Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Priya and Nandini’s emotional talk

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya and everyone performing the chuda rasam for Shivi. Din shagna da….plays… Krish sees Ram and Priya. Ram takes the gift for Shivi. He asks you like it. She smiles and hugs him. Krish says that’s a good one, case is reopened again. Priya says yes, it won’t get closed until the culprit is caught. He says we didn’t find any proof there. She says my bag was left there. He says I searched for it, we have to go to Alibagh soon, don’t know we should tell Ram or not. Ram sees them. Sandy says their chemistry is zero degrees, your and Priya’s chemistry is 100 degrees, ask anyone. Ram says really. Maitri comes and says the same. He gets happy. Priya says we will talk tomorrow about this. Priya goes to Ram. He smiles. Nandini looks at them. Mami says you said we have to talk sweetly with Priya, its going wrong, your plan failed, now your children also went in Priya’s control. Sara and Varun come home. She says everyone is in Kapoor mansion for Shivi’s chuda rasam, where is Ishaan. He says he would be using headphones. She asks do you know what he hears all the time. He says you want to say that I m not a good father. She asks him to relax. Mahender comes with Ishaan. Ishaan says sorry, I didn’t hear you. Sara says obviously, you had headphones. Mahender asks what are you doing here. Varun says 25 lakhs got over and so I came here, 15 years is a long time, I accepted Ram’s job offer. Mahender asks what. Sara asks all okay. Varun says yes, is the room ready. She says yes. He says I m tired, I want to rest. He goes. Mahender thinks to make Varun leave, by using his weakness.

Priya sees Nandini in her room. Nandini says I have come to talk to you. Priya says I didn’t wish to do all that. Ram comes and looks on. Nandini says it’s a lie, you wanted to do this. Ram thinks they are fighting. Priya sits down and says mom, I know, I m not one of those good bahus, who try to end the differences, I m not friendly, I m an introvert but I m not a liar, I didn’t like Shubham and Shivi hurting Ram, if you didn’t give birth to Ram then is he a stepson, did he love you less. Nandini says never. Priya says then this implies to Shubham and Shivi also, why do they call him stepbrother, Ram doesn’t differentiate, Shubham and Shivi don’t understand, its wrong, even Ram doesn’t understand, it’s a big thing for me, I can’t tolerate Ram’s insult, sorry, but I m not sorry for this. Nandini says you shouldn’t be sorry, whatever happened today wasn’t wrong, it was right, I m happy that you respect my son, I m lucky and proud of you. Ram smiles. She says you took a stand for him, thanks. Priya asks why are you upset. Nandini says I m upset because if it was your mum in my place today, then you would have discussed it with her, you didn’t keep me in loop, so I m upset. Mahender sees Ishaan. He fakes a call and makes Ishaan hear him. He asks does Ishaan know this that Sara will stop him here and send Varun to Delhi. Ishaan gets angry. He says she got me here to make me away from my dad. He jumps out of the window. Mahender says Varun you have to go back from here. Priya says I m sorry. Nandini says its okay, don’t sit down, I will look like an evil saas. Priya says don’t tell Ram, else he will tease me, I m not like Ram, I m not friendly and always stay alone, but its because I want to give everyone their space, I don’t like to interfere. Nandini says I know, I admire you a lot, I wish I was such in your age, but Priya, I can give you an advice, please change your hairstyle. Priya asks why, shall I tie it up. Nandini says no. Ram thinks Priya says she isn’t like me, she means she isn’t good like me, she is better than me, I can shout I love you but she will keep love every day, trust me Priya, I thought just I know to love unconditionally, now I realized that you are the queen, you will always love me more than myself. His phone rings. They see Ram at the door. Ram says I was passing by, you were talking. They say its bad to hear talks. Ram says your hairstyle is bad, change it. Nandini says you change your bad habit.

Sara calls Ram. She asks for Priya. She says Ishaan has jumped down the window and left. Ram asks what. Everyone worries for Ishaan. Sandy says Ram will fix everything. Priya and Ram come. Meera hugs Priya. She says don’t know where Ishaan went. Ram says we will find him, don’t worry. Priya says call Krish, he can help us. She asks who were at home when this happened. Sara says Varun, me and dad. Priya asks Mahender when did you see Ishaan for the last time. Mahender says Sara took Ishaan to the room. Sara says yes, then I went to show the room to Varun. Priya says don’t worry, I will check in his room and come. Ram says you are a strong mother, don’t worry. He asks Sandy to tell Krish to get cctv camera footage. Priya asks why did Ishaan run away.

Ram checks his books. He asks is he athletic, seeing his books, maybe he is more into studies. She says yes. He says he would have not gone too far, we should go and look outside. Mahender asks did you ask him before coming here. Meera says they would have talked to him. He asks why did he run away. He scolds Sara. Ram gets angry. Priya stops Ram. Mahender asks Sara to message Ishaan that you will take him back to Delhi, then he will come back. Varun says yes, he didn’t like the change, his school and friends are there. Mahender says you should have not come here, message him. Priya says wait, you won’t message.

Krish says maybe your dad got something there. Adi asks Ram not to let the past affect the future. Priya and Mahender argue. Ram calls it enough.

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  1. Why Mahender is hell bent on ruining his daughters’ lives? He was the one who cheated on their mother and left them to start a new family. Then why so much hate for own daughters who thrived without him?

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