Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Varun tricks Ram using Ishaan

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 3rd May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivi saying I feel the dish I planned for Ram is tough, I will make something else. Shubham laughs. Nandini asks Shivi to order food and say she made it. Shivi says you are teaching me to cheat, Priya said that I should make it by myself, I will call her, I m not going to cheat. Ram thinks why does Priya have I will kill you look always, instead I love you look. Priya says I m worried, why are we doing this sting operation, Krish is habitual to these things. Ram says I will be fine. Priya says we don’t know about that manager, he is definitely bad, I can’t trust him. Ram says Krish and Adi are also with me, don’t worry, sit. She recalls the kidnapping. Shivi calls Priya and asks her to teach her something else, mom is teaching her to cheat, find out what Ram likes to eat. Priya says okay. She says Shivi is excited for Alibagh. Ram says me too, I will meet that man and find out what dad told him, maybe Shashi’s dad’s involvement will be confirmed. Priya says I know it will be done, we will talk about food, I know your fav food is biryani, is there anything else. He says chocolate. She says its not food.

He says fish curry of Alibagh is famous. She says okay. He asks will you come with me. She says yes. He says but alone. She says okay. She messages Shivi. Shivi says fish curry, how difficult is this. Nandini says you can’t cook it, don’t cook, forget it, trust me. Shubham laughs. Shivi says you both are bad, I like Priya more. Nandini worries. Shubham says seriously, she wants to put effort for Ram. She says yes, its good, don’t hate Ram, I want you to have someone as a shield, just Ram can do this, I don’t hate Ram, he loves his stepmum a lot, be around Ram always for money’s sake, he regards you and Shivi as his kids, but he will have his own kids, then his love and money will get divided, I want you to stay secured, I will always protect you.

Ram comes to his office and sees Ishaan in his cabin. Ishaan says sorry. Ram asks did you come alone, so you are saying sorry. Ishaan says I have come here without your permission. Ram asks him to sit. Ishaan says you are like Priya. Ram says no, she is always angry. Ram orders the food for him.

Ishaan says mum doesn’t like me. Ram says this can’t happen, I know Sara well, she loves you a lot, don’t think wrong about her. Ishaan says I want to come to Alibagh. Ram says fine, we will call your dad and convince him to come. Varun says its Ram’s call, I think Ishaan reached there. He answers the call. Ram says we are going to Alibagh, Priya would have invited Sara. Varun says yes, but I refused. Ram says you can decide to pick up some work there, it will be work and fun also, do come and get Ishaan and Sara along. Varun says okay. Ram says done. Ishaan thanks him. He asks for sanitizer. Ram says even you use it, its there. He thinks this boy is like me. Ishaan leaves.

Varun messages Ishaan to thank for help. Mahender says you are using your son. Varun says no, I m helpless to do this, else Sara and Ishaan will have a good bonding. He taunts Mahender. Ram says I will inform Priya that Sara is coming. He calls Priya. Nurse says Priya left her phone here and went inside to see the doctor, she is hurt. He asks what, tell me the clinic address. He notes down the address. He goes. Priya shows her wound to the doctor. Doctor says I think it’s a septic. Priya says I remember, maybe it’s a nail wound. Doctor says you have to take a TT shot. Ram comes there. Priya takes the tetanus shot. Doctor asks Priya not to wear the bangle if she has to heal the wound soon. Priya thinks no, I can’t remove this bangle, Ram made me wear this, what will I tell him then.

Doctor asks her to wear the bangles in the same hand. Priya says no, I can’t lie to Ram if he asks. Ram comes and asks her what happened, what’s wrong. Doctor says it’s a rash, it happened by her bangle. Priya says no. Doctor says she didn’t want to tell you. Ram says its my mum’s bangle. Doctor says I suggest, don’t let her wear the bangle in the right hand. Ram asks Priya to show. Priya says its fine, look at me. He says if these bangles are hurting you, then you don’t need to wear these, I don’t believe in these rituals. She says I have no problem with it.

Shashi comes to Mahender and Varun. Mahender says Varun is going to Alibagh. Varun says I know I have to find the share papers. Shashi says I remember where I kept it, you have to get it for me, Ram doesn’t know about it, if he had any idea, then he would have not let me marry Vedika, Ram was going to get everything from her dad, I have snatched it, why is Ram going there, anyways I have an idea to find out, Varun call your wife and tell her as I say.

Meera and Sara pack the bags. Sara gets Varun’s call. Varun says Ram and Priya are doing a lot for us, we should also do something, we should invite them tonight for a get together. Meera says you have thought well about it, I will call Priya home with Ram. Shashi asks Varun to stay in touch. Sara says I will be thankful to Varun that he accepted Ishaan, when he isn’t his child. Meera says then try to make the relation better.

Everyone waits for Ram and Priya. Meera says Shivi wanted to do the party here. Ishaan asks who is Shivina. Sandy says she is my Bhabhi, come. Shivi meets everyone. Shivi argues with Ishaan and asks him to follow the theme. Ishaan says dad wanted to keep it simple. Sara says sometimes, its not bad to change a bit. Ishaan says I hate changes, not everyone is like you to change for money. Varun smiles.
Varun asks Ram to come for a drive. He drives. He scolds Ram. Ram worries. Varun says I have killed your dad, now you will also die by my hands. Ram meets with an accident. Varun jumps down the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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