Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 fame Sneha Namanandi talks about her future plans and how it’s important for actors to have something to fall back on

Sneha Namanandi who made her daily soap debut with the popular show, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 had been a part of shows like Gumrah and Halla Bol. Sneha loves being a part of the entertainment industry but also believes in diverse sources of income and has a pet cafe business as well. The actress believes in having a second source of income because it gives a lot of confidence.

Talking about the importance of having something to fall back on, she says, “It’s always good to have an option. I really love animals, especially dogs, so I got into a business connected with pets. Of course, I thought about it commercially too. In the future, I want to build a dog shelter too”

She adds, “I feel when you have an opportunity to do different things then why choose to do just one in your career. Some people might have different views on this but this is what I believe in. I feel that there’s only one life and I would want to do everything possible in this lifetime. Until a person doesn’t try different things, he/she wouldn’t know what all they are good at, apart from acting. I have been a state-level hockey player earlier and that has taught me to deal with rejections and move on in life. So I always go with the flow and whatever comes my way organically.”

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