Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pihu goes missing


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shubham saying Priya will take Pihu. Nandini says enough, don’t think of this, Priya and Pihu are here. He says we were leaving for airport that time, so they didn’t run. Ram says yes, they are here, but its strange, this doesn’t add up, I will have to talk to Priya. He goes. Shubham says Ram didn’t get angry. She smiles and says he got confused, now this doubt will work, it will end Ram and Priya’s relation. Priya asks for the footage. She asks how can someone take the footage, someone was trying to take my daughter. She scolds the guard. Ram comes and asks what do you want to delete, the night footage. She asks do you have it, he said its deleted. He says it got saved. He scolds her. She asks why did someone delete the footage. He says I just want to know the truth of this footage, you were running away with my daughter, will you blame my mum.

Priya says no. He says I forced mom to apologize to you. She says I came back. He says thanks for the favor. Nandini asks Pihu to come and have cupcakes. Ram asks what shall I do, shall I pray at night and sleep, that you don’t get away with my daughter. Priya says I feel you are going to file for her sole custody, you will snatch her. He says you thought to run away. She says I was going to make a big mistake, I realized my mistake. Nandini gets Pihu there. Priya says I want Pihu to get your love, she is your daughter. Ram says when its time to say the truth, you try to run away. She says I was scared that I will get separated from her. He asks don’t you trust her. She says I stopped. He asks where would you take her, you would make her sleep on the road, you would lie that its an adventure, I m alive, you made my daughter sleep on the roads. Pihu is shocked. Ram scolds Priya. They cry. Ram asks why shall I not file sole custody for Pihu, give me a reason. Pihu goes away. Nandini asks where did Pihu go. Priya asks was she here. Nandini says yes, she heard that she is Ram’s daughter. Priya asks where did she go. Nandini says she would have gone inside. Ram says I will go. Nandini says stop, try to understand, promise me, you both won’t talk about past and fight. They promise. Nandini says fine, I will talk to Pihu and come. Priya says no, its about Pihu. Ram says Priya, go and talk to Pihu, then I will come, we should calmly handle this. Ram and everyone try to find Pihu. Ram scolds the guards.

Shubham says Vedika would have left, I have opened the backgate. Ram asks Priya to check the backgate. Priya cries. Vedika hides. Ram says we will do this together. Priya says I don’t know what she is thinking. He says we will talk to her, I m there. Vedika thinks Priya doesn’t remember, I think I can get saved now. Priya stops her and asks where were you going. Vedika says I m going home, why are you asking this. Priya asks where is my daughter. Vedika asks how would I know. Priya says you have done something. Vedika asks did you go mad. Priya checks her head and says I had hit you yesterday, stop the drama, tell me, where is Pihu. Vedika says you have gone mad, maybe Ram took her. Priya asks how dare you say this, you want misunderstandings to increase, I will call the police and get you arrested. Ram calls Priya and asks her to come out. Priya goes. Ram cries. He says I got this chain here.

Priya thinks no, no one kidnapped Pihu, she is fine, she always wanted to know about her dad. She says we will find her, nothing will happen to her. Ram asks how can she go. She says she got to know a big truth, she would be scared. He asks why, didn’t she want her dad to be someone like me. She says she wanted you to be her dad, she wants both of us. He asks where would she go. She says she does everything and thinks like you do, tell me, where would you go in this situation. Ram says I was angry when I knew the truth, I thought to teach you a lesson, we were thinking to make a new start, I had to become old Ram Kapoor. She says you would have gone to some place. He says my room, where I have your memories. She says then Pihu would also be there, she has many memories with you, she liked to stay in Kapoor mansion, we will go there and find her. They go.

Pihu thinks of Ram. She says we used to have fun here, why can’t we stay here, everyone stays happy here. Ram says house is vacant, I m scared. Priya says Sandy will reach there before us, Pihu wants to spend time alone. He asks why, maybe she felt bad of my words. She says you didn’t do anything. He asks why does she want to stay alone. She says you also like to spend time alone to understand things, she would like to do the same, we have to make her believe that she isn’t alone, she has a family. Pihu says I wanted my family, I got Ram, he is my dad, I called him dad and he really became my dad, why didn’t mumma and Ram tell me. Priya says we had hid the truth. Ram says truth always comes out. Priya says truth always got storm for us, we have to be careful that nothing else spoils, we have to explain Pihu that we are her family, which she always wanted. Pihu says I want my mum and dad, together. She sees some shadow and worries.

Krish says Ram has sent the custody summon. Priya says I will go. Ram says Priya has to tell this to me if she wants the custody.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. whats in a name

    Trash.. total trash.
    Ram Kapoor should change his name to Ram Stupid Kapoor. Is he really a business tycoon?

  2. What rubbish.. now “the ram kapoor”
    Is going to.court.. seriously another week of dragging court story.. please can someone explain how pihu got to KAPOOR MANSION …
    correct me if I wrong but THE RAM KAPOOR drove to kapoor mansion.. when is he gonna see how toxic his so called family is… I miss Brinda adhi and his pals… they all need to come back.. most important who is running his multi million company….

    1. I used to enjoy this show in the early days only. The story is total rubbish now. Ram still doesn’t know that Priya didn’t murder Stupid Shivina. Nandani and Shubu are always plotting n planing against Priya (in the open area)but Ram never overhears them? They have staff in the house who don’t see how Pihu sneaked out and reached Kapoor mansion(which took Ram hours by car) I wish whole truth comes out and Ram moves out with Priya and Pihu. And live happily ever after.Watching for Nakul only.

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