Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Priya gets drunk

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram thinking of Vedika and his old moment. He buys white lilies. He gives the card. The lady says card machine isn’t working, you have to give cash. Priya pays 3000rs and thinks how shall I ask my money back. Sara calls Ram and asks for Priya. He asks Priya to talk. Sara says go home fast, Sarika Mami went to your house. Priya asks what. Sarika asks what’s all this, call Shivina here. Nandini says we didn’t delay the marriage for our sake. Shivi comes. Sarika says Akki refused to the producer, you have sent him to make his career, your daughter is doing this. Nandini asks her to think well, does she want to break the marriage. Shivi asks what happened. Nandini says she is insulting us. She says Sid came to meet me, Sara went for some work. Nandini scolds Sarika. Mama says you came to our house to ask for Priya’s hand. Neeraj gets Vedika’s message. He reads, don’t go to Nandini’s house, Priya’s Mama and Mami are here. He sees Ram and Priya coming home. Ram asks what’s the matter. Priya says I will handle my family. Neeraj hides and leaves. Viren and Nandini argue. Priya comes and says you can’t ask Shivina. Viren says we answered them when they questioned you. She says its wrong to do the same, is it good to ask Shivi, she can tell Akki if she wants. Nandini says I m thinking if this marriage should happen or not. Ram says I realize we had no right to question Priya, two wrongs can’t be right, if Shivi met Sid, why didn’t she tell us, we should think how to join this relation, not to break it. Shivi says I didn’t know it will become a big issue. Priya says you should have told the truth, now they will think you are lying. Shivi says I didn’t call Sid, he came there and apologized to me. Ram says I m sorry from Shivi’s side. Viren says we understand, its fine. Priya says you didn’t need to come here. Viren says sorry. Shivi thanks Priya. Ram asks did you know about Sid and Shivi. Priya says yes, Mami told me and showed the pic, I trust Shivi, she was ready to postpone the marriage for Akki, this is love, right. Ram looks at her and says yes, sorry, you said you don’t believe in love, how did you understand Shivi’s love. She says I believe that love exists, one has to lose something to gain something, I have no relation with love, I m not such that I don’t know someone’s love.

Vedika waits for Ram. Shashi says you prepared well for dinner. She says newly wed couple is coming, it should be special, Nandini met me, she said she wants Sid and Shivi to get married. He says yes, Ram and Priya got married for the family’s sake, Sid should also marry. She asks is there any financial problem. He says there won’t be any problem if Sid and Shivi marry, do as Nandini tells. He thinks I don’t want to do the same thing like the last time. Mahender comes to meet Meera. He asks for his stuff. She asks what. He says Priya got it from my house. He thinks of the number plate. She asks will Priya touch those things. She stops him and asks him to leave. He says I m your husband. She says Raj fed prawns to Ram and made him unwell, did you come to do kanyadaan for this. Mahender says I came on Ram’s invitation. She says when I find a proof, then I will not leave you and your family.

Shashi welcomes Ram and Priya. Ram thinks shall I tell Priya that Vedika is my lost love. Vedika says welcome, so sorry we couldn’t come in your marriage, I wanted to call you for dinner, I have made french cuisine, Ram and Shashi like this. Shashi says lets have a drink first, I will make whiskey for you. Priya says I don’t drink. She thinks Ram’s friends are also like him, they are habitual to stay in luxury, can Shivi stay with Akki in our small house. Priya asks about Sid, he went to meet Shivi in Sara’s bakery. Vedika coughs. Ram gives her water. Shashi thinks Priya doesn’t know that Ram loves someone else, she maybe useful when time comes. Ram says sorry, have water. Priya drinks the wine instead water, and thinks why is it tasting strange. Shashi says we are college friends. Ram says its old thing. Vedika asks Priya to tell about herself, how is she feeling after marrying Ram. Priya says Rm should answer this. Ram eats. He asks her to say. She thinks he doesn’t want to say. Shashi says he won’t say, many girls wanted to marry him but you won, you say. Priya also eats and doesn’t answer. She spits the paneer and says I have allergy with paneer. Shashi says Ram loves paneer, do you guys have anything common or not. Vedika says they will know it with time. She taunts Shashi. Priya gets dizzy. Ram says right Vedika, we shall have food, I m hungry. Shashi says its Vedika’s choice of love. Shashi goes to care for Vedika when food tray falls over her hand. He asks you okay. She says yes, sorry, I m fine. Ram also worries for her. Priya looks at Ram.

Nandini sees Raj in the footage. She thanks Neeraj. She says I will call the bank and tell them that you will handle our account, none should know about this. He says sure. He leaves. Nandini says Priya’s stepbrother has done this, its really good, now two relations will shatter, now Ram and Priya’s story will end. Ram thinks Priya has seen when I was going to help Vedika, I should tell her. He says I told you that I lost my love, say something. Priya says I will tell you, how I feel after marrying you, I feel I m a princess, mum used to tell a story, that a prince comes to take the princess, I never believed this, then I met you and believed that you are my prince. He asks what. She laughs. He thinks how is she laughing today, is she fine. She says you thought I m seriously saying this, I have a headache. He asks are you fine. She says everything is spinning. He asks did you drink wine. She says yes, so I m talking like this, I m fine, I got married to a stranger, wear saree, apply sindoor, do marriage rasams. Nandini sees Shivi sleeping. She thinks I m going to save you from your life’s big mistake, I have to separate Ram and Priya. Priya says everyone thinks we are a bad idea, there is no match, I like my hair tied, don’t try to change me. Ram says I get it. Bade acchhe…plays..

Ram says I m stressed, what shall I do, I can’t take her home. He takes her to the hotel. Nandini asks Shubham to tell this to Priya and make her leave the house. Ram makes Priya rest.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Did anyone notice ? The room of the hotel shown in the precap is actually a set of molkki serial from colours in which the lead virendra and purvi live !!!

    1. Metin

      yes looks like their bedroom.

  2. Oh really!..
    Anyways episode was nice..but this nandini always try to break all relations 😤!!..not good to see her like this!..

    1. Metin

      better than Shashi the official evil 🙂

  3. Yes truly said !!..that Shashi is just ughh😬😤😤!!!!

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