Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Priya learns Ram and Vedika’s past

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram saying Priya, you are becoming mine. She goes. Servant gives the bank notice to Vedika. She checks it. She calls Neeraj. He goes out of the room and answers. She says my world is ruined. He asks have you lost it. She says yes, I have lost everything, I lost my love, your ex Priya is snatching my Ram from me. Maitri wakes up and comes to see him. She hears Vedika. Vedika says Ram is mine, he will never be of Priya, he loves me and will always love me. Maitri gets shocked. Vedika says I know Ram is helpless, because Shivi is Akki’s wife, else he would have left Priya. He asks did Ram say this. She says no, we still have a second chance. Maitri goes back. He asks Vedika to talk tomorrow. She ends the call. He goes and sees Maitri awake. She says I can’t believe that Vedika is Ram’s ex. He asks didn’t you know. She asks did you know. He says I thought Priya also knows. She says no way, else she would have not let Vedika stay in her house, Vedika was lying. He says Ram still loves her, who am I to say anything, we don’t know the truth, don’t tell this to Priya. She says no, I have to tell something. He says we shall find out what game is going on. He smiles.

Priya goes to the bathroom. Ram and Akki come. Akki calls her out and asks her to come with him fast. She asks what happened. Ram enters the room. He hides. Priya comes back. Ram asks Tarun to empty Priya’s cupboard first. He says she will wear that saree when she has no option. Akki hugs him.

Mami says its holi today. Neeraj and Maitri come there. Mami taunts them. Maitri asks for Ram. Mami asks what happened, you are asking for Ram, not Priya. Maitri says everything is fine, where are they. Akki meets her and says happy holi, Ram is in his room. They hug. He says I will just come. Maitri says I will go and talk to Ram. Neeraj says fine, don’t come in Mami’s eyes. Pavan says I have to give these clothes to Ram. Maitri stops him. Neeraj says don’t tell anything to Priya. he smiles. Pavan gives the clothes to Ram. He says Akki is getting Priya’s saree. Shivi wishes Maitri and applies the holi. Ram leaves from the room. Priya looks for her clothes. She asks who is doing this, where did they take my clothes. She sees Ram’s clothes these. She says Ram has done this. She takes his clothes. Meera, Sara and Sandy come. They meet Neeraj. Neeraj wishes them. Sandy pushes him and goes. Mami hugs Meera and wishes her. She says Nandini is getting ready. Neeraj thinks I will see what Vedika’s spark has done. Priya goes to washroom. Maitri thinks its Ram. She goes to talk. She says I want to know the truth, did you talk to Priya for Akki and Shivi, you are cheating Priya for your ex, that girl is divorcing her husband, so you want to return to her, to that Vedika, say something. Priya opens the door. Maitri says you.. Priya asks what did you say. Ram gets the saree. Brinda and Sara like it. Brinda asks him to get ready and come. She teases Ram. Ram asks Sara to go and give the saree to Priya. Sara goes. Ram asks Brinda to click Priya’s pic and send him. She goes.

Priya says you mean Vedika is Ram’s ex, who told you, did anyone tell you. Maitri says no, I m mad, I say anything. Priya says please, you are my sister, I expect my blood to say the truth to me, you came here to talk to Ram. Maitri says I don’t know the truth, I came here to know the truth if he is cheating you or not, Vedika believes that Ram wants to return to her but he is helpless because of Shivi, I think its not right. Priya recalls Ram’s words. She cries and says this is Ram and my personal issue, we will solve this. Brinda and Sara look on. Priya says we will decide it. She gets depressed. She says if Ram is true, then he will come out clean, else I can’t tolerate this. She asks do you want to help me. Maitri says yes. Priya asks does Neeraj know. Maitri says yes. Priya says don’t tell this to mum, she shouldn’t get hurt.

Priya and Ram dance. He sings Humko sirf tumse pyaar hai… Neeraj and Priya argue. Ram scolds Neeraj and beats him. He looks for Priya.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I thought Vedika is gone with ‘Holika Dahan’ but Now I am sure actress playing Vedika is related to director/producer .they can not get rid of her.
    Loosing the charm of the show.
    Its like moving a step forward and then 2 steps backward.

    BORING 😟😡

  2. If vedika comes, will stop watching BALH2. Enough is enough…

    1. Looks like it. Is Vedika having affair with someone? Who knows. Maybe she’ll come under a truck, die, and go to hell. Really. The stepmom is also a phony b*t*h. They are destroying the storyline. Hope both characters are exposed and get out of the show. Need a clean storyline with solid theme. Something that is family watchworthy.

  3. Story Line is very poor. Feel like same is repeating…vedika tries to separate ram and Priya…. Any function will come…. Vedika will loose…. Again another function .. vedika and step mom make plan… Then plan will floop…. Fed up with story line. Why can’t they come up with some interesting story line.

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