Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 2nd March 2022 Written Episode Update: Vedika and Nandini’s plan

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 2nd March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini asking Shivi not to tell anything to Akki, he should think that he has decided to stay back. Ram comes. Shivi says I wanted to stay, Akki said he will stay because he loves me. Ram says he loves you, but Akki has esteem, don’t force him, he will feel comfortable. Shivi says Vedika is staying in our house since a long time, no one is telling her anything. Nandini asks how can you compare like that. Ram says I can keep you home all life, Vedika is here by her own wish, I wanted to talk to mom, how long will Vedika stay here. He says we should help Vedika in starting life again, she will want her own space. Nandini says Vedika didn’t say anything. Ram says she didn’t tell us that Shashi raises hand on her, she won’t share everything with us, I m her friend, I was thinking to gift her an apartment. She asks will you oust her. Ram asks her to talk to Vedika. Nandini says I will talk to her. He says I spoke to Brinda, Adi will find options, just explain her maturely. She says okay. He says take Vedika to show the houses. She says I will do it, I feel awkward, you know her well, you should talk to her. He says you manage it, please, for my sake. She says okay Ram. He thanks her. He thinks I have to make it rain for Priya. He goes to room. Priya folds his clothes. He jokes and calls her a wonder folder woman. He runs to the washroom. She says he is clever and compliments me to make me do his work. She calls him out and says I have tied my hair. He worries.

Ajay comes to help Priya. He takes the clothes for laundry. Vedika comes and says Ram can never change. She acts and says I m a guest here, Nandini told me that Ram is finding a house for me, he is preparing to send me. She thinks to show the bangle to Priya. She says we will sit for some time. Ram looks for Priya. Vedika and Priya have a talk. She asks Priya to pass that golden box. Priya gives it to her. Vedika says you are Ram’s wife, I know that your marriage means a lot to Ram, relations matter a lot to him, duty is over love to him. Priya says its same for me too, I protect my family, I don’t care about anyone’s likes and dislikes, everyone has a right to hold opinions about me, you don’t need to clarify to me. Vedika thinks what will you do when you see the bangle with me. The bangle falls. Ajay comes to call Priya. Priya picks the box and keeps it. She leaves.

Priya says Brinda is normal but I feel I m sitting on hot seat when I m with Vedika. She sees a wet towel on her bed. She goes to ask Ram about it. He says it will rain today, will you keep your promise. She says make it rain first, stop acting like a hero, I won’t come in your words. He says okay. He laughs. She says help me in cleaning. He gets her under the shower. He says its rain. She says you are wasting water. He says fulfill your promise, its rain. She says this is next level of nonsense. He says you promised me, you don’t hurt anyone’s heart. She thinks did I say this before. She says but why will I do this. He says because you are such. She thinks if he has used his coupon, then why is he lying. He says I know you always keep your promise. He thinks is she remembering everything. He thinks she will call me a cheat. She thinks why am I not angry that he lied to me, what happened to me, do I like all this, but why.

She stops him. They enjoy the shower. Ye baarish….plays… They have an eyelock. She stops the shower. She says much water got waste, we will go now. He holds her hand and says thanks Priya for trusting me, for doing everything that I like. She goes. He smiles. Vedika says you really want me to go. Nandini says I want our plan to work, I can go to any extent. She says you will wait for Ram to go to office, then you will take the suitcase down, you will behave like you have become a burden, you will collide with Priya, then this bangle will fall out by mistake. Vedika says I will pretend that I picked the bangle to hide. Nandini says I will say that I felt bad that Ram lied, Priya will ask him and he will still lie, he will say the truth which I told him. Vedika smiles.

Priya gets a message. She scolds Raj. Mahender comes. She asks him about the threatening messages. Vedika collides with Priya. Priya sees the bangle.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. what a twit you are Vedika and the same goes for you to Nandini

  2. I can understand Vedika b’cos she want Ram back now that Shashi is bankrupt but Nandini’s behaviour is what I don’t get, doesn’t she want Ram to get married and be happy? She and her children are exploiting Ram and they’re enjoying the riches b’cos of him so they don’t want anyone to get part of the property not even Priya that’s why she want Priya out of the house. What a greedy woman. They’re so annoying.

  3. Wow great episode!!..hope all things get better and better between Raya!!

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