Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Ram wants to make Priya smile

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram thinking of Priya. Bade acche….plays… He thinks she doesn’t like rains, even then she has come. Priya recalls his words and cleans the floor. Ram messages her. Servant gets warm water for him. Ram thanks him. He asks where are my kabab. Servant says how can I forget it. Ram says thanks, did everyone sleep. Servant says Shivina is still awake. Ram goes to see. Priya sees Akki talking to Shivi on call. Shivi says its not my mistake. Akki says I want Priya to stay happy, how will she stay happy in this situation. Shivi asks won’t you marry me now. He says no, I want to see her happy. Ram and Priya take their phones, and say sorry. The call ends. Priya says its not Shivi’s mistake. Akki asks why do you get punished for other’s mistake, I don’t like it. She goes. Ram asks what are you doing. She says you and Shubham created this trouble, why are you spoiling it, I want a good marriage, I m not getting it, make Priya happy, its my sangeet tomorrow, I want her to smile.

He says its hard to make her smile. She says you made her angry. He says I didn’t, I will try. Vedika thinks Ram checked my message, why didn’t he come. Shashi comes. He says don’t go Vedika. Neeraj asks did Priya sign the contract, she won’t sign. Maitri asks him not to think about her all the time, she signed the contract, she is going to marry. She goes. Shashi says I know your and Ram’s friendship is deep, I m your husband, I need you, be with me, support me in such times. Vedika hugs him. She says I m sorry Shashi, I can’t stop, please, I m going. She leaves. He gets angry.

Ram’s friends talk about Ram and Priya. Brinda asks what happened to you all. Vikrant says you know it well. Kunal says you know how much Ram loves Shivi. Brinda says yes, he is marrying Priya, you want them to hate each other. Vikrant says no, Priya will think he loves her. Kunal says Ram loves Vedika. She asks don’t you want him to move on. Adi says he is innocent, Priya is always angry, he is classical music, she is noise. Kunal says opposites attract. Brinda says thanks, I agree with Kunal, Ram’s family decided this, it maybe proved right, Adi was lucky to get me, Vikrant you don’t talk about relations, Ram can go on the right path. Priya waits for the bank guy. Sara calls her and says we got a beautiful lahenga for sangeet. Priya says I don’t want to wear it. Meera says come soon, sangeet is in six hours. Priya says I have to solve this bank issue. Ram comes there. He asks what wrong did I do, sorry. The bank guy comes and says sorry to get late, loan papers are ready. Ram asks who takes loan at high interest. Priya says I have work, I need a loan. The man asks Ram can he get a vacancy in his company. Ram says I need to know the loan rules. Priya says I will handle it alone. Ram says I can help, I know it. She says its my loan. He says who takes 22 percent interest, I m helping, I m not offering money, its your loan, understand, I m a businessman, I deal with bank people better than you. She says I can manage, you mean you are smart, and I don’t have a mind, thanks, I don’t want your help. He says you look smart, you aren’t smart. They argue.

Priya says its my brother’s sangeet, I will sign these papers. She signs the papers. Ram thinks I had to make her smile, what will I tell Shivi. He gets Shivi’s message. He leaves. Priya comes to Mahender’s house. She says I signed the marriage contract, your plan failed, I got a personal loan, I will pay the EMI, Ram won’t pay it, don’t drag him in this. Rakhi says this marriage isn’t good for you. Priya argues with them. She says I m getting married for my mum’s sake. She leaves. Mama says Ram isn’t here, I will find out. Neetu asks where is Ram. Shubham says don’t know. Nandini gives the cheque to the man. She asks what happened. Neetu says Ram will be busy in work or Sasural. Nandini asks her to go. Neetu says Ram got close to his Sasural. Nandini asks Shubham to call Ram. She says I planned something special for Shivi. Shivi comes and says I m upset, where is Ram. Nandini says he will do what you told him. Shivi calls Brinda and asks where is Ram. Brinda says he would be with Priya. Shivi says thanks. Shubham says I won’t call Priya. Shivi calls Priya.

Priya asks Akki to get ready. Akki says I was sending pics to producers. He disconnects Shivi’s call. He says I don’t want to talk to her. She says all the guys are fools. He says Ram isn’t such. She says he is a big fool, he is teaching me how to take loan, he was talking like he is the smartest. He says look how you are blushing. He jokes. She takes Shivi’s call. Shivi says marriage contract wasn’t my idea. Priya says leave it. Shivi asks where is Ram, he didn’t return home. Priya says I don’t know. She asks Akki to get ready.

Shivi says they met but an hour ago. Nandini says I know who knows about him. Shubham asks Vedika?

The Sangeet function goes on. Priya says you are right, I still love you, did you get happy. Neeraj smiles. Someone records them.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ram is such a cute guy !!..he is damn caring for his loved ones! Ram and Priya ‘s cute nokjhoks !!… waiting for their wedding 🙂 ..

  2. Precap is very bad.😠😠

  3. I hope the precap is an imaginary scene because I can’t believe priya would say something like that.. but then again🤷🏼‍♀️

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