Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya’s heated argument

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya talking to Ishaan. He says I didn’t drink, I wish this didn’t happen, all good here, I m preparing for mom’s haldi. She thinks just I m getting threatened. He asks is everything fine there. She says yes, Pihu and Ram became friends. She thinks I hope Krish tracks the blackmailer soon. Vedika thinks I have seen the fear on Priya’s face, she doubts Nandini. Kanika says Krish wants to reach the real blackmailer. Vedika says its his work. Kanika says my source is sending the messages to Priya by different numbers, he asked me to alert you. Vedika says you did good.

Nandini sees Priya. She calls Vedika and says don’t blame me if things go out of hands. Vedika says I won’t blame, Ram is in your hands, you won’t let him go to Priya. She ends call. Nandini thinks how did her attitude change. Priya feeds the food to Pihu. Kanika says prove Ram and Priya are acting, I will show the proof to my husband. Vedika says I m also a part of this deal, I just want Priya to leave. Kanika says you want Priya to back out, and Ram marries you to save the deal. Vedika says yes, now my plan won’t change. Ram scolds the staff. Adi comes. He thinks what happened to Ram. The staff talks that Ram and Shubham got strict about work. Adi thinks Pihu might be waiting, why did he come back to office, that too in anger.

Pihu calls Ram. Pavan asks do you want something. She asks when will Ram come. He says he will get late, have food. She says I will wait. Priya says I have made brownie. She thinks you promised Pihu, where are you, Ram. She gets a call. Krish says this blackmailer is clever, he is sending messages from different IP, is everything fine. She says Ram promised Pihu that he will have dinner together, he didn’t come. He says strange, he looked excited when he came here, you were making coffee, he saw your bag, he knew you are inside. She thinks so he is venting anger on Pihu. She ends call. Krish says he came to take my advice for Pihu’s gift. Priya gets angry. Shubham comes to Ram and says you were going home early. Ram says this is imp. Shubham joins the meeting. Ram thinks Priya did the same thing, cheat. Pihu sleeps. Priya asks Pihu to have food. Pihu says no, make me sleep, is Ram upset with me. Priya asks why, what did you do. Pihu says maybe he got hurt of my word. Priya says no, you are the world’s best daughter. Pihu asks why didn’t he come on the dinner date, he broke the promise again. Priya says he would have not done this deliberately.

Priya asks her to smile and not get sad. She hugs Pihu and thinks you have to answer me today. Ram comes home and recalls Pihu. He sees her card. Priya comes and argues with him. He says I m used to this drama, I got cheated even that time. Priya says Pihu got fooled, you care for me one day, and then you broke her heart, why, she didn’t have food and went to sleep, you did this because I went to meet Krish. They argue. He says until you are playing my wife, you can’t go and meet Krish, help me from your heart if you want. She says I had some work with him. He asks what work did you have. She thinks you can’t hear what you family did. He stops her and asks her for an answer. She asks why did you come to Krish’s house, were you spying, you will get the deal. He says I went there to know about Pihu’s likes, I wanted to gift her something. She says you can’t play with Pihu’s emotions. He says I m her fake dad, I didn’t think of her, her real dad will think of her. She says Krish will never break heart like you do, he just knows to love. She goes crying. She says no need to get emotional about this drama, its my mistake. Ram comes and asks how dare you compare me with Krish, I can’t fall to his level. Her hand gets burn. Ram worries and cares for her. She cries. He asks is it paining a lot. He hugs her. Bade acche…plays… He wipes her tears. They think of their moments. He holds her close to kiss. Her hand makes something fall. She steps back.

Pihu asks Krish to get the dream dress for Priya. Krish promises. She asks Ram to leave. Priya says I don’t want my family and Ishaan to not get hurt. Shubham says no problem if everything is done well. She thinks he has sent me those messages.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Can Ram really loose his standards in talking… kitne third class dialogues the aaj.. I’m disappointed

  2. This show is becoming very ugly, not nice episode any more, Priya also wants to hide everything, saving others and ruining her own life which is not a good idea. Hope this show ends soon if they do not produce good episode.

    1. Yes I agree with you. Only the happy moments of Ram n Pihu’s cutest.. Other then that…..its heart breaking relationships.

  3. I agree…
    Am I the only one who fast forward the nandani. Vedika scenes…
    Ram being *the Ram kapoor from bandra* is not such a smart cookie after all.. can’t he see how pihu is so much like him

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