime! Ram says.. do what u want.. i will do what i need to for my daughter! Priya says.. fine.. was wasting time talking to an egoist dad.. about his egoist daughter! Vikram comes n asks what is going on? Ram says.. talk to her.. pls!

Juhi comes to Pihu n asks how she is? She says fine..! Juhi brings soup for her n she keeps it aside n says.. got what i wanted..! Juhi says.. dun think Priya will let Ram fulfill his promise to u..!! Juhi instigates Pihu saying Priya wants Sammy to marry Suhani ..! She says.. RaYa are too close..n Priya can brainwash Ram..! Pihu says.. Ram loves me. n Juhi says.. n he loves Priya too . .n dunno if he will chose u over Priya..!

Part 2

Priya tells Neha to convince Ram that Pihu loves Sammy but he loves Suhani..! Neha says.. Sammy loves Pihu too n they love each other and wanna marry her..! Priya tells Neha that u heard him din see his eyes.. with love for Suhani ..! Neha says .. he loves Pihu .. Suhani broke his heart..! Priya says.. Sammy doesnt love Pihu why marry and ruin each others future ? Neha says..she is missing the point n cant predict the future..! Priya says.. Suhani loves Sammy and sacrificing her love.. despite being pregnant! Neha says..she had a relationship with Sammy and broke up n now wants to marry him..! Priya says.. as a woman its wrong.. Suhani is pregnant coz of Sammy ..and its wrong.. also Pihus love is one sided..! Neha says.. we can deal with pregnancy.. we are talking about ur Pihu..! Priya says.. ur talking like a mom .. ! Neha says.. like u did.. ages back. n now am doing same.. so what is wrong ?? Priya says.. thinking of Pihu only … thats why opposing this..! She says.. ages back. .when i had blind faith on Pihu i was wrong. n now ur doing same.! Neha says.. dun understand u and she walks off!

Part 3

Pihu confronts RaYa … and says.. everytime u say something u change decision based on Priyas words..! U told me u will get me married to Sammy but Priya said Sammy is meant for Suhani ..! Priya tries to convince Pihu but she says.. talking to my dad.. dun interrupt! Ram says.. ur words are above anyone elses.. love u most! Pihu says..chose me.. either its me or ur wife..! Priya is shocked n Ram is speechless!

Priya says.. want ur happiness too but if u wanna marry Sammy .. wont be part of it! Pihu says.. dun want u.. we dun talk big..we prove it..! Ram understands.. how serious i am about Sammy ..! She says.. u know if u din come to terrace.. i did have jumped.. so decide..! Ram walks out.. ! Priya asks Pihu what she is doing? and why? Pihu says.. what i want. i get..n this is about Sammy .. ! As for dad.. he will choose me..!! Priya breaks down..!

Precap — Priya says.. best decision .. to leave..! Nutz tries to stop Priya..! Priya asks Nutz to take care of Ram and that he is not in any pain..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. Pihu is over reacting too much nw ram should come to know the truth about varuns death it was bcoz of pihu her real face should be known by ram

  2. What priya is thinking n doing just .

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