Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya’s hearty talk

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram saying I wanted to do my duty. Priya goes to Adi and Brinda. She says sorry, I told Ram to take care of you all, don’t know why did he do this, its a mistake. Adi, Vikrant and Brinda laugh. Adi says he told us that you are concerned, he made you 5% partner to secure our future also. Vikrant says Ram trusts Priya, you both are perfect for each other, sorry, forget all this. Priya shakes hands with him. Adi says Ram is your responsibility, take care of him. Brinda asks her to smile now. Priya thinks I felt I m alone, I m not not alone, I have all of them with me, I will not take anything from Ram, not even this 5% in business. Shashi takes Vedika aside and scolds her. Nandini and Shubham get angry and say we will not let Priya take anything. Shivi looks for Priya. He says we won’t handle your tantrums, we have other imp things to see, I will explain to you later. Shivi angrily goes.

Priya asks Ram why did you give me the share, I don’t need anything else. She shows her passbook and says I have money in my accounts. Ram says you think I gave you the share because you have nothing. She says I know you won’t hurt me, everyone will think I m after the money. He says I don’t think of others. She says we just have self-respect, it hurts when it gets affected, don’t do this, please, we have some money, I can take care of myself, I have life insurance also. He asks will you handle me if needed. She says yes. He says if I do that, then your self esteem will get hurt, I can count on you, then why can’t I. She cries. He says I didn’t wish to hurt you. She says everyone will call me a gold digger, please, I don’t want any help. He says its my right, I m your husband, I m taking care of you. He jokes and gives her a kerchief, you are unique, you don’t punish me for caring for you, get habitual. Sid calls Anjali and threatens her. He asks her to trap Akki. She says he is a nice guy, I don’t want to do this. A goon reaches her. She says I will manage my loan. Sid says you think they will wait for you. She sees the goon and asks what do you want. Sid says you will have a photoshoot with Akki, you will blame him for molestation. She says no, he is a nice guy. She worries and agrees to Sid. Vedika hears Sid and Shubham. She thinks what are they planning.

Sara asks Priya why did she fight Ram again. Meera says you went to the temple, you admit that you care for Ram. Sara jokes. Meera and Sara explain her. Ram hears Priya’s talks. He goes to her. Nandini asks why were you standing outside since 5 mins. Priya thinks did he hear my talks. Ram says I have a headache. Nandini says I will send Tarun with medicines, I didn’t give any gift to you both. Ram says Priya doesn’t like gifts. Priya says I liked the gift and worn that dress. Nandini says its good you both are settling, I thought you both should go out. Priya says we will go. Nandini goes. Priya thinks Ram heard my talks. She asks Ram not to have medicines, just sit down. He asks will you beat me. She says bad joke.

Ram says I know Sid is Shubham’s family partner, but Sandy is family. Vedika sees Sid and Shubham at the hotel. Priya asks Ram about Vedika.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hayeee 🥺!!..loving their bond which is emerging slowly!!..hope it remains as it is without any bad influence!!..hope Raya understands each other 🥺!!..hate the mother and his son Shubhu😤!!!

  2. ABSOLUTELY we all love today’s serial. Message of love and respect. Really Brinda is an walking Angel. Adi and his friends too. RAM is an example of both good and angry but actually in his action it’s all about LOVE. Priya you are reall epitom of perfect Wife. Director really you deserve an Hug.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Now the show is getting into its create the bond between Ram & Priya. Hope to see good episodes in the future episodes. Simplicity at their best between Ram & Priya.

  4. Hope this show goes this positive way. The day Priya and Ram separate it’s the end of the show.

  5. This show is going nicely and this is actually what Every show should portray. The villains should never succeed with their evil conspiracies and the good ones should always keep getting the best 😄😄as for nandini chudail and shubam all of their plans should keep flopping one after the other. The makers are doing a marvellous job 😄😄much appreciated. Please continue budding the love between Raya.

  6. The shows is going really well, I luv brinda her acting is amazing and her out fits awesome

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