Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 31st January 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya’s moment

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 31st January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarika coming home and shouting Shivina. Nandini argues with her. Sarika says just call her. Shivi comes and says don’t try to convince me. Sarika asks her to come and apologize to Akki. Shivi says he will fall in my feet and apologize, even then I won’t forgive him. Sarika scolds her. Nandini asks her to shut up and leave. Meera says you started thinking about him. Priya says no. Meera explains her further. She says you always supported him, Ram troubles you, he fights with about me, its his love, he accepted you as family, he thinks he has a right on you. Priya recalls his words. She says but he called you aunty and made you a stranger. Meera says it was his anger, whatever happened with his sister, he fell lonely and told what he thought, he is the same Ram who used to eat food by my hands, you have to see this affection. Meera asks her to go home and celebrate Lohri with Ram, he is like her, caring and alone, they are real life partners, go and support Ram for her own happiness. Priya gets a call. Ram says Brinda called us home, shall I come to take you. Priya says no, I will come and meet you there. Meera says my prayers are for you and Ram, go, be happy. Priya leaves.

Sarika and Nandini argue. Sarika says Shivi has blamed Akki and ruined his life. Shivi says you are already such bad. She complains of Sarika. Nandini holds Shivi. Sarika says you troubled us, you never helped us in work, I will tell the world that my bahu is such. Vedika asks what are you saying for Shivi, its good that we got to see Akki’s true face, its good that Shivi removed him from her life. Sarika gives the divorce papers. She says this marriage is finished, I will drag you all to the court, I will not leave you all. She leaves.

Mami says Akki is so useless. Shivi asks will he leave me. Adi asks Priya to have snacks. Brinda comes and gets new clothes for Ram and Priya. Ram refuses. Brinda scolds him. She asks him to fight later. He says okay, don’t be emotional, I don’t fight. Priya says it’s a good idea, I want to stay here and have Lohri, Ram is busy. Brinda asks won’t you cancel meetings for me. Ram says I cancelled. Priya says I m also free. Adi says make each other ready for Lohri. They ask why. Brinda says I made you learn the lines, this is not just for you, it’s a big plan to unite Vedika and Shashi. Ram says right. Brinda says you both did marriage for siblings, and now celebrate Lohri for friends. Ram and Priya argue. Priya says Ram is stubborn, he gets jealous seeing Neeraj and me in the same room. Brinda teases Ram. Brinda wins the round. Ram says I have to play new round and win. Brinda asks Ram to make the wife ready. Ram says fine, I will do. Brinda says lets see who wins. Ram and Priya leave. Adi asks whose rasam is this. Brinda says its mine to bring them closer. Nandini asks did you call Ram. Vedika says its not connecting, everything is going as per out plan. Nandini says very true. Vedika says none can prove Akki’s innocence, Shivi should agree to divorce Akki, we will make this divorce a big news in the party, then Priya will leave, get Shivi in the party. Nandini says don’t worry, Sarika already did our work. Vedika calls Ram. Brinda disconnects her call. She gets angry. Ram and Priya get ready. Ram looks at her. Dil ki dhadkan…..plays…. She asks am I looking strange. Ram says no way, different. She asks am I looking bad. Ram says no, good, very good. She says you can joke. He says wait a min, I will win round 2. She asks what. He asks her to come.

Ram makes Priya wear the jewellery. Nainon ne….plays… They have a moment. She makes a wish. They see each other. He thinks this marriage will always go on, I should tell her. He says Priya… She gets Akki’s call.

Mahender says don’t punish my daughter for Akki’s mistake. Priya says Ram will handle me. She runs after Mahender and goes to stop him. She says I won’t let him punish Ram. She meets with an accident.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Good Episode💖!!..that mami and Kapoor family are all of same character 🤮!they are always ready to become villains at any point of time 😑!!..Raya Moments were too good😍, thanks to Brinda 😘!!..precap is so terrifying😢!!..

    1. @Shivi correct. Akshay’s mother, Ram’s step mother and step brother are all the same. I fail to understand what their problems are anyways today’s episode is super refreshing and beautiful😍😍😄😄Right now I wish I personally know the maker of this show so that I could give them a big big thank you. They gave us happiness by bringing Brinda into the show and also by not giving more screen space to the villains😍😍😍and also by showing more RAYA moments. If this show keeps going like this, the TRP will boost so so much😄😄😄as far as precap is concerned, yes it is terrifying but it is clear the makers are trying to make Raya bond stronger that is why they are doing this😍😍😍😄😄😄😍Can’t wait for the next episode

  2. Metin

    I don’t understand the majority.
    ***It’s said that ram has great friends.
    those are People who know the disgrace of Vedika and don’t tell ram about it openly.
    ***It’s called a wonderful couple.
    I thought there were two women on the screen while ram was putting the jewelry on priya.
    ***the successful CEO who manages the company.
    Nandini, whose expertise we don’t see other than staying at home, fooled the CEO many times.
    He opened a company to Shubham, who had no experience other than traveling parties.
    ***priya i love you.
    He loves Priya so much that even though Priya said
    don’t decide without investigating the case, he took Shivi with and left.
    He loves her so much that if Brinda hadn’t come on Ram’s birthday, when vedika was about to trying to go to bed with Ram, Ram did not take the slightest attitude towards Vedika.
    He loves Priya so much that he put her ex, whom he still loves, in the same house as Priya.
    I guess there are no hotels, relatives or friends in that city.
    ***most important thing is my dad.
    he says after 20 years ”we will investigate the case”. clap,clap , clap

    There are a few more things, but I’m bored.
    last one
    ***ram is called the ideal man.
    ram’s only link to masculinity is his beard. He has not yet shown a single masculine act. if ram character played by a woman , it wouldnt differ anything. Priya is much, much more masculine than him. 🙂

    I think the majority proved it again.
    no matter how silly the story is, if the majority likes the couple, they call the show great.

    1. I cudnt agree more…. Ekdum correct

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