Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Ram confronts Shubham

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini saying you are really nice, Shashi, you know its not okay. He says I know, if you knew it before… what is the matter. She says no, you know Shivina wants to marry a middle class guy, I can’t say anything to her, I like Sid a lot, I don’t want Shivi and Akki’s marriage to happen, do you still want Shivi and Sid’s marriage to happen. Shashi asks what are you saying, you want Shivina to marry a guy whom she doesn’t love. Nandini says come on Shashi, love is just for some time, marriage stay without love also. He says I agree. She asks him to talk to Sid. He asks how will it happen. She says Ram. Ram says Adi, I have to talk to Brinda, where are Shashi and Nandini. Adi says calm down, they left. He orders food for Ram. Meera lights a diya and prays at home. Brinda says go and say sorry to Priya. Ram says I didn’t send Priya to Vedika. Brinda says Priya has self-esteem, she will think you counted your good things, you don’t do anything, I will handle everything, Ram go home and pack your clothes, we are going to the farmhouse, you and Priya need to spend time and know each other. Ram asks will Priya come. She says I will handle it, go and finish packing. Adi says she is mostly right. Ram says she is always right. Veena says one who did a mistake should get punished, what is Priya’s mistake, tell me what shall I do. Brinda calls Sandy. She asks for Meera. She says Ram wants to take Priya to surprise at the farmhouse. Meera asks really. Brinda asks where is Priya, is she free, I will take her with me. Meera says she just has one class, she will be free soon. She smiles. Sandy asks what’s the matter. Meera prays for Priya’s happiness.

Ram meets the producer. The man says Akshay wants to come here and celebrate Shivina’s birthday, I will be relieved if Shubham takes the responsibility that Akshay will be at the shoot tomorrow. Ram asks why. The man says he asked me to take Akki for this role, we had cast him but Akki refused, Shubham asked me to call Akki again and offer him a big amount, the marriage got cancelled, my shoot shouldn’t stop, tell Akki to go for the shoot tomorrow, thanks. Adi says we will see. The man goes. Adi says Shubham said he doesn’t know anything. Ram says Shubham has to answer this right away. Priya thinks Ram told me a lot, he didn’t call me, knowing I m upset. The student asks Priya to clear their doubts. She says we will keep an extra class. Brinda says not today.

Ram and Adi are on the way. Adi says don’t say anything in anger. Ram says Shivi loves Akki a lot, Shivi was so upset that day, why did Shubham do this, I married a stranger for my family, I won’t let Shubham come between Shivi and her happiness. Priya asks Brinda to go, she can’t come. Brinda insists her to come. She says Adi and Ram will also come there, they will get your clothes. Ram says Shubham was provoking us against Akki. Adi asks will you go home and argue with everyone. Ram says I will find out who was driving that night, when Sandy met an accident. Adi asks why. Shubham asks Nandini what’s her plan, its a big plan, tell Ram. She says Ram had no time for me, he made me wait for the first time. He says Ram didn’t sign any business deal. Sid comes and says its Akki’s birthday tomorrow, Shivina told me. Shubham asks did you both get friendly again. Sid says yes, she is your sister, it was my mistake also. She thinks Shashi did this, he explained Sid. She asks Sid to be a good friend. Sid goes to meet Shivi.

Shubham asks what’s this drama now. Nandini says I don’t waste time. He says sorry, I get it. She says I don’t want Shivi to marry Akki. Servant says Ram is coming home. She says time to rock and roll. Brinda and Priya are on the way. They talk about Ram. Brinda says I know Ram well. Priya asks whose idea was this. Brinda says if I say, its Ram’s idea, he may also like to go out with you. Priya says he cracks silly jokes, he forgets everything seeing food, he has a goodness, his sincerity, he told me that he has no place for love in his life, he isn’t doing this to impress me, who all are coming there, we have nothing like a couple. Brinda says so sorry, I had left hope that someone will come in Ram’s life, but you came, if he troubles you then tell me, I will see him. Priya says no, I feel I m difficult. Brinda says don’t say that. Priya says don’t tell this to Ram. Brinda asks what, this will always be between us, I promise. Priya says he already did a lot for me, he thinks for everything. Brinda says he is such. Priya says I love my family a lot, my mum taught me to be caring, Ram does much for his family, even if he doesn’t do it, then also his family will love him. Brinda thinks Priya understood Ram and will know his family soon. Sid and Shivi decorate the surprise for Akki. He says you look good in soft lighting, remember our engagement pics, you looked beautiful. She says it actually looks good, I m sorry, I had run away from sangeet, it was a wrong way. Sid says yes, it was rude, I was angry, but its past, we don’t love each other, its good that we didn’t marry. She says I will keep our friendship. He goes and says where did Shashi trap me.

Ram asks the guard who was driving the blue sedan that night. Guard says Shubham was driving, there was someone with him. Ram says its my mistake, I know Priya would have supported the truth, she would punish her brother if he is wrong, now Shubham is wrong, I have to ask Shubham for Priya’s sake. Shubham says I want Shivi’s marriage to break right away. Ram asks why do you want their marriage to break, why are you doing this. Shubham says I can explain. Ram says because Priya called the police in the marriage. Shubham says no, I have forgiven him. Ram says don’t lie, you were driving the car that night. Shubham asks did Priya say this. Ram shouts enough, answer me. Adi says calm down Ram. Ram says Shubham is trying to break Shivi and Akki’s relation. Nandini says no. Ram says he paid the money to the producer. He scolds Shubham for his lies. He says if dad was here, then what would he think. Shubham says I don’t care. Ram raises hand. Nandini asks Ram to calm down. Ram says give me a reason to calm down.

Nandini shows Raj’s video. He asks can you send Shivi to a family where she isn’t safe. Shubham says stop this marriage. Shivi says I have planned this surprise for Akki. Ram finds her very happy. Ram says Adi, I can’t talk to Shivi, we have to find some other way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ooh!!..what an episode it was!!..Ram ka behaviour was totally right towards his brother!..but hoping that he will not be swayed by his mother’s words of cancelling the wedding!!

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