Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st February 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahender appears in Lohri party

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akki calling Priya and asking her to come soon to handle the situation. Ram asks Adi to tell Priya that he will meet her at Shashi’s place. He leaves. Priya asks Adi about Ram. Adi says he just left. Priya talks to Sarika and asks her why didn’t she ask Akki about his divorce. Sarika complains of Shivi. She says its my last decision, he will divorce Shivi. He says I really love Shivi, I won’t divorce her. He says I will also come there and try to talk to Shivi. Priya says no, let me talk to her first. Sarika says you are doing this to save your marriage, its ruining Akki’s life. She goes. Akki talks to Priya. Vedika brainwashes Shivi against Akki. She thinks once this relation breaks, then it can’t join.

Priya calls Shivi. Shivi answers and says Akki has sent his mom with the divorce papers, what’s happening. Priya says calm down, come in the party, please, let me explain once, then do whatever you want. Shivi says fine, I will come on your saying, but I can’t see any future of this relation now. Priya says fine, you come, we will talk. Shivi says I will change and come, then we will go for Lohri party. Vedika thinks Priya won’t lose easily. Ram says I m coming, just finishing work. He gets Shashi’s call. He says I m coming. Shashi thinks congrats for your death. He says so sorry, I m a bad person, I m selfish, you are stuck in office because of me. Ram says Vedika will be happy once your loans get settled. Shashi says fine, come soon. He thinks Vedika has to come back to me, because Ram is going to die. Ram asks driver is the car ready. Driver says yes. He recalls Priya’s words.

He asks don’t you celebrate Lohri with family. Driver says I celebrate. Ram asks him to go home, he will drive. Driver says I will drop you and go. Ram asks him to go. Driver says happy Lohri. Ram says happy Lohri. He says Priya, I m coming to you, it’s a new start, happy Lohri.

Shashi welcomes Nandini and Vedika. Mami asks where are Ram and Priya. Shashi says they are coming. Brinda asks Mami to meet gorgeous Priya. Sara and Sandy compliment Priya. Vikrant says it’s a makeover. Brinda says Ram got her clothes and jewellery, she looks Ram’s wife now, Ram adorned her. Kunal says wow. Brinda says yes, he cancelled all his meetings for Priya. Shashi says very pretty Priya. Nandini says you look very beautiful. Priya wishes her. Nandini says good that someone’s Lohri is going good. Priya says sorry, I will talk to Sarika. Nandini says no need, you and Ram celebrate today. Shashi says yes. Priya says I will talk to Shivi. Brinda says no, first let Ram come, do the puja with him first. Priya says okay.

Vedika lights the Lohri wood. Sara asks what did you do. Vedika says I lighted the Lohri. Sara says its for Ram and Priya, you should have waited for him. Vedika says sorry, I will pour water and put this off. Brinda says its okay, don’t do a bad omen. Priya says we will do puja again when Ram comes. Nandini says she is right. Shashi says you lost, accept now, I have won. Vedika says I will never come back to you. Shashi says wait, time will show you. She goes.

Priya talks to Shivi. She says we celebrate Lohri to make a new start. Vedika looks on and goes. Priya asks her to believe Akki, not Anjali. She says know Akki and his love once. Shivi says fine. Priya says I will call him. Mahender comes there. Priya thinks what is he doing here. Mahender greets Nandini. He says don’t burden Priya with whatever happened with Shivi, love Priya as her mum. Priya asks what are you doing here. He says let me do a dad’s duty, where is Ram, I want to apologize to him. Shashi thinks he is clever, he came here to get saved from accident blame. Priya says no marriage is breaking, Shivi is going to talk to Akki, I will handle my marriage, else Ram will handle me. Adi says come for puja, we will end the evil and start with good. Mahender gets angry and thinks your pride will end today. She thinks I will talk to Ram and end all the issues, this marriage is real, I won’t let you win.

Priya hears Mahender’s talk and gets shocked. She runs after him. She saves Ram and meets with an accident. Ram shouts Priya.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Testing the patience of viewers 🙂 showing the same promo since more than a week but haven’t shown it till now 🙂
    Anyways, Priya looking breathtakingly beautiful ❤️ and loved the moment when Vedika frowned hearing Ram got Priya ready 😂
    #Raya 😍💫

    1. Thank you makers for not allowing that ugly vedhika to ruin Raya moments😄😄😄Brinda literally is a walking angel so please keep her more involved in Raya matters😄also please expose neeraj,vedhika, mahendra-shashi plotting, step mom and step brother’s evil face to Raya so that they can will be aware that the people they consider their own are the villains. And yes makers, saree brings out priya’s beauty and it suits her so much more than what she usually wears so please make sure Priya dresses like this 😄also keep continuing to bless us with more and more Raya moments while making their bond stronger. Loved the episode and precap

    2. Don’t know how my comment came as a reply🤦🏻‍♀️ It was supposed to be a general comment

  2. Really Ram and Priya actions were so mesmerising and beautifully done. No words only Too Excellent. 💙💜💚💙💜💚💙💜💚Brinda you are really an Angel. We simply love love love you.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Priya looking gorgeous 😍!!..Damn you Mahendra!..what kind of a father are you!! 😤.. Bechare Raya!!.. Anyways waiting for tomorrow’s episode 😢🥺🙃!!

  4. What kind of a father is Mahender? Committing evil against your own family, especially your daughter is the height of wickedness. The second family – the wife and son are both villains. Mahender is just an errand boy, all he has done and is doing hasn’t benefited him in anyway.
    When Priya discovers that her father’s responsible for the death of Ram’s father and the plan to kill him( Ram), heads will roll.
    I do hope that the story line will be better henceforth.

  5. Stupid and unreal. Sane okd thing. Get it right for once, please. No one is intelligent. All fools.

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