Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya shock Vedika

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akki saying shall I tell Ram about the bangles, did Vedika steal the bangles, or did anyone give the bangles to Vedika. He checks the bangle. He says he may get offended if I ask, shall I ask Shivina about Ram and Vedika, how shall I taunt Ram, Priya didn’t wish to marry, when she finally got happiness, no, I can’t ask her. Shivi comes. Akki asks her about the bangles Ram gave to Priya. Ram and Priya have a talk. They spend time. bade acche….plays… They see their stars. They hold hands. He smiles seeing her. She looks at him. Shivi asks do you want me to ask mum for that bangle. Akki says I want you to wear it, you deserve it, I felt hurt when mom didn’t give it to you. Shivi says don’t think so, fine, I will talk to mom, she will not refuse to me. He thinks sorry, I won’t let Priya’s relation fall in danger. Priya wakes up in the morning. Ram is holding her hand. she tries to get her hand away. Suna hai…plays… He holds her hand again. She cares for him. She sleeps. He wakes up and sees her. He leaves her hand. He thinks she will kill me if she wakes up. He goes. She thinks my every fear has ended now. She smiles.

Adi says you know Nandini doesn’t like us to interfere in the family matter. Brinda says I will send away Vedika. Priya says its good you have come. Ram and Vedika come. Ram says I have called you all here, we are concerned for Vedika’s future. Vedika says because Shashi has sent divorce papers for me. He says its hard to me to decide this. She holds his hand and says I know you worry a lot for me. Nandini says we all are with you. Ram says it sounds good, but is this true, we can’t explain this to you, you need help. Priya says I never interfere in anyone’s matter, when Ram asked me, then I thought you need professional help. Vedika says am I mad, disturbed, what are you saying.

Priya says don’t use the word mad, yes you are disturbed, Shashi left you, he used to abuse you, he rejected your love, you need help, you were tortured, you have no job to divert mind, now divorce papers have also come. Ram says she is right, we can’t help Vedika. Brinda smiles. Adi stops her. Nandini says Priya is right, but Priya has also gone through enough, every person’s way to tackle problems is different, you were alone, but we are with Vedika. Ram says no, are we with her, is she happy in her life, I don’t think so, just Priya understands her. Nandini says I m not saying that Priya is wrong. Ram says I think she is right. Priya says we should talk about mental health, Vedika needs a professional who can help her. Ram says she is right, we found a facility for you in Manali, a women support group works for women mental health. Vedika asks what. He says trust me, it will help you. She asks Nandini to say. Nandini says I agree with Ram, how can Priya understand everyone’s feelings. Ram says trust me on this. Brinda says yes, Vedika trusts Ram a lot, Shashi used to torture Vedika. Adi says we know what happened with Vedika, I don’t think Vedika will mind. Brinda hugs Vedika and taunts her.

Brinda and Adi meet Sara. Brinda tells everything to Sara. Sara asks what. Adi says I m glad. Brinda says I want to dance, Ram said Priya is right and everyone is wrong. Adi says the news reporters want to cover a story on Ram and Priya on Mahashivratri. Brinda says I will convince them. They talk to Ram. Sara says I m very happy. Ram says Priya has come, I will talk later. Ram asks Priya about Mahashivratri puja. He asks her to just listen to him once.

Ram and Priya argue about Akki. Akki says Shivi is your step sister. Priya raises hand on Akki. Ram stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. total bakwas as usual.

  2. Episodes are so good to watch nowadays 😻!!..That Raya moments!..and Both Raya indirectly telling Vedika to just leave and see a counsellor 🥴😁!!..really Brinda was true that jab ye sab chal rhaa tha to Nandini and Vedika ka to chehra dekhne layak tha🤣🤣!!..and Priya is slowy heading herself towards Ram!!..soon she realises that she is in love!!.hayee 🥺!!

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