Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini takes Neeraj’s help

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vedika saying I couldn’t get any cctv footage there. Nandini talks to her. Neeraj comes home. Nandini says I will call you later. Neeraj greets Nandini and says this is for you. Mami takes the gift. He says I had to meet you, I didn’t wish to create any drama in your house, we are part of one family, you won’t have any problem because of me, you can tell me if there is any work, I m a bank manager. Nandini thinks he can help me. She says its a big bank, nice. Shashi says Vedika has sent a gift for you, guess what is it. Ram says blueberry cheesecake. Shashi says yes. Ram gets the kada. Shashi asks will you have the cake or the kada. Priya says I have to feed the kada to Ram. Ram coughs. He drinks the kada and keeps the cake back. Shashi asks did your cough stop. Ram says yes, this kada is great. Priya says its bitter but good for you, then you would have blamed me all day, sorry. Ram says I had it, thanks, people get sweets in first rasoi but I got bitter thing. Shashi says its first time that Ram chose something else instead Vedika’s cake, sorry we couldn’t come in your marriage, we are old friends, Shivina was going to marry my brother before, we had kept a dinner to celebrate your marriage, please come. Ram thinks don’t know if Priya will like to come.

Priya thinks maybe Ram doesn’t want to take me, I will refuse. She says I have work, I can’t come, sorry. She goes. Ram thinks she could have agreed for formality. Meera meets the chinese stall vendor and says you fed prawns to the stall. He says someone told me that the grooms like prawns. Meera says you know he fell sick, he is allergic to prawns, he could have died. He says I didn’t know this, that man said its a surprise for the groom. She asks was it him. She shows Mahender’s pic. He says it wasn’t him, he was a fat guy, his face was similar. She thinks did Raj do all this, he tried to separate Akki and Shivi. Neeraj and Vedika come there. Meera goes. Neeraj asks what can I do for you. Vedika says I want your bank atm cctv footage, its easy for you to do this, Nandini was telling me, you can do this. He says fine, give me time, your work will be done. She nods. Sarika argues with Meera and Priya. She shows Shivi and Sid’s pic. Priya says maybe they are friends. Sarika says he is her ex. She argues with Priya a lot. Mama says we all know that Ram married Priya because of my Akki, else Ram wasn’t sitting for her. Priya says I know, I married Ram to get Akki and Shivi married. Mama says its not Priya’s mistake. Sarika says Raj had gone to Akki’s office, don’t know why is he after us. Meera says we also suffered because of Mahender. Sarika says I don’t want Akki’s marriage to break, just keep calm for 14 days, once Akki gets married, so anything you want. She cries.

Priya says it won’t break. She thinks Ram and I shouldn’t have any misunderstanding, I won’t let any hurdle come in Akki’s marriage, I have to keep this relation for the sake of mum’s respect. Ram comes home. He says Priya wouldn’t have come by now. Servant says she is upstairs. Ram says she could have told me, she always makes me feel guilty, I will go and talk, I m Ram Kapoor, a successful businessman, I can do this, attack mode. He goes inside the room. He sees his clothes on the bed. He thinks she is in a fight mood. He asks who did this. She says I did this, you like to decide it this way, you have to go to Shashi’s house for dinner. She says I refused, because its not easy for me, my first response is no for everything, I m agreeing now because you also adjusted in my house, I can also adjust. He says thanks, its fine. She says we can go. He says I will tell Shashi that we are coming. She says I m ready. He says its fine. She says I can change, tell me, if this is okay. He says just one thing. He loosens her hair. He says much better. He says your hair look good this way, when you tie it up, I feel you will fight with me. He goes to change. She says he does such things. Vedika says Neeraj called me, he is Priya’s ex, can we trust him. Nandini says he married Maitri, because Maitri is younger and beautiful, he wants to make a relation with us for his profit, he will do what we say, we want a proof, call him and ask him to meet me at my house. Vedika says Sid can never do this.

Nandini says I have no problem with Sid, I want Sid and Shivi’s marriage, I want to break Shivi and Akki’s marriage, I realized my mistake of getting Ram and Priya’s marriage, I want to break their relation also. Meera calls Priya. She says why isn’t she agreeing. Nandini argues with her brother. Nandini asks who fed the prawns to Ram. Meera says I shall tell Priya that someone fed prawns to Ram. She hears Sarika shouting. Mama says you are worried for your step son. Nandini says this luxuries life is because of Ram, he also worries for us, he loves it, I won’t let it share with anyone. Mama says he will never love Priya. She says I know. She waits for Neeraj. She says Neeraj will help us in burning Sood’s Lanka, I want to know who fed the prawns to Ram. Sarika and Mama come. Sarika asks Nandini to answer her. Nandini asks how did she come, Neeraj would be coming now. Ram and Priya go to buy flowers. He says I never bought flowers from the florist. She asks did you get flowers from a garden. He asks why do you say this, I mean I ordered it online. Ram talks to the florist and asks for lilies. Priya says lilies are costly, buy roses.

Ram asks did you know about Sid and Shivi. Priya says yes. Ram and Priya meet Shashi. Priya says I m sure that you are my prince.

Update Credit to: Amena

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