Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Nandini manipulates Ram


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pihu calling Ram a liar. He says I m not a liar, never. She says so it was apple juice. He says maybe it was grape juice. Pihu argues. He says you put the blame on me, you went on your mumma, I won’t take your blame. Nandini says we have to find out what happened, we have to handle this, I have spent years in changing Ram, Priya has to leave from here, but how, think Shubham. Priya wakes up and sees a shooting star. She asks them to see it and make a wish. Ram smiles seeing them. Priya wishes they always stay happy. Ram wishes Priya never takes Pihu away. Pihu wishes to get both Priya and Ram. Nandini and Shubham see them. Shubham says they are having fun here. Nandini says yes, what happened there. He says we will know when Vedika gets conscious, hope no one saw her in Priya’s clothes. They leave. Priya and Pihu talk to Ram. Pihu stops Priya from telling about her rockstar. Ram thinks to find out. He says I know making a chain of stars. Aashiyana mera…. Plays…

They make it. They take selfies. He says I won’t force you to say your rockstar, you are my rockstar. She says I told mumma that my dad is my rockstar, I feel you are my rockstar. He says thanks, your words are precious for me. She says I will never remove this star chain. Vedika gets up. Nandini asks how did you faint in the garden. Vedika says Priya was sleeping, I took Pihu out, someone attacked me. Nandini asks what, who. Priya wakes up and sees Ram and Pihu sleeping. She says I was in room, no, outside. Ram wakes up. Priya acts to be sleeping. He smiles and recalls Pihu’s words. He thinks did we really come to a point from where we can’t return. He feels neck pain. He goes. She asks whom did I hit. Vedika says Priya ran after me, she was behaving weird. Shubham asks were you drunk. Nandini asks will we believe you. Vedika says yes, check the cctv footage if you don’t believe me. Nandini says okay, did Pihu see you. Priya says no. Nandini asks was Priya drunk. Vedika says maybe. Nandini says I will distract Priya. She comes to Ram. Ram says Pihu and I spent time together. She says I m happy. He says Priya was also there. She asks did you tell Pihu that you are her… He says no. She asks why is Priya delaying, doesn’t she want to say. He says no, Pihu made Priya drink whisky. Nandini thinks Priya wasn’t in her senses. She says we should tell the truth to Pihu, she will need time to understand. He says right, we will tell her today, I promise. She says tell me if you need help. He thanks her. She says it was my mistake, I promise, it won’t happen.

Priya asks Pihu who gave this chain, why aren’t you talking to me. Pihu asks do you remember what you did yesterday. Priya says no. Pihu says its Ram’s mistake, he asked me to give you apple juice, it was bitter. She thinks to tell Priya, that she likes Ram. Priya asks did I hit someone. Pihu says I don’t know, you took me to the garden, Ram shouted, then we slept. Priya hears Ram shouting on Tarun. She goes to help Ram. He asks Tarun for pain killer. Priya asks her to use the spray. He gets more hurt. She asks did I hit someone yesterday. Nandini asks Vedika to hide her wound and not come in front of Priya. Priya takes care of Ram. He says I feel Pihu and my relation got deep, I feel so happy, I m worried that you can fight with me. She says we won’t fight, Pihu doesn’t like it. He thanks her.

Nandini says so cute. She laughs seeing the video. Ram asks what are you watching. He says we can see cctv footage in phone directly. He says its security app, everyone knows it. She says we should install cameras at home, Pihu is also at home, I can make videos for memory, what’s this. They see Priya and Pihu hiding. Priya asks the guard to check the footage. Nandini asks Shubham what’s this. Ram says Priya was taking Pihu. Shubham asks what’s all this.

Pihu hears Ram and Priya arguing. She thinks Ram is my dad. Ram says give me one reason, why shall I not file Pihu’s sole custody.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. People who watching this disgusting show are have no any brain. they are like in a mouse trap. There is no exit no happiness. 🤣🤣🤣 sorry for them. I hope they will get some brain and stop watching all ekta’s non realistic, negative and cheap shows.

  2. Goes to show bad people always win.

    When Ram didn’t defend Priya, and just ignored what Vidka and Nandi did. Goes to show that bad people always win. Shame on the writers there is enough bad things in world why always so negative.
    Let Ram and Priya have alittle happiness togather

  3. True. If this show goes the way of other recent shows where the show goes leaping forward to another 10-15 years, aging the main characters then this show will fail miserably. I hope the producers and writers pull the brakes and get rid of the wicked stepmother nandini and vamp Vedika and nincompoop stepbrother shubham. That will give the show some breathing space and an opportunity to Ram and Priya to have some romantic moments. Five years ago the viewers hardly realized that Priya and Ram were in a true husband and wife relationship and suddenly Priya is pregnant. Bizarre storyline. Also, they were so unromantic in their interaction with each other. Viewers want to see more romance, more love angle, not a plain Jane relationship.

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