Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 18th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Priya gets kidnapped

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 18th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sara saying we will leave now, we have to do packing also. Ram asks them to take care. Sara and Varun leave. Priya says sorry, I didn’t ask you before committing. Ram says its your best decision, Sara should stay in Mumbai and have her career, marriage should be of equality, Varun should shift there, its not a great deed, its normal. She says yes, Sara’s bakery is her passion, she has become expert in her word. Ram says you liked it that I have come here, I heard you saying about your husband. She asks him to have food. He says I m here to have food, not to meet you. He reads the menu. She thinks he has come far to meet me, I will ask him to stay here, it will sound weird, he is my husband, what’s weird. He gets Shubham’s call. She thinks what to do, I also want to spend time with Ram. Ram asks what happened, you look like a student who doesn’t know calculations. She says nothing. He says I thought you want me to stay back with you, but why would you think so, I have a meeting in morning so I have to go. She says we will go. He thinks you don’t become romantic ever. She thinks I was getting romantic.

Adi and Vikrant meet Maitri at the bakery. He says we have a meeting here, we called Ram here to meet Krish. She says Krish, Priya’s college crush. Krish comes and greets her. She asks them to sit. She goes to get coffee for them. Krish asks Adi about Vedika. Adi asks why, she is gone, she is not coming back, don’t come between Ram and Priya. Krish jokes on them. He asks why did Vedika break up with Ram. Vikrant says she is a greedy woman, she married Shashi because he was rich. Adi asks do you really feel that Ram’s dad’s accident isn’t a normal accident. Mahender looks on worried. Maitri gets the coffee. She says find the crime motive first and then the culprit. Krish says she is right, Ram’s dad’s accident was a planned murder. Mahender gets shocked. Krish says I will meet Ram once I find out the details. Mahender thinks Priya and Ram want to find out the accident truth, I have to stop them.

Ram and Priya are on the way. She tells about a fruits stall. She says guavas are special. She stops the car and says thanks. He says I will also come. She says you go to the meeting, I will manage this. He says I will order guavas online. She says no way. He asks her to go. She says yesterday, I was thinking that it would have been good if we stayed in the hotel last night. She goes. Ram smiles. She gets a call. Ram comes to her. He says I thought to come and have guavas. She asks really. He says yes, I will take it for the office staff also. He buys the entire stock. He says it’s a big company, everyone will eat the guavas, you said he has come all the way from Nasik, you should have some profit and go in a vehicle, maybe my wife shares it next time when she feels romantic. He pays for the guavas. He calls Kunal and asks him to manage the payment. He says no one has much cash. Priya says you never have cash, go now, I have to go for work. Priya pays the money too. Ram leaves. Priya collides with a woman. She says you look worried, what happened, can I help you, I m Priya Kapoor, and you… The woman says Sheel, maybe someone is following us. Priya asks who, tell me, I will call my husband Ram Kapoor. Sheel says no, no one is following, I can’t go anywhere until I prove the truth. She goes. Priya says what happened to her.

Ram meets Shubham and Akki. They give a presentation. Ram thinks this is my family, Shubham was so spoilt, it was my mistake, I never said no to him, then I met Akki, then I got to know brothers are also sorted, Priya was in his life, practical and discipline, Shubham and Shivi are also changing and learning things, I wish dad could have seen this, dad would be proud that I got married to Priya, she changed my life, I feel happy, I wish she is also happy with me. Ram says you guys don’t need me, I would have spent another night with Priya in Delhi and helped Sara, I will just come. He leaves.

Priya gets kidnapped. Ram asks Adi to have guavas. He says I thought to help the farmer, guess whose idea is it. Krish says Priya always listens to the poor. Adi says he is just like Krish. Krish says I want to talk about dad’s murder. Nandini hears this and asks what, murder. Priya gets kidnapped. Sheel comes there.

Sheel is at the police station. She hears Mahender talking about Priya. Priya gets threatened. Sheel comes there and shouts stop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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